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Weirdest Things The 'GP' Have Said

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I'll start: Back in October at Worlds of Fun I was getting off Boomerang and a guy behind me said, "That is the BEST ride ever!" I looked at him like he was retarded and he gave me a real funny look.


Heh. Sounds like something I would do, but it wasn't me. Though, I will definitely have to do it this year.

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I'm not sure if I posted this before or not. If I did, please forgive me!


When we were at Haunt I think it was last year, we were heading in line for the haunted log flume "Camp GonnaGetcha." The guy behind us was asking/wondering "Hey, I wonder if they will lower the water level as it's a bit colder out here." Our response: "Uh....*puzzled* I wouldn't think so." I didn't want to make the person feel like a total idiot, I figured I would be nice and kindly tell him. He later got to talking about how the ride's looping music and slow-moving logs on the turntable are like an evil version of It's a Small World.

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July 3rd, 2010. SFMM. Revolution.


Me and my friend were up to ride soon as the next train came back. While the people in front of us were loading, there was this kid who was WAAAAAAYYYY under the height limit! The employee measured him and said "Whatever let him ride " everyone cheered and I was laughing. Then I heard this guy next to me say "Watch that train come back and noone in the seat". Apparently a lot of people heard him say that cuz when the OTHER train came back, that specific seat was empty! Everyone was like "Wait...wasn't that where the kid was sitting?"


I quickly told the employee "Hey wheres that kid? " she then laughed quietly and SCREAMED when she saw the empty seat! Everyone was so scared it was awesome!

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In line for Behemoth at CW. "See the stunt park track coaster over there? It goes upside down 3 times in the tunnel and has a 100 mph launch!" and she wasn't saying that sarcastically. Another time I was at DHS and someone on the studio tram tour behind us said "It must be really dangerous for the guy that lights the fire each time"

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I while ago, at disneyland, I was walking through the exit when I heard teenagers discussing the ride...

"That was insane! I got air at some parts!"

"My favorite part was the loop! When we were upside down it was insane!"

"How do they fit that long big roller coaster in such a small building? It must be huge underground!"

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Taken from CGA's Facebook:

Please make Vortex's (B&M Standup) seatbelts bigger! Not sure if they're referring to the redundancy seatbelt thing, or the shoulder restraints...I doubt the GP notices the difference between the two so who knows. I can be real mean and say this: Loose a bit of weight, will be easier than the park spending money on having restraints redesigned for larger guests.

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Heard a gem when I went to Legoland the other day:


Kid: Mommy what's that thing over there! -Points Towards Technic Coaster- (aka Mack Wild Mouse)


Mother: There is no way we are going on that, how do they steer the cars around those turns without falling? We could get hurt.


Me: This is a roller coaster, they have wheels attatched to the track (note that you can clearly see the ride's true wheels) so you don't fall out.


Kid: Mommy let's go on it!


Mother: Do you think I'm an idiot? I can see those giant wheels, they are not under the track!




Really? I don't think those are real wheels, but that's just a hunch...

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