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  1. My review: Get into the station, choose second to last row. Sat down in the MASSIVELY comfortable seats, and pulled down the hydraulic restraints (which were not bad at all except for the bars if you were in the front of the car). I could tell just getting out of the station that you'd be pulled along the whole ride. The lift was smooth, and was going up at a pretty decent pace. And then, once we reached the sign on the top of the lift hill, we literally just get pulled over for some MAJOR ejector airtime off the drop. I was standing in my seat the ejector was so strong. The pullout wasn't too intense but then the double up came and that was some good ejector as well, and then came the first overbank. Very smooth, pulled into and out of it, then the second overbank, same as the first, then came the biggie, the 115. Not bad at all, not as great as I expected, but still really decent. Then another pop of ejector right before the brake run (which started to bite throughout the day as they would reset everything every hour or two) and the drop of the midcourse was just as good when it was wood. Then you get some small ejector as you get ready to go under the structure twice. Great airtime here as well. Then there's kind of a relaxation point right before the tunnel, the S curve is nice, but then the tunnel comes, and I definitely was not expecting LED lights under the track, and the train was still hustling through the tunnel. The second one then had LED lights on the top of the tunnel. Still haulin' ass. And the third tunnel, despite having no LED lights, was great and was a perfect lead in to the finale, which gave amazing airtime just like it used to. All in all, fantastic ride, very well done, congratulate RMC, SF, Gerstlauer, and everyone else that worked on it. 10 million well spent
  2. I don't know forecast has been calling for only a 10% chance of precipitation. Cloudy and in the 70's. I'm crossing my fingers for no rain but we shall see.
  3. As far as I know nothing starts at 4....... my email said to arrive at 9:30 and the event starts at 10:00.
  4. I'll be able to actually provide a report from the Media Day on Thursday!!!
  5. I'm not for SURE going, but being Catholic I should be able to pull it off. It's convincing my parents that will be a lot
  6. I'll have to see, but this definitely seems possible. I'd love to be able to do this and maybe meet some TPR members as well
  7. Old Bessy But seriously, BrandonR has a point. There's still another month before it even opens, and most of that time the park is closed, which I think will really see the finishing touches on testing and promotions and other things.
  8. ^Go later in the day. That's what I'm gonna see if I can do should I get accepted. There's a shift from 1-6
  9. Why be concerned about the looks? It's the experience that matters. Nuf 'Ced
  10. Yeah I'd highly doubt they'd do anything cuz it is CRAZY (for Texas) outside. You know it's bad when it's actually about 10 degrees here.
  11. ^It actually says in the comments that they wish they could've, but they were filming Cowboys Stadium at the time so they couldn't.
  12. I found on the SFOT Texas Giant time lapse camera in the bottom right hand corner, you can see the tunnel on the finale taking shape. So I think it'll be an interesting experience for those who have never ridden the Giant (pre and post makeover), as they will not be able to see the awesome finale that they are heading to.
  13. My friends said this when we went to Disneyland for our band trip last year: *looks at California Screamin'* Friend 1 (F1): Oh man that launch looks fast! F2: I know I heard it's like, a 100 miles per hour in 1 second Myself (M): *thinking* uh, no hun it's only about 50 miles per hour* Later that day after being on the front of Screamin': F1: oh man that felt so much faster than in the back, I swear we were going incredibly fast. and when we were going down that second hill, that drop was vertical man it was soooo scary! M:.........
  14. ^Well I don;t remember where it was but on Six Flags New England's Twitter (I believe) confirmed that the flame cannons from Bizarro were being sent down to be used for theming on the Giant. I may have to find that. And if they do that to maybe an oil derrick, I'd probably jizz my pants and give them an A for creativeness. Unless it looks like something out of the RCT3. Then I'll be disappointed.
  15. These are already kinda cliche but I have to agree. The development of such companies as GCI The many different kinds of coasters (flying, 4D, hydraulic launch, PnP etc.) The achievements of roller coasters (surpass 400 ft, speed of up to [i think it's] 148 mph [correct me if I'm wrong]) The development of parks such as Holiday World (what with the addition of Voyage and Pilgrims Plunge) The rapid development of amusement parks in China (need I say more?) And a whole ton of things I can add to this but I can't seem to think of at midnight
  16. ^It was Christmas tree. It's usually a tradition amongst construction workers on holidays.
  17. I absolutely loved the BBW, but quite honestly, I wouldn't make a three, four trip (the distance from my old house to Busch) JUST for it. I don't see who would do it just for BBW, but they're crazy. Like Robb stated, it has 3 highly rated B&M's, and even Loch Ness, which is good in itself for an Arrow. And I also think that maybe that "one of the last Arrow Suspended" thing actually is part of it.
  18. Earlier this year (this is my only breakdown) but in about April on my band trip to California we were on Revenge of the Mummy (our tenth reride as the park was empty). Right as we got to the point where the scarabs come out, we didn't move. Even after the effect, the ride didn't launch back as usual. So we sat there for 10 minutes not knowing what was going on. We were caught by surprise when the train suddenly launched backwards. Pretty creepy sitting there in semidarkness not knowing anything that's about to happen.
  19. I'm not sure if this was posted but I found this picture of the electromagnetic brakes on the final brake run after casually looking on SFOT's site.
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