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  1. From my favourite album at the moment. It takes awhile for the vocals to kick in, but it's worth the wait.
  2. I really like this park, it looks very promising. I'm in love with the cobra roll pic on page 2, I love the landscaping, theming and the buildings are brilliant. , Keep up the good work.
  3. £738 and chocolate. Yay!!! But I also socks, and socks and more socks, and too many socks. Argh, socks.
  4. Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure, it's such a brilliant read. I would really recommend it.
  5. I've got a gig! I'm nervous as hell but excited at the same time, argh!!! It's the first gig I've had in a while now so I'm quite happy to be doing this.
  6. At the moment it's Modest Mouse. Who are brilliant, I love some of their old stuff that they used to play in the 90's.
  7. Finshed my english coursework, Yay!! Still got ICT, Science and now Business Studies to do for next week.
  8. Coursework, coursework, bloody coursework, ARGH!! I've English, IT, Product Design and Science coursework, I'm having a rest because if I type anymore, I'll slam my eye into an upturned pen on my desk in boredom.
  9. The Zutons @ Newcastle Carling Academy Crowd were absolutely mental. Came out with a bad back, bad neck and a bad chest. But still, brilliant concert all the same.
  10. Yes, I am a PC. Is this a Yes or No Question?
  11. Mine is the cake symbol from the game Portal (awsome game) and underneath is the game's tagline ''The Cake Is A Lie''.
  12. To tell you the truth, I went on RCT2 after reading this, just to kill unexpecting guests.
  13. I've got to go back to school tomorrow.
  14. I really need to clean my loft out. I'm sat in here right now becuase it's where the computer is and theres is only one small narrow path through the random crap to the exit which I've fallen down like 3 times now.
  15. Not as such, no. Did your signiture get removed because it was too big?
  16. Uhh.. This isn't in order. Bill Bailey Dylan Moran Ross Noble Frankie Boyle Russell Howard Eric Morecambe Ernie Wise Groucho Marx Jack Dee Mark Watson There are many others but you wouldn't have heard of them. [Edit] Dara O'Briain Rowan Aktinson Alan Davies. I forgot to add them to the list.
  17. I had a fun converstaion with god. Then he sort of short fused and didn't respond after that.
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