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  1. I am finally getting to go to Cedar Point this year. First time too!! It will probably be the only park I make it to this year though, which makes me sad. But, it is more than I did in 2019.
  2. For anyone who made it out to opening night of Haunt, this past weekend, how was it?
  3. My next park, and sadly my only park for the year, is Worlds of Fun in October for Haunt. Hoping the weather will be more cooperative this year and not close the park down.
  4. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1740218786016895&id=100000863711849&ref=m_notif It looks like WoF is getting its floral clock back, that it had years ago. I personally am very excited to see how it turns out, since I never had the privilege to see the original in person.
  5. This beauty got used as money last night at my job and I came across it this morning and had to take pictures of it. They might be more common then I realize but, I personally have never seen one before. That, and I have not been to SDC since I was really little. Anyways, I thought it was pretty neat, and wanted to share it with all of you!
  6. To tell the truth I am iffy myself on where I stand with RMC making Timberwolf a hybrid, if they ever did. I know they have made wooden coasters into amazing hybrids. Just look at Steel Vengeance for example, I personally think it looks amazing and thought Mean Streak looked pretty cool. And while I know they could make Timberwolf an amazing hybrid as well, I love it just the way it is. There is just so many personally memories for me the way it currently sets, I just don't want it to change. But, I am sure if it ever came down to RMC doing it, I would come to love it very quickly. As long as the park doesn't get rid of it any time soon, that is all I mainly care about.
  7. I personally would rather have them take out the helix and keep Timberwolf a wooden coaster instead of having RMC come in and make it a hybrid. But, that is just my opinion, since I have always loved Timberwolf, even before the retracking process began. I just wish I would of been alive when it first opened and was considered the number one coaster in the world. From what I hear and read, it sounds like it was an amazing thing back then. I am just glad, the park has finally started giving her the love and attention she has been needing for quite sometime. Can't wait to make it there in October to witness this new addition for myself!
  8. Cedar Point had a Snapchat this morning, a little over an hour ago, showing the last piece of track for Steel Vengeance going in!!!
  9. I have seen some pictures on Facebook of Haunt decorations that are up so far this year, and I must say I am very excited for October to get here. The stuff I have seen so far, looks better than the stuff they have had up the last few years. Also, I heard that there is a a graveyard scene on the train! This is going to be a great year for Haunt, I can feel it!
  10. Patriot at Worlds of Fun Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey at Islands of Adventure
  11. I haven't seen the newest tweet yet. I can't wait to see what they announce! And I will always hope for something new for Haunt, whether it is likely or not. I love haunt and always hope for more things each year. I am very excited for October to get here, so we can finally go!
  12. My home park is Worlds of Fun. I hate the Boomerang. I may ride it once every three years or so, but I usually try to avoid it. Very jerky and usually gives me a headache.
  13. Makes me wonder if they are introducing something new for Haunt. That is the only thing coming up soon other than Winterfest. Even if it has nothing to do with either one of these, hopefully it is something good.
  14. Timberwolf at Worlds of Fun, back in April, in the pouring rain.
  15. Super excited that Halloween Haunt starts in 20 days. Hoping that they do the houses a little better this year, instead of just sending everyone in, in one big line, like they did last year. Also hoping, that the people working in the houses do a better job than last year as well. Don't get me wrong, there were a few houses that were phenomenal. Corn Stalkers being one of them. But, it seemed to me that quite a few of them were just, lacking. Lacking people wanting to scare anyone at all. I honestly felt bad, for the people who had to wait in line for over an hour, just to go in and the house not be as amazing as it had been in the previous years.
  16. Will your review of Worlds of Fun be up soon? I really looking forward to it, that is why I ask.
  17. Someone posted a review on the World's of Fun Facebook page, saying something about how she bought a ticket to get in, then had to pay to ride the rides, because she wasn't a season pass holder. Has something changed since I was there in April? I know you have to pay for ripcord but, I am hoping she wasn't quite right on her facts.
  18. Mamba at Worlds of Fun. I don't get to travel to far. Have been to Disney World and Universal Orlando, but I know those coasters aren't over 205 feet. Hoping to make it to Cedar Point and other places, one of these days.
  19. I take my trusty Scooby Doo mini book bag with me. I usually have tylenol, eye glass case, and a brush. During Haunt, I keep our passes in their till it is time to wear them. I also, like that I can hook the handle of my souvenir cup to my bag and carry it all as one. It is also, nice to have my bag in case I win something at one of the games. Can just stuff it in my bag and not have to worry about carrying it separately.
  20. Worlds of Fun for Halloween Haunt! It isn't getting here quick enough!
  21. Someone I work with said something very stupid last. So stupid in fact that I argued with her about it. Anyways, we were talking at work about the Ohio State Fair accident and I made the remark that usually when someone dies at an amusement park, it more than likely is their fault. I used the accident that happened at Worlds of Fun back in the 90s. Told them the story, bout how a girl tried switching seats in the Timberwolf while the coaster was going and ended up falling to her death. I again stated how it was her fault and not the parks, and how that was the only death to ever happen there. Well, this chick, who thinks she knows everything, spoke up. Started spewing lies about how that wasn't the only death there. She started talking about how a kid climbed over a fence and got his head taken off by one if the coasters. This accident happened at Six Flags. Not WoF. Then she goes on to say the girl who died on Timberwolf tried switching seats while the coaster was going upside down. Last I knew it didn't go upside down. Not in the almost 30 years it has been around. It got to the point, to where I just stopped talking to her and let herself look like more of an idiot than what she already is.
  22. Hopefully the rotor will still be standing in a couple of years. There is a rumor going around that WoF is wanting to tear it out before the beginning of the season, next year. There is also, a petition going around to save it, so hopefully it will get saved.
  23. Watched your Snapchat this morning and saw that you guys are at my home park, Worlds of Fun! Can't wait to read your review about the park, within the next couple of days.
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