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  1. Its almost exponential how much better you've gotten since starting this. Great stuff dude.
  2. Must be WW/TT scenery then, because some of that I don't believe is base set RCT scenery. I do, however, love that little station on the park railway at the entrance of the park.
  3. ^Hey man! Good to see you active, whether RCT or AC. The big Dinn-esque turnaround I'm not a fan of, but the second half of the layout is great.
  4. Update time! Here's some more of SWIFT, the B&M hyper built in 1999 (changed the year for historical accuracy)... And the classic ferris wheel, built in the mid-1950's around the inception of the park. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And not yet added (officially) to the park or the timeline, but this mega-lite. Looking for thoughts on the layout, as I'm not completely satisfied with it...
  5. Another update for ya guys. I've been working pretty hard on this the past two days. And an overview...
  6. Interesting rule....its been a while since I've been very active over here. But I'll be sure to adhere to this, thanks AJ.
  7. Still going strong... Swift, a B&M hypercoaster added to the park in 1997,put Silver Grove on the map, officially joining the coaster wars. With a stellar lineup of Swift (the new Beemer, tallest and fastest in the park), Silverwood (a speedy wooden coaster built by the infamous Dinn Corp.), American Flyer (an out and back PTC woodie from the mid-1950's), Corkscrew (the aptly-named Arrow thrill machine), Slingshot! (a Vekoma boomerang) and Coldstone Creek Mine (an Arrow mine train and guest favorite), Silver Grove was gaining notoriety for being a solid park with high entertainment value. Here's a pic of my favorite element from Swift: And the layout to the Dinn woodie, Silverwood: As we approach the 2000's, many possibilities are on the horizon for the blossoming park. [From the builder's prospective, timeline aside, I'd like to add an Intamin mega-lite, perhaps a GCI, and an accelerator. After the release on NE, accolade or not, I plan to continue the timeline exclusively on here. I'll release an updated version of the park each "year" I complete in the timeline. Thoughts guys?]
  8. I like it, albeit a bit colorless. It reminds me of old NE pro tour era parks.
  9. ^agreed. Also, 12-car twister trains for the GCI would add a better realistic feel.
  10. You know my thoughts on the Intamin already. The Schwarz looper looks great though, by far the best screen yet. Although, I would say to add some airtime hills and break up those long straight-aways. They hurt the overall composition of an otherwise great screen.
  11. Thanks guys. Koasterking, no bribes needed buddy. This park will be submitted to NE when its finished (nedesigns.com) and following that, the game exchange!
  12. ^thanks dude. Here's some more flume+mine train... And an overview so far...
  13. There's more to it. I'm gonna try to make the whole area themed to a mine town. This area is enclosed by paths and shops from the mine town (to the east) and the main strip (to the west). Which reminds me, maybe I'll post an overview as to what I've done so far.
  14. Here's some from the mine town area of the park (and maybe my favorite area I've ever done) Still no idea why the coloring is slightly distorted...
  15. Here's a better look at my carousel. I think its my best merry-go-round setup/themeimg ive ever done. EDIT: Any of you guys know why the coloring in my screens seems a bit distorted? Im running windows 7 of course, and the color scheme gets changed to run RCT at a compatible capacity, but the screens look fine directly after I take them. They only seem to distort a bit when I upload them here of at NE.
  16. Hey guys, long time no see. I'm alive and I've just gotten back into RCT. Here's an NCSO park I've been working on for a bit. No name yet, so I'm taking suggestions haha Anyways, on to the screens: Sorry for not editing them down to size a bit. I will for the next update. Anyways, I would love to hear your thoughts! (p.s. where my old buds at? coup, sfgamguy, dj, matt, psi, awesome, etc?)
  17. Question for y'all ParkDat-er's, I cant seem to get mine to work. I chose the correct .sv6, chose the correct data file (space rings) and chose the correct slot (an empty "R" for ride slot), hit add, then saved. And it doesnt add the ride to my park. Any clue as to what I'm doing wrong? And, does RCT need to be running for it to work? I dont believe I was running the game when I tried to use ParkDat.
  18. Dragonfly (and the mini-park that you also posted) were easily the biggest gems in the bunch.
  19. I'm building a little again. Getting back in the swing of things with a 180x180 NCSO park. SCR3.bmp SCR2.bmp Both are clearly unfinished. Just wanted to show you guys I was alive. And, I'll admit, I'm a bit excited with what I've done thus far lol EDIT: Why does the coloring appear slightly distorted? Hm...
  20. Lighthouse Otherwise Anyone heard of these guys? Theyre pretty beast
  21. Well i guess if youre starting over this doesnt matter.... but 12 cars on that GCI ;p
  22. Only complaint is that the pull-out of the first drop into the Immelman inversion looks like it would be real intense. Other than that, this park is solid, nostalgic, and fun to look at. Nice work.
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