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Favorite Comedian?


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Lewis Black and Louis C.K. Definitely NSFW and NSFYC (your children), but thoroughly hilarious.


Win! 2 of my personal faves along with Patton Oswalt, and a fan of last comic sanding finals Myq Kaplan, but not from the show, from a podcast I listen to.


I know this isn't the thread for this, but theres an awesome podcast I listen to called Keith and the Girl(katg.com) which is a comedy podcast with tons of indie comics, and its New York based. . Ive found some awesome people that no one else knows of such as Myka Fox as well as Jesse Joyce, among others. The only warning I give to potential listeners is it is VERY dirty, but its awesome.

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No one can top Jerry Seinfeld. I had the opportunity to see him live this past summer and he was fantastic. He hasn't lost his touch at all.


Other comedians I enjoy are Jeff Dunham, and the Blue Collar Comedy Tour (Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Ron White, Larry the Cable Guy). Also have to give props to fellow Canadian Russell Peters.

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Ah, awesome!

Russell Peters (I saw him live a few years ago and just LOVED it)

Jerry Seinfeld

Flight of the Conchords

Ricky Gervais

Eddie Izzard

and last but definitely not least, Jon Stewart. He's most likely the best satirist I'll ever know of in my life time.

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Patton Oswalt is by far the best comedian out there right now (he also just wrote a fantastic book). I also love Louie CK but I still favor Patton. I guess I'm just talking current ones out there because all time you have to talk about Carlin, Pryor, etc.


Overall Bill Hicks is the ultimate king.

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Recently, I decided to get a few new comedy albums (new to my library, at least), and I now have two new favorites. Mike Birbiglia and Michael Ian Black. They're great.


Anthony Geselnik is great too, but most certainly not for everyone. I just have a sick sense of humor.

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