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  1. The track was smooth, but the forces were wicked intense!
  2. Well it's about time they tapped into green lantern instead of just using superman and batman! Come on, a power ring is pretty sweet!
  3. I may have to make the 11 hour trek back to Virginia just to ride that, and of course... intimidator !
  4. Probably Bizzaro and Batman at six flags new England. I don't have the exact count, but I ride them every time I go, in fact, that's really the only place I've been this season, and since I don't really get flash passes anymore, I just go to ride them, and maybe thunderbolt.
  5. Are you kidding me? I've never been to the park, but I've seen the positive improvements he has made! Bad move!
  6. Excellent photo's of Drachen fire! Thinking about it now, it would have been weird to have to looping coasters in the same park that are similar. still it seemed like it had a great layout! That first wraparound corkscrew looked amazing!
  7. Well, it would make since, the park is trying to conserve space and it will build up rather than out!
  8. Because you get jerked around quite a bit and during some parts you're flat on your back or tilted at an extreme angle. This sounds like a blast!
  9. Cream puffs and sleeping pigs.... That topscan looked fun, as did that spinning wild mouse!
  10. I seriously wish the arms did flips. But I was curious, why do they have otsrs?
  11. ^ I understand. I won't be able to go, I just was given some more lip service. I know I won't be in on the perks but could I just meet you guys at SFNE?
  12. Is there anyway my parent's can contact you besides email? my mom wanted to talk with you guys, I know it sounds weird but my folks are really old fashioned. Can I PM you my phone number and then you call here?
  13. This is something that my dad can do, we are going to look into this. My dad isn't a member of this site though so will I have to make an account for him? Also I may be able to do both trips to CP and the north east. If we only do the NE trip can we meet somewhere besides Newark because I'm already close enough?
  14. I really like those pictures you took of batman's loop! When is it least hot at this park?
  15. Wow, I saw a ride similar to this on Bert the conqueror the other night. If these are the same style ride, even all the several seat belts make the ride look scary! No thanks! The families are in my prayers.
  16. This park looks like it has a lot to offer, even if it isn't off the wall thrilling!
  17. This park would be fun to vist someday! If I was ever in the area I'd totally check it out!
  18. Is it me or does that new drop look a bit steeper? It looks amazing and steep and fun, Like El Toro!
  19. I've ridden this many times & I find it very enjoyable & smooth in the front seat, which is the only place I try to sit when I ride it. As I stated in an earlier post this was the first coaster I rode at GADV which is the main reason why I will miss it. This was the first coaster I rode there too. You are probably right about the front too, but I think a smooth B&M could beat it any day . Sometimes I feel like people like coasters for the novelty rather than the quality, and that's completely up to them, but If you have someone that idolizes an extremely painful coaster... it can be odd.
  20. ...giant vat of ice cream at the Ben and Jerry's factory where they persistently demand roller coaster gravy flavored ice cream until they...
  21. HOW COULD ANYONE IN THERE RIGHT MINDS LOVE THIS COASTER? unless it has some kind of memory associated with family or friends, I say it's rubish. Bring on the B&M!
  22. ...doubled the size of kingda ka with the help of the dead coaster enthusiasts from the strange ace obituary. They then rode 20 times until they...
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