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Weirdest Things The 'GP' Have Said

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Same site as above. Equal amount of ignorance.


12. Posted by Ben Fri Nov 12, 2010 4:59 pm EST Report Abuse

i was at kings dominion twice this year, and the initmidator is definitely a great coaster. the reason for all the right turns is because its sponsored by nascar and intends to simulate (sort of) a nascar race. they actually had to slow down the speed because too many people were blacking out. ironically, dale earnhardt's picture is plastered all over the place. the ferrari one looks pretty lame after the start. 150 mph is definitely intense, but it looked pretty tame after that. the best coaster ive ever ridden was the phoenix at busch gardens in williamsburg. its hanging, and the initial drop is about as close to 90 degrees as you can get.


What coaster is Phoenix that almost gets to 90 degrees? Does he perhaps mean Griffon, that actually gets to 90 degrees? There's no way to tell with these people.


EDIT: The saga continues:

It does not look that fast. It looks boring without all the big hills. I love roller coaster. The Mamba at Six Flags over Missouri is the best one of have been on.
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the intimidator looks very fun, but no park beats cedar point. almost all there rides have held the records at some point in time. the millenium force is no joke I hear and they have another ride they recently opened that sends you up 420 ft in the air almost straight up and gets you to a speed of almost 200mph in 4 seconds and then you come back down backwards at the same speed. awesome. I cant wait to go back to cedar point again. when i lived in mich. I went every year. its been almost 15 years since I have been back. the magnum was the big coaster back then that held the fastest and tallest record.


That guy doing the review is an annoying douche!


NASCAR all the way! Another example of American superiority.

Both rides were designed in Switzerland...

Ferrari seems fast but lame and Intimidator is just a fast version of a kiddie coaster.


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I would consider every comment from that article worthy of being in this thread. But then again, you really can't expect anything remotely intelligent from the people who comment on Yahoo News Articles.

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I had to find this thread to vent my frustration with ignorance. In retrospect, being an enthusiast has made my life more difficult around the GP.


Anyways, the chorus at our school went to Disney in Florida over Winter Break and this kid responded "Disney sucks, they only have one roller coaster." to which I corrected him explaining Disney has six coasters. He asked me which ones and I named them, to which he responded.


"Those aren't roller coasters! They don't go upside down! That makes them train rides!"

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I remember at one time, my brother referred every ride as a roller coaster. Free-fall towers are known as "Drop Zones" and all river rapids rides are known as "Rip Roaring Rapids."


At another time, when the original V2 opened at SFDK (before the shortening), we would stand under the spike (or spiral before entering the park) and watch it sway after the train went through. I'm sure I heard a few "Is that ride supposed to do that?" come out of family members and surrounding guests who may have caught on to what we were looking at. Of course, the know-it-all of our group bursted out saying that "If it didn't flex, there would be more strain on the track, possibly causing it to fracture" which was probably correct (I'm no engineer). I also remembered hearing about this back just as V2 was being constructed on some show from the Discovery Channel, showed former SFWoA's Super Man ultimate flight and how it swayed.


In light of Ghost Rider's major neuter/trim job, my friend told me a long time ago (back around when GR opened) that they placed several speed boosters along the track. Me not being fully aware of what rides are out there and whatnot at the time, I sort of believed him. Fast forward to today now...definitely not true.


Last one I can dig up for now was a couple years ago (2009 haunt) when some guests were reading the back of my Haunt shirt (had the list of the haunted mazes). One of them asked me if is some kind of roller coaster or ride, probably because of the log ride being a haunted ride..

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One of my friends 3 or 4 years back swore that Rock'n Roller Coaster (DHS) went 158.3 MPH for less then a second but, was so fast that you couldn't feel it and at the end of the launch it went back to the correct speed I told him. He was convinced on this for about a year. Maybe he just really liked the ride after all, he did give it a perfect rating lol!

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Friend: OMG! Have you been on Maliboomer?! It's 1,000 feet tall!

Me: Not...

Friend: Noooo... the signs on the ride SAY it is 1,000 feet tall!


I cannot even remember how many times I've been told this. If anyone remembers, the wraps on the maliboomer used to list the height of the hammer as it goes on (200 ft, 300 ft, ect.)

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