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Weirdest Things The 'GP' Have Said

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Yeah, growing up in SoCal I got alot of that stuff.


"The new space mountain will launch on the Rocket Rodd track into the mountain into 6 loops"


This was after the Thunder Mountain accident--"They're going to change Thunder Mountain so the train is under the track and put big nets around the side of the track"

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This happened to me about a year ago while I was at my post. A Family with a child who is too small, AFTER tippietoes and stuffing. "HEY! LET HIM ON!! MAAAAAAAAAN!"


Some random guest screamed at the top of her lungs... "Oh SHUT UP and let him do his job, dumbasses! Learn to read signs, stupid!!"


(to me) "You're going to let him talk to us that way?"


"You know your child is too small, so why don't we just get this over with for record's sake?"


They did, and sure enough the child was a full foot too short.

I choose to believe the woman who defended me was a Coaster Enthusiast.

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I almost wish rollbacks never happened(despite always wanting to experience one) just so the GP would not have a panic attack when riding. There are countless videos on youtube that have people calling rollbacks a serious accident, or people saying they thought they would die due to a roll back. It also kind of amuses me when people freak out, does it not occur to people that the chances of dying or sustaining serious injury on a coaster/ride(unless its a vekoma ) is ASTRONOMICALLY low? If people are scared of coasters they should be MUCH more scared of driving a car, as chances of a car accident are MUCH higher than dying on a ride/coaster!

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Once, my friend seriously believed that Le Boomerang (at La Ronde) would fall off the lift spike if nobody pressed a button.

Another thought that Le Monstre at the same park actually did fly off the track for about 2 seconds.

Neither of them would listen when I told them about "automatic" or "air time".

At the same park, I was stuck on Le Super Manege for about ten minutes because -get this- the ride ops didn't notice the train had not returned. It took the first five minutes to scream at them from across the ride to fricking let go of the brakes, and another 5 to call mechanics, because clearly the only option was to have a guy walk across the park and manually release the train. As I walked out, I noted that there were several FUNCTIONING brake-release buttons.

Did I mention that almost every site that's been to La Ronde (including this one) has voted the staff the most incompetent of any park?

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Over on Cedar Point page on Facebook, they were showing Windseeker construction pics. One guy said, this will be like experiencing sky diving, and another fella was like 'they shpuld build a flying roller coaster like the one at Disney World...'


Mind you their English was lazy, so I had to fix it up.

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I was at Hersheypark with an EX of mine and we just say down to eat lunch at the eatery that resembles a coal mine under the arcade.


Mom: "OK, everyone come sit over here" (the sit right behind us)

Kids: Running around not listening.

Mom: "OK guys, come sit down"

Kids All come scurrying to sit

Mom: "OK, what flavor of milk do you want - chocolate, strawberry, or white"


My ex and I instantly looked at each and busted out laughing. It was the way she said it. For anyone going on the north east trip I can reenact her.




Also I think it is so cute when you are in line for some really big, fast, tall, multi-inversion coaster and some little kid ask:


"Will this be scary?" and the parent says "No, it is like riding _____ (name of some kiddie ride". And then when the ride is over the kid runs from their parents and hides.

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Say I go to IOA and the people I'm with complain that around $6.50 for a burger with fries is too expensive. (I think thats around what they charge it could be a little more) Then I'll say something like: It was $13 for a subway foot long at CP. Then the other people are amazed for a minute and by the next meal they will be complaining again.


I'm not sure if that is strange but, more frustrating that people don't know what really expensive food is. (not like Epcot fancy sit-down restaurants more like a $10 cheeseburger at CP)


I think I've seen this a few times but, I still here the classic: "What if the ride gets stuck on the loop?"

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I went to Elitch's one day with a friend of mine who pointed to Flying Coaster and said, "Wow! Is that the Mind Eraser?" For the record, he has been to that horrible park MANY more times than I have. It was my first time at the park in years and I knew what the Mind Eraser looked like. It also annoys me how so many people are convinced that the Mind Eraser is the best coaster EVER, when in reality it is a rough, cloned, and downright horrible ride.

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It gets me every time when I go to a park and people complain about high prices like they have NEVER been to an amusement park before.The conversation usually goes like this:


Me: "Well, you are at an amusement park." (I say this no directly to who I am with, but loud enough for them to hear)

Them: "well it does not have to cost that much!" (In a mean you smart a$$ kind of way)

Me: "I just saw you get off that BRAND NEW coaster that cost almost $20 million - how else do you think they pay for them?"

Them: Give me a stunned look like they did not expect a roller coaster to cost that much.


I actually have had conversation like that before with GP at parks before.

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I was at SFMM, and i was riding goliath with my short short friend. (She was my age but shes kind of a shorty ). Once were seated, this girl next in line looks at her friend and goes "That girl right there be small as hell and you ain't gonna ride it, but she be riding!" Its now an inside joke between. It was SO ridiculous.

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"That girl right there be small as hell and you ain't gonna ride it, but she be riding!" Its now an inside joke between. It was SO ridiculous.


Just reading that made me laugh. I can totally imagine actually seeing that remark made in person. I love the grammar... "girl right there be small as hell" and "she be riding".

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^Not anything that sticks, apparently.


While at Magic Mountain a week ago, I heard what I could only describe as the greatest parenting and judgment fail ever:


"They handled Revolution fine, so X2 should be no problem for them. They were a little scared on Goliath, but this one isn't as tall, so they'll be alright."


My friends and I couldn't stop laughing for quite a while.

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My friends said this when we went to Disneyland for our band trip last year:


*looks at California Screamin'*


Friend 1 (F1): Oh man that launch looks fast!

F2: I know I heard it's like, a 100 miles per hour in 1 second

Myself (M): *thinking* uh, no hun it's only about 50 miles per hour*


Later that day after being on the front of Screamin':

F1: oh man that felt so much faster than in the back, I swear we were going incredibly fast. and when we were going down that second hill, that drop was vertical man it was soooo scary!


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For the 2010 season Viper was re-painted it's original black. While walking in with a good friend of mine, she said,


"Look! They bought new track for Viper!"


I explained that they actually just painted it, but agreed it was looking good. She didn't believe that they could re-paint steel track. While entering the queue, we noticed that a five-foot-ish section of track right after the corkscrews was left unpainted and was still green. While I thought that it would be enough proof to convince my friend that the track was indeed painted, she saw it and exclaimed.


"They forgot to take out this old piece!"


I just decided to drop it and enjoyed the day with a good friend.

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Two of my favorites from this past summer come from Holiday World and Beech Bend.


Holiday World:

Woman to Boyfriend: "Wait...you mean this place is themed off holidays?"


Beech Bend really takes the cake, though. If you've been there, you know that the ducks pretty much have free reign of the park and that there isn't a fence around the large pond. As it happened, two ducks were in the process of mating down by the pond, and this woman--and I kid you not, she looked to be AT LEAST in her thirties--goes running down to them and starts kicking and beating the male duck, screaming that he's trying to kill the female. It didn't take long for an employee to yell at her to stop what she was doing and to explain what was actually happening between the ducks (luckily, if the male's undeterred enthusiasm over the task at hand was any indication, she didn't hurt him).


I mean, really? I don't make a fuss over people who get statistics wrong on roller coasters, but an adult completely befuddled about the mating process? The best part is that she had what I can only assume were her three children following her the whole time. That gets the stupid award for the year.

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