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  1. No Glee until after the World Series. Fox always preempts their shows during Oct early Nov and it drives me insane.
  2. It seems as sad as everyone is claiming it is from your review. I have heard it is wonderful but extremely depressing (like a real childhood can be). I thought What Dreams May Come was wonderful but the depressing factor caught me off guard at first. I do plan on seeing WTWTA this weekend. Meanwhile, I loved Zombieland. I think Jesse Eisenberg has great humor potential. I have actually found him funny since the tv show Get Real but he really proved it to me in Squid and the Whale. Right now Zombieland ranks high on my top of the year. Paranormal was also great as I stated above. I loved it so much because I live in a home where PA happens nightly. Of course not to any degree such as what they experience.
  3. I easily found Paranormal Activity to be the best 'cam' movie in quite a long time. It will also hold up to the fear factor since the idea of ghosts or entities can overcome the idea of the Blair Witch we all knew was fake right after the movie was released. I mean we know the movie PA is fake but the idea behind the movie can always be real if you believe in that activity. I found the movie never boring since every night scene was filled with tension and every day scene was a realistic relationship being portrayed. I am not trying to bust the BW but the entire movie was F this F that and screaming. Nothing happened. With PA something happened all the time. I'd say that if you liked [REC] the ending would be just as effective. I also stand to believe that the end of PA, REC and BW all hold up to have solid closing scenes. Best horror movie ever? No. Best horror movie not remade and having a budget of 7K...prolly. Best horror movie that will keep me completely bundled in my covers at night? HELL YEA!
  4. Well with this addition, Houdini re-opened, now all we need are the Swings and Bumper Cars back and we may have a full fledged park again. I would also like the Scrambler back but maybe in two seasons. I'll cut them a break next season.
  5. Drachen Fire sat for 4 years so the Wolf could wait until January. I heard January was when removal would begin.
  6. After such long downtime this season I cannot imagine the park would even consider risking damaging the ride further and rush to reopen it without being sure it was fixed. They apparently had to invest a hefty penny this year to get it up and running today. With the way the budgets seem to have been I am fairly certain the SF would have had no problem closing the ride for the season if they needed to in order to fix it properly.
  7. (500) Days was a great movie. If you go with the fun flow of the movie you get trapped in its whimsical world. The musical montage is as good as Slumdog Millionaires.
  8. 1) The first two weekends in Sept are fine. I would avoid the park though as soon as Fright Fest begins. That is when the real crowds return. 2/3) 25mph but there now is rumor the ride might not even reopen until end of August if at all this season. 4) 15.00 unless you have a Season Pass to another SF park then it is free 5) Sundays in August are mild-moderate. It is the heat usually that keeps the park free of crowds in mid-late August. 6) I would do Superman due to capacity, then Toro, Kingda Ka (line generally is not bad if 4 trains run), Bizarro, Batman, Nitro, GASM, Dark Knight, RMT. 7) I doubt you will need a flash pass that time of year but if you did the regular pass is a good deal if you want to scatter around the rides. With the gold you basically just skip the line right away. Again I doubt you will need it. Enjoy the park. It has been a great season there so far. The park is clean and it seems to have a fantastic staff now.
  9. I agree about B&M but completely disagree about Intamin. There have been incidents on many Intamin rides over the past 10 years from simple lift failures to almost catastrophic events. I rarely if ever hear that about a B&M.
  10. Gosh I must of been the only one to think 4 was a complete bore fest rushed from beginning to end. If any of the books deserved to be cut into two movies that was the one. Deathly Hallows has so many fillers it is rubbish at somepoints.
  11. BT's Rose of Jericho is my current kick ass tune.
  12. The ride is expected to be up before the end of the month. That is per guest services yesterday. It is also as if the park is not ignoring this situation. Signs are all over from the parking booth, main entrance, each ticket booth, fountain, as you walk towards the ride, etc. Crap happens and it is a shame. I have heard Millie being down for close to a month at a time twice. Intamin, while making exciting rides, is a company people should think twice about since their technology is definately iffy (IMHO).
  13. I loved Throwback but in the past few weeks it has been impossible to find. I think it proved more popular they Pepsi accounted for with the game drink line up taking up space now.
  14. I want new United States of Tara. I warmed up to that show so much and then it ended. If Showtime pulls another Dead Like Me to me Ill be so pissed off.
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