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Favorite Comedian?


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I'd like Pablo Francisco more if he'd get some new material...it seems like he's been using the same bits since the late 90's.


I saw him last week, and he did lots of new material (over an hour's worth) In fact, my only complaint is he should have done more of his classic bits.

I won a raffle to meet him for a while, so here's a picture.


-James Dillaman


Me with Pablo Francisco (Long lost father???)

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Jim Gaffigan, for his escalator and Hot Pockets jokes

Rodney Carrington

Will Ferrell

Darrell Hammond

Tim Allen

Jay Leno (saw live Oct 2004)


Also, I saw Tim Cavanagh last September. He's "The One Minute Song Guy" on The Bob & Tom Show, known for "The Piston Song" and "The Bible Factory Outlet".


Tim Cavanagh and I, 9/2006

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Alan Marx!!!! (yea, i'm alittle biased since he's my dad)


But seriously my favorites are:

The "Who's Line Is It Anyway" crew

Jim Gaffigan

Mitch Hedburg

George Carlin


Oh, and Dane Cook is overrated.

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I don't have a flat out favorite, but I love all these guys:


Russ Meneve

Dane Cook

Chrstian Finnegan

Mike Birbiglia

Kyle Cease

Pablo Francisco

Kevin James

Brian Regan

Mitch Hedburg

Daniel Tosh

Dave Attell

Dimitri Martin

Greg Giraldo

Harland Williams

Jim Gaffigan

Ron White

Larry the Cable Guy

Joe Rogan

Ted Alexandro

Lachlan Patterson

Andrew Dice Clay

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My favorites in no particular order:


Arnez J.

Bruce Bruce

Dave Chappelle

Rickey Smiley

Cedric The Entertainer

D. L. Hughley

Benji Brown

Pablo Fransico

Demitri Martin

Gabriel Inglaseis


Andel GivenS

Ron White

Jeff Foxworthy

Bill Engval

Larry The Cable Guy

Jim Carey.....just to name a few.

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The Amazing Jonathan, Dave Chappelle, Rob Little, Jeff Dunham, and Jim Gaffigan. Kevin Pollack's act used to be hilarious, but then he just kept recycling it and doesn't have any new material.


^ I too loathe Kathy Griffin


I have to second the vote for The Amazing Jonathan and especially Jeff Dunham. His "Arguing With Myself" special on Comedy Central is one of the best I've ever seen!

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My top three would easily be...


1. Robin Williams

2. Jeff Dunham

3. Bob Nelson


But others that have to be mentioned are...


Carlos Mencia

Tom Papa

Tim Cavanagh

Steven Wright

Doug Benson

The Amazing Johnathan

Kevin Nealon

Will Ferrell

Louis Black


...and the list can go on and on!

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