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Favorite Comedian?


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Bill Engvall

Ron White


One of the most hilarious I have heard in a while.... Gary Mule Deer.


So, two ladies are on a golf course, one asks the other. "Do you and your husband have mutual climax?" "No, I think we have state farm."


Senior citizens take on coffee from Folgers.(think Folgers theme song)


The best part of waking up.... Is just waking up.


It is absolutely hilarious.

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Man..everyone likes dane cook now


Count me out on that one. In fact, I consider him a magician. His popularity boggles my mind, and therefore he is simply magical for creating a fanbase...not comedic (IMHO, of course).




Scott "at least I crack myself up" B.

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My favorite has to be Kyle Cease. Hes less known, but he is so unbeilevably funny. Dane Cook, Jim Gaffigan, Jerr Seinfeld and Frank Caliendo are all good too.




This is part of his Comedy Central presents. Watch his Improv act for his full potential. The weird jokes are the best part.

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- Jim Gaffigan: He's one of those few comedians who can just grab my attention, and keep me chuckling the whole way through. His Hot Pockets bit still cracks me up to this day. The fact this guy doesn't have the following that Dane Cook does is an absolute crime.


- George Carlin: This man is a legend, plain and simple. He gets a little too serious some of the time, and throws a lot of bitterness into his material these days, but he's an old man now, so that's to be expected.


- Lewis Black: Nobody does the "angry man" gimmick better than this guy. His routines do tend to tire me out before they end, though.

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