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  1. I'm supposed to go to Myrtle Beach sometime this month, so hopefully I'll get to visit Freestyle Music Park...
  2. I was at Carowinds last week and most of the operators were pretty enthusiastic. It was great when one of the operators on Southern Star (Intamin looping ship) was like "You can pull down your restraints, but only if it's orange" - there are only yellow restraints on the ride lol!
  3. Oh wow, very sad news. My condolences go out to the family of the driver.
  4. Dear Title Fairy, could you please change my title to "Resident Asian"? Thanks ahead of time!
  5. Finally, some great news lol. Anyone plan on going anytime soon?
  6. Nice TR. Ravine Flyer II looks like a great ride, hopefully I'll get to check it out sometime.
  7. Sad to say I haven't been on many flat rides. But I guess I'd have to say Intamin drop towers!
  8. Awesome TR and photos! Bon Bon Land looks great lol.
  9. NC (Home State) SC GA FL TN AK OK TX NM AZ CA (Grew up in Fresno) VA MN WI KY IL CO Now if only I'd gotten the credits in all these states !
  10. Last one I went to was Winter Jam back in January. I don't really do concerts .
  11. I like a little bit of everything. Hip hop, rock, dance, pop, indie, electro, etc.
  12. I really hope they can get it open soon. I'm planning on going up to the moutains, so it'd be a nice bonus .
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