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Weirdest Things The 'GP' Have Said

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"I hate how Cedar Point is closing down and moving to North Carolina."


-Comment posted on a Facebook status update for a group about Ohio. You could tell he was totally serious too.

Come on. He probably meant Cedar Fair. When Cedar Fair bought Paramount Parks, there was a rumor that Cedar Fair would ship its headquarters to Carowinds. He just got confused.

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^ but thats still pretty funny.


Lets see...


At Blizzard Beach:

GP: Where are the Tubes for Summit Plumet?

Me: Its a body slide


At Epcot (Over heard this)

GP: Where's the Simpsons Ride?


And a sad one from Busch Gardens Europe:

GP: 25 years! Man! I hope it last for twenty five more. ( I didnt have the heart to tell him otherwise)

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Every time I go to SFGAM, I always hear someone in line for Viper/Bull:


"Let's sit in the back since it is the fastest."


I also heard a guy in line for Viper say it was for Bull. That didn't annoy me so much since the coasters ar next to one another.




I ALWAYS hear that at the park too...but I heard someone call Viper the "Elixir" because of the sign over the station lolol

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^^^I love it when people mistake Lake Erie for the ocean at CP. The best part is when Magnum ride ops mess with people on the trains by asking if they saw the ocean during the ride, only to remind them that it was the lake, not the sea.


Come on. He probably meant Cedar Fair. When Cedar Fair bought Paramount Parks, there was a rumor that Cedar Fair would ship its headquarters to Carowinds. He just got confused.


Maybe. But I doubt it. That rumor was 3 years ago, so why would he say that now? And I don't think it's likely that a GP kid, who was probably about 13 or even a little younger at the time based off his profile picture, would have known of that rumor.

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^^ That reminds me, I was in line for Supreme Scream at KBF one time when the person in back of me said to his friends, lets ride "Pedal to the Metal" next. That phrase is on the side of Xcelerators station and can be seen while in the queue for Supreme Scream.

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I was at Disneyworld over the Summer and have at least a million. The best one was on Expedition Everest with my friends Dad. We were on the indoor backwards helix part.(which was a lot more fun then I was expecting, btw) He kept saying that we were spinning, which is somewhat true in track shape, but we clearly were not spinning. I asked him why he though we were spinning.(he does not really know I'm into coasters as it tends to piss some people off, especially considering it was his family vacation that I was invited on) He clearly explained that we were spinning because we had gone forwards to backwards again, but because the helix was spinning we were back forwards. I really wanted to say something, but told him his theory makes as much sense as any.


Also, I am not a member of the GP(well, I am, but you know what I mean) at Hollywood Studios we were seeing fantasmic. I had only seen the California one before so when the show started I was doing the theme music and everything cause I love it and my friend was singing along also as our school did sounds of Disney last year and hes in the band. In the disneyland one there is a heffalump guitar solo when the water screens rose. I figured out there was a solo at a different part of the show as the screens rose so I sang the beginning of a solo. The solo was not in the show, and I love that park. The Florida fantasmic is just not as awesome as the pure amazingness that is the Disneyland Fantasmic.

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Customer: Do you sell bottled water here?

Me: No, but we do have FREE cups of water.

Customer: Well, how much are they?


LOL Andy.


This happened on day I was working the train.


Guest- "Does this ride go fast or upside down?"


Me in a Sarcastic tone-" Yes this train will be launching you to 156mph in only 4 seconds and you will be flying through 12 yes 12 loops!"


Guest- "Yeah I don't think im gonna ride this"


I had to tell them I was joking and they eventually rode.

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While in the queue for Nemesis, a group of 12/13 year old kids were infront, discussing how it was extremely likely that the train was going to come off the track.


In an attempt to scare them more, i showed them the portions of track that bend quite a bit under the g-force. They told me I was lying and just trying to scare them, and somehow couldnt see the track bend maybe 7 or 8 inches to one side infront of us just at that second.


They proceeded to inform the ride-op of their "concerns", and were simply told to move on, and not block the queue line. WIN!




Edit: 400th post

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The mighty bump, although I feel this thread should be revived.


Overheard on a YouTube video of the Incredible Hulk at Islands of Adventure, specifically in reference to the midcourse brakes:


"What was with the fake ending?! I thought it was over!"

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I had just come off my second or third ride on I-305 at Kings Dominion and some girl proclaimed "It was okay, but they really should add a loop."


Basically, the following sums up GP logic:


"No loops = horrible, Loops = OMG! ORGASMIC EXPERIENCE!"


I've seriously heard someone proudly proclaim "That big Red Coaster [i-305] isn't as good as that Green and Orange one [Anaconda] over there. It would be great, but it's only fast, it didn't go upside down".

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I've heard teenagers proclaim how much better Carolina Cobra and Nighthawk are over Intimidator, and I literally have laughed in their face every time.


Anyway, it doesn't upset me too much when I hear people saying idiotic things about coasters, I just laugh to myself or roll my eyes. However, if anyone ever argues with me about a certain fact about a coaster (especially people that KNOW I'm into coasters), that's when I pull the "you do realize that this stuff is my life, right?" card. Eventually they shut up and take my word for it.


I have learned how to explain coasters to GP people. Name its color, whether or not it goes upside down, what part of the park it's in (if they know the park well), and if it has a gimmick like "hanging from the track," being a stand up, or "laying down." After that, any specific information goes right over their heads.

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The GP CAN DEFINITELY BE ANNOYING! (In line for Behemoth) "does this one go upside down?" (the other guy) "No its the worst ride. it doesn't evan go upside down" "lets go on dragon fire the stand up one"....Gp can get annoying but its not our problem they dont know massive amounts about theme parks.

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