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  1. Skip Playing a game while not knowing anything about it, or playing a game with knowledge of what happens at some or most points?
  2. Granted but your tiredness is instead passed onto someone else who is good friends or related to you, making them more tired. I wish Slammer reopened at Thorpe Park with better maintenance.
  3. After a bit of experimenting with the Splitting Coaster (shown on page 1), you can make a duelling wing coaster if the track never splits. Here is the coaster in action. If a train takes the inner corner, it goes ahead of the other one (shown in the picture below). Before, the left side was unfairly winning. But the left one took the inner corner so the right one (who used to be a sore loser) is winning the race! Unfortunately you'll need to be a roller coaster wizard to get them both to line up when they get to the station.
  4. Father: "Son, do your revision" So he goes and enters the Eurovision song contest. (better when said aloud)
  5. The 'antipark' where it's only open during the winter, closes everything when it's sunny, and only operates rides in wind, rain or snow. The employees pay you to make their food. The 'Thrillville' park where every coaster has built in parachutes, and purposefully crash onto the path. When the train flies off you need to manually undo your restraint, get and prepare the parachute, and operate it. There are ZERO safety regulations, and the park owner can flirt with single teens.
  6. A man had three penguins. A few days later, a man finds out about these penguins and calls the animal control unit on him. Later that day, another man in black uniform knocks at the penguin owner's door. Penguin owner: "Hello?" Man in uniform: "Hello, someone called us claiming you own some penguins. Is this correct?" -"Yes, sir" -"You are going to have to take them to the zoo." -"Okay, I will, sir." -"We'll come back tomorrow to see if they went back. See you then." -"Okay." Tomorrow, the man in uniform discovers that the penguins are not at the zoo. He goes to the penguin owner's house. He knocks at the door and is let in. Man in uniform: "I told you to take the penguins to the zoo!" Penguin owner: "I did, they had a great time there."
  7. The game has ridiculous ride theming so he's saying it would fit into the game.
  8. I feel this would be safer than just using seat belts. you definitely wont go flying out your windshield if you get into an accident. But it would be more difficult to escape from it, and also you can't quickly duck down with an OTSR on you. On topic: if you see the name of a level in a game and you imagine what a coaster or park would be like with that name. Or, if you play that level and you imagine a coaster themed to it.
  9. If you wake up an hour before the alarm on a day you're going to a park.
  10. I'm a bit late, but: Thorpe is removing Slammer, as Henry said on the last page, but he didn't mention that Thorpe hasn't confirmed whether it's being scrapped or sold onto another park.. Here it is. Hopefully it will move to another park in the UK. But it's most likely getting scrapped.
  11. A bear and a squirrel are walking down a forest path next to a river. Suddenly, the river genie pops up. "Sigh, two of you? Eh. Let's do it in turns" says the river genie. "Mr. Bear, what is your first wish?" Bear: "I want every other bear in the forest to be female." The genie grants his wish. Genie: "What about you, Mr. Squirrel?" Squirrel: "I want a motorbike." The bear is in disapproval of the squirrel. The genie grants the squirrel's wish anyway. Genie: "What is your second wish, Mr. Bear?" Bear: "Wait, no. I want every other bear in the COUNTRY to be female". The genie grants his wish. Genie: "Now for you, Mr. Squirrel?" Squirrel: "I want a motorbike helmet." The bear stares at the squrrel in disbelief and looks at the squirrel like he has three heads. The genie grants his wish. Genie: "What is your third and final wish, Mr. Bear?" Bear: "I have a better idea. I want every other bear in the W O R L D to be female." The genie grants his wish. Genie: "What is your third and final wish, Mr. Squirrel?" The squirrel turns on the motorbike engine and puts on his helmet. A split second later, the squirrel shoots off at top speed. Without looking back, he shouts "I WANT THE BEAR TO BE GAY!!!". The genie grants his wish.
  12. They would become very popular. What if Carowinds announced the permanent closure of Fury 325?
  13. Captain Kirk is climbing a mountain. Why is he climbing a mountain?
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