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What parks are you visiting in 2020?

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I didn’t renew my Platinum Pass (hour from Cedar Point), so likely will be skipping that this year unless I go for a single day at some point. Didn’t go enough the past two years to justify the pass price. Gold doesn’t interest me either, as I would likely use it more for KI or other parks if I went.


But the parks I will or plan to visit this year:


For Sure:

Sea World Orlando

Universal Orlando (HHN)

Busch Gardens Tampa


Very Likely:



Kings Island



Sea World San Antonio

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Cedar Point



Not likely, but possible:

Sea World San Diego

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Knotts Berry Farm


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Cedar Point (go 15-20 times a year but probably a lot less this year with the crowds that are expected for the 150th)

Kings Island (go every year)

Kennywood (go every year)

Magic Mountain (trip is already booked)

Knotts Berry Farm (same trip as SFMM)


95% chance:

Hersheypark (1st time)

Knoebels (1st time)

Dorney Park (1st time)

Great Adventure

Waldameer (1st time)

Michigan's Adventure ( 1st time.. I live in Mi and I say I'm going every year...)

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (Spring break.. 1st time)

California's Great America (same as SFDK)

Lagoon (same spring break trip)



Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Kings Dominion

Busch Gardens Tampa

SeaWorld Orlando

Fun Spots

Six Flags over Georgia (would be 1st time)

Six Flags Great America

Silver Dollar City (would be 1st)

Kentucky Kingdom

Holiday World

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We’re in an RV so our trip next year is going to take us from the Florida Panhandle all the way across the southern US to California!


Definitely Going:

The Park at OWA

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

SeaWorld San Antonio


Belmont Park

SeaWorld San Diego



Universal Hollywood



Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Gilroy Gardens

California’s Great America



Hopefully going on the way back home:

Castles & Coasters

Buffalo Bill’s

Cliff’s Amusement Park

Wonderland TX



We’re skipping LEGOland so are there any other notable parks in Cali between San Fran and LA?

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Oh how could I forget?

When I do visit NJ I'll prob swing by Lake Compounce (about the same drive to Hershey). Only time I went was for a couple of hours, was basically squeezing it in, due to being with slow stop happy friends got one ride on Boulder Dash. It was also in the 50s cloudy, slight drizzle at times. So it was not running well. Hoping for more rides and better ones on a hot sunny day.


Depending what is open...possibly American Dream mall

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Looking to plan an Orlando/Tampa trip at the tail end of September (whenever Howl-o-scream starts), just waiting for more airlines to release ticket sales for those dates. Hopefully all the new rides will be open by then and we can experience the Halloween stuff too before it really kicks into the season and it becomes unbearable. Always the best time to go IMO. Early September would have been better since HHN is starting so early this year, but usually Tampa is behind HHN and always hits around the weekend of the 17th/18tht depending on how dates fall. Don't know if we'll even bother with HHN but at the very least it would be nice to do Islands of Adventure again.

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Current Plans -


KI Media Day?

Busch Gardens/KD/SFA trip late April


Ohio State and Opening Day at Cedar Point


The week leading up to HoliWood Nights: SFGAmerica, WOF, SDC, SFSTL


Mid-July: SFNE, Lake Compounce, Luna


Nov: SFMM, Knotts, SWSD


Dec: BGT, Fun Spots


Carowinds for ACE event. Kings Island some random weekend. SFoG a couple times since I'm down there a bunch.

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Definitely (In general order local ones randomly)

Cali Trip (March)

Magic Mountain



May Road Trip

Holiday World

Kentucky Kingdom

Kings Island

Cedar Point



Local Season Pass



Great Adventure




Colorado Trip

Elitch Gardens


Knoebels Trip

America Trip



Possible Depending on When USA-Mexico is

Six Flags Mexico

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Think I decided I will do my vaca in TX, based on the US Grand Prix in Austin in Oct. Will sure hit up San Antonio as well and SFFT, Sea World SA and ZDT (if open). I'd be flying into/out of Dallas where a friend lives so SFoT is quite easy.

Is there anything else relatively along the way when doing the Dallas, Austin, SA triangle?

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Well, I didn't specify park related so fair


I also need to think, do I want to start in Dallas go down to San Antonio and back up, or do a big triangle and hit Houston as well? Feels more logical, and can do Kemah! But no idea what there is to do. Anyone know what in Houston is worth stopping by for?

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Goats On the Roof

Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster



Rocky Top Mountain Coaster

NASCAR Speed Park

Island in Pigeon Forge

Ober Gatlinburg

Rowdy Bear Mountain Adventure Park

Rowdy Bear Ridge Adventure Park

Earthquake The Ride (Does this count?)

Sesame Place


Morey's Piers

Playland's Castaway Cove

Steel Pier

Casino Pier

Six Flags Great Adventure

Luna Park

Deno's Wonder Wheel Park

Nickelodeon Universe


Fun World Game Center

Story Land

Palace Playland

Canobie Lake Park

Six Flags New England

Lake Compounce

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My bucket list is big for next year. I can only hope that our newborn will be fine and it's fulfillable:

- Phantasialand

- Tripsdrill

- Holiday Park

- Walibi Holland


And we're hopefully heading to Orlando in October to our best friends wedding, so there may even be more to come..

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I'm getting my first job this year so parks are going to be a little less


Six Flags Great America (home park)

Six Flags Over Texas

Frontier City (maybe)

Mt. Olympus

Michigan's Adventure (maybe)


Hopefully I'll have raised enough money from my job by the end of the year to do a small weekend trip, so I'll definitely update this thread if my parents and I can come to an accord.

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Already visited

Busch Gardens Tampa (first time)

SeaWorld Orlando (first time)

Universal Florida (first time)

Islands of Adventure (first time)


Magic Kingdom

Animal Kingdom

Hollywood Studios


California Adventure


Planning to visit

Six Flags Over Texas (first time)

Six Flags Over Georgia (first time)

Carowinds (first time)

Six Flags Magic Mountain

SeaWorld San Diego


2020 going to be a big year of first time visits for me!

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I'm doing a roller coaster vacation with my 25 year old son and 21 year old daughter. We are doing the following:

Six Flags Over Georgia



Kings Island

Cedar Point - ending up with Coastermania


Will probably hit Knott's Berry Farm and Magic Mountain in December.



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