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Weirdest Things The 'GP' Have Said

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^^ Ha, right on!


Seriously, 3/4 of this thread makes the majority of us look like jackasses. So what if people don't know anything about rides and such? As long as they keep visting parks and riding stuff then new coasters will keep coming along and making us smile. I see it as a small sacrifice to make; to deal with the occasional idiot now and then in exchange for a new addition to whatever park you go to alot!

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I have to say i do love funking with the GP's head when the situation arrives. I was queuing up for Disaster Transport, and these kids behind myself and my friend Larry--no older than 14 they were, and the one kid asked if it goes upside down. I turn around and tell him it does, saying it has ten inversions, and you only have a lap bar. So this is going on for awhile, my buddy having a laugh at this, and finally as we'regoing up the stairs, i told it doesn't go upside ten times.

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^^ Look, this is the one place we nerds can display our exorbitant coaster knowledge with pride. Let us make fun of people who think they know what they are talking about, but don't spend the time researching and riding that we do. It makes us feel better about ourselves!

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I agree that 3/4 of this thread makes us look like dicks. Case in point, I have a friend who knows the ins-and-outs of coaster enthusiasm. He works in the industry and follows Ride SOP's like a bible. However I asked him how he felt about the Lakers picking up Ron Artest, to which he replied, "which college is he coming from?"

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I had two but can't remember the second!


The one I do remember is on my recent trip to KI I was walking towards Flight Deck when I overheard this convo.


Boy 1: Aww man why is SOB closed I wanted to ride so badly?!


Boy 2: Oh well it crashed so they had to shut it down.


Boy 1: It Crashed?!!?


Boy 2: Yeh just like that final destination movie, it flew off the loop and a bunch of people died.


Boy 1: Wow maybe I won't ride it then I don't like loops...


I LMAO'd at this because not only is the description of what happened funny but the kid decides not to want to ride it because of the loop (which isnt there but I never fault the GP for misinformation) NOT because it "killed" people. lol people have strange values.


EDIT: I remembered the other one!


When I was at Waldameer all of the people in line for RFII were convinced that they, and I quote literally, "Turned up the speed" at night. Upon arriving at the station they all ask the ride operators why they turn up the speed at night and the operator says, "There is no speed control, it is run by gravity we don't really know why it goes faster at night." The people then said, "Oh so your not allowed to tell us, why not?"


While waiting in line I was so amused by them I didn't interject into the convo.

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I was at Kennywood and in line for Jack Rabbit.


Kid 1- Did you know there are no wheels under the Jack Rabbit.

Kid 2- Then how does it land back on the tracks for the double dip?

kid 1- They timed it perfectly so it would land back on the tracks.

Kid 2- Wow, That's really cool .


After this conversation I laughed so hard I couldn't join in the conversation to tell them the truth.

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^^ The second one was hallarious


One of the greatest marketing schemes ever aka Bizzaro at SFNE has had people saying a some really funny stuff such as:


"Did you hear they added an extra like 50ft to the lift."


"I heard they added loops."


"Wow this coaster is so much better than Superman i'm glad they tore down it for Bizzaro"


Plus I love telling all my friends who think its a completely new ride that its just Superman re-done.


In everyones defense the commercials for it around here do make it seem like an all new ride, so I can see where the GP would get confused.

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So I was explaining the concept of road, guide, and upstop wheels to my friend.

She said she always thought centripetal force kept coasters on the tracks, and I told her the 3 sets of wheels did. So then she said-

"That happened at Kings Dominion it was one some ride and it didn't stop so it flew off the tracks"

I told her she was wrong and nothing like that ever happened at KD, only a man pulling himself out of the restraints on Shockwave and dying.

"No I'm not that's what my aunt told me, yeah it did it was called the Kobra"

As I keep arguing that King Kobra never had any accidents and it still operated in Brazil

"Yes it did! I heard about it from my aunt! It's so scary!!"


Argh. I hate arguing and not winning. One of my big pet peeves

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Inline for Goliath (SFoG)


GP: So does this ride have any loops?


Me: No, it just has many funfilled air time hills!


GP: Well that sucks! All coasters that have no loops are so boring! I should be waiting line for Georgia Scorcher.


Also at SFoG:


GP: Why is this ride made of wood?


Me: Because it was cheaper to build a large wood coaster back then.


GP: Six Flags sure is cheap...


One more from SFoG...

(same conversation, inline for Scream Machine)


Me: This was once the tallest coaster in the world.


Gp: Goliath is the tallest, right?

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this isn't really something the GP have said ... well i guess it kind of is. I HATE when you're talking to someone about vacation or whatever and they say "I went to Six Flags this summer." Now of course I know they mean Magic Mountain because that's the one close to us, but I always want to say,"... well which one? There's tons of them!"


Oh and I remember when I went to SFMM with my friend and our families a few months ago and his step brother who was about 10 says (about Batman) "Have I been on this one?" And my friend says "Yeah, it's the one that's almost identical to Silver Bullet." I started to say "It's NOTHING like Silver Bullet"... but I didn't want to seem like a know-it-all

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You guys can't make fun of the General Public too much, you know. It's not like they're extremely stupid or anything. It's just that, as people, we all have certain interests. Some people may love video games, cooking, books, film, etc.


Some of us are basically the "GP" of those things. Just keep in mind that not everybody knows everything in the world. I know this because basically everybody I live around is a "GP". They just like to go to amusement parks sometimes for the fun of it.

But I'll agree, some of these quotes are not just dumb too us enthusiasts, but to normal people, there are extremely stupid things that are said...


Now before I turn into a geek, I'll post many I have heard.


A girl in The Beast station - "Is this a roller coaster?"

A girl near Boomerang at Wild Adventures - "The ride flies off the tracks daily".

Kid in line for Demon at Six Flags Great Adventure - "Coaster Rollers don't get much better than this (points at Demon). Black Bird!"

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It makes me sad that no one in New Zealand has any idea what a good rollercoaster is like. I mean, four million people that have only ever ridden a standard Arrow corkscrew coaster. I was talking to a girl in my class who said she hates rollercoasters because they hurt her head. I know that isn't really a 'weird' GP thing to say, it's just really depressing

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