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Weirdest Things The 'GP' Have Said

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As much as I hate this thread this has to go here.


Overheard yesterday in Thunder Creek Mountains line two gentleman talking about Demon Drop and the one explained to the other that he won't ride it because its too old and also that how back in the day you used to have to walk all the way up the (evac) steps to get on the cars at the top because they didnt have the elevator system to get the cars up there. I really wanted to ask him how the ride operated at all if there was no way to get the cars to the top but I was too busy having my mind blown by the sheer stupidity of his logic.


I'm hoping maybe he was mixing up Stuntmans Freefall with Lightning Loops since you did have to walk up a million stairs to ride LLs and they did exist simultaneously at GreatAdv for a time and were near one another but even so... people really don't think about things before they open their mouths do they?

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Was listening to a comedy podcast where the comedians are based in NYC. It's similar in format to Howard Stern, where they just talk about random stuff.


They talked about going to SFGAdv over the weekend.


“Hey dude, did you ride the Kingda Ka?”


“Yeah man, it was awesome.”


“How can you ride those tings? Don’t people die on those all the time?”


“Yeah man, like 20 people died on the Kingda Ka, right? They got decapitated. It was real messed up”


“Yeah I bet a buncha people have died at SFGadv! Let’s check wikipedia”


(They apparently check it)


“Ok…here it says like 50 people got decapitated on Kingda Ka!”



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Somebody said that Coaster at playland is better than Phoenix.

I haven't been on Coaster obviously since I haven't been to Canada, but a lot of people put it on the same level as Phoenix. And they're similar in style, with mostly strong airtime hills where the restraints really allow you to fly up. People say that Coaster isn't smooth like Phoenix, but Coaster seems a bit longer.

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Someone find Blackpool Pleasure Beach trending on Facebook and look at the comments there.


Pure gold. Absolute gold.


Some people say it looks boring and a waste of money!


I'd post thousands of hilarious comments but I can't find it on the trending thing right now. I'll hope to find it ASAP.

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I'd like to admit that the 3 things I said happened didn't actually happen. I made them up so I could post on this thread

So that makes you the weird GP then?


Better than what I was thinking. . . I was thinking they did it for attention, which makes them an attention whore.

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