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Weirdest Things The 'GP' Have Said

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I'd like to admit that the 3 things I said happened didn't actually happen. I made them up so I could post on this thread

So that makes you the weird GP then?


Better than what I was thinking. . . I was thinking they did it for attention, which makes them an attention whore.

No. I'm not an attention whore. I'm part of the GP

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A couple days ago, Saw: The Ride was stuck on the lift hill.


People are saying it was stuck upside down.


Others say it was stuck 'halfway upside down'.


This is just depressing. Not only do they not know what 'upside down' is, they also think it's news worthy.


kill me.

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^Reminds me of when HangOver at Liseberg (first Invertigo) got stuck on the lift hill in 1997. Fair enough, it was stuck for three hours and they had to bring the fire brigade in order to get people off. But still, almost 20 years later, people talk about that time "HangOver got stuck upside down".


And while were at it, Facebook was full of people half-mad at Liseberg for getting Loke (Intamin gyro swing), since it just is an "updated Mechanica" (Zierer star shape). They don't even look remotely the same...

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^I'm not sure of the details, but my guess is that it took three hours before the entire train was evacuated.


As can be seen on this picture: https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hangover#/media/File:Hangover_liseberg_goteborg_sweden_19990630.jpg there wasn't any footsteps or anything on the lifthills, and Invertigos are pretty tall (42m)

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It's not coaster related but one time when I was standing in line for TOT in WDW I overheard a teenage girl complaining to what I assume was her father about gay days. The father said something along the lines of When is straight pride? Everyone around them reacted and one woman in front of them turned around and said: It's all the other days, not that you look like you have much to be proud about. The father and daughter were quiet the rest of the time.

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As i dont have that much money im not able to travel the country to go to several parks so I'd probably be the GP myself however im really into coasters and learn more about them each day. Not the weirdest but the most cringe worthy and annoying thing many GP do is call flat rides roller coasters! and no I dont just mean Larson Loops or Disk-Os either! I seen people call Magic Carpet/Falling Star rides coasters for example. ...Anyone seen the youtuber H3H3? In one of his videos he mentioned this lady and her "unique" love for a Magic Carpet ride(which in itself is actually really really weird) The whole time the guy talking in the video kept calling it a roller coaster! In another video it said "roller coaster accident" and it was a tea cup ride shaped like ducks!! I dont get why people do that....

here is the magic carpet ride video i mentioned...its not a roller coaster!! Edited by storms555
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^I'm not sure of the details, but my guess is that it took three hours before the entire train was evacuated.


As can be seen on this picture: https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hangover#/media/File:Hangover_liseberg_goteborg_sweden_19990630.jpg there wasn't any footsteps or anything on the lifthills, and Invertigos are pretty tall (42m)

Not a GP thing, but I remember the Wikipedia page for Hangover/Invertigo mentioned the original layout was planned to have launches instead of lift hills. Can someone confirm if this is true/false?

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Oh any one seen that clip where Jimmy Fallon and that other guy(yea dont watch tv shows) goes on Ripride Rockit at Universal Studios? I dont watch that show. Really, i dont watch TV at all honestly. The only reason i clicked that video was because i like roller coasters. He tells the audience how he went to the park that "has the best coasters in the world!!" or something along those lines....then the audience roared in complete amazement! When i first saw that i was like "really??" He nor the people watching his show must not know much about coasters...Not saying the coasters UVS arnt fun,they are,but they arnt world class like the coasters you see at Six Flags and Cedar Fair parks....UVS isnt known for flagship world class coasters but more known for their dark rides and VR move based rides. I dont know i just thought that was kind of funny and weird... I dont think Jimmy and his viewers ever heard of places like Cedar Point,Great Adventure,Magic Mountain,Kings Island,Kings Dominion,etc....

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^ They're all little people who want to please their king ~ King Fallon.


And the show IS owned by Universal (Isn't it?), so it makes sense to push that company,

no matter how wrong the information is, or how the audience reacts.


BTW - I like Fallon, and sometimes watch the show. But not regularly.

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^ Yes, Universal owns the NBC network, which airs the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Hence why Universal Studios Orlando is building the Tonight Show ride.


While we're on that subject, the number of Fallon fans... ...oh, I'm sorry... ...whoo, that's...sorry... ...ok. The number of Fallon fans is much, much greater than the number of roller coaster enthusiasts.

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talking about TTD:


Gp: top thrill dragsters magnetic launch is so smooth


Me: it's actually hydraulically launched


Gp: no it isn't it has fins on the track like maverick


Me: those are breaking fins that's why they lower before the launch


Gp: if that's what you think.


He then changed the subject to raptor and never mentioned TTD again...

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Found this gem on Worlds of Fun's Facebook page. Not sure if this qualifies as "GP", but I didn't know where else to put this garbage...

Winterfest has to be successful next year or chances are, Worlds of Fun might (yes, I said, MIGHT) actually close for good. In order to prevent Worlds of Fun from possibly closing forever after Winterfest next year, Worlds of Fun MUST open rides up during Winterfest. If they don’t, the park wouldn’t maintain a steady and reliable attendance figure and revenue/profit during this extended holiday event. No one wants to see Worlds of Fun close forever like many amusement parks throughout history have. Once its closed, chances are, it’s never going to be open again. In case Worlds of Fun reads this comment, I would like to voice my concern to Worlds of Fun about ride availability during Winterfest next year.

Since the Worlds of Fun website doesn’t mention any rides that are going to be operating during Winterfest YET (other than the Worlds of Fun train ride and Cyclone Sam's), I would like to see Worlds of Fun open the following rides up during Winterfest. Worlds of Fun must AT LEAST open 5-6 rides in order for Winterfest at Worlds of Fun become successful (and better boosting the chances of Worlds of Fun's survival.). To enumerate those rides that Worlds of Fun should open during Winterfest, I will list the rides that should be open during Winterfest (excluding water rides, which are obviously closed during the winter). This is my particular Winterfest rides list I think they should be open during Worlds of Fun Winterfest:

To make Worlds of Fun Winterfest a successful and vibrant event, Worlds of Fun must open either one or both of the following top-notch coasters at the park. Otherwise, I’m not going to Winterfest at all next year. Worlds of Fun will be financially hanging by a fingernail (or ultimately fail) IF the park decides to not open any of these coasters up next year during Winterfest. If words of d\fun decides to not open both of these coasters at Winterfest next year, all I can say to them is good luck, but Worlds of Fun is taking a very risky chance of losing profit and revenue for the park. The top-notch coasters are listed in the following order by their importance and success to the life and well-being of the park:

1. Mamba

2. Patriot (if Worlds of Fun decides to close Mamba during Winterfest)

Besides either one or both of those coasters possibly opening up during Winterfest, Worlds of Fun must open at least an additional 4-5 (if one of those coasters listed above are open during Winterfest) or 3-4 (if both of those coasters listed above are open during Winterfest) of the following rides during Winterfest. Otherwise, similar to what I said in this comment, Worlds of Fun will be getting a similar end result of the prosperity of Worlds of Fun Winterfest and the park itself IF Worlds of Fun decides to not open 3-4 (more like 3 probably) additional rides during Winterfest. Here are the rides that I am proposing to Worlds of Fun that should be open (excluding water rides, which they would be all closed because it's obviously too cold to open those rides up in cold weather.) during Winterfest next year. I will separate this list by sections of the park, which would be easier for Worlds of Fun [and viewers of my comment] to follow and organize (By the way, this list was all memorized in my head in case anyone wanted to know. I love this park deeply, and I want the best for this park to be sustainable and survive.):


1. Fjord Fjarlane

2. Finish Fling

3. Scandi Scrambler

4. Sea Dragon

5. Grand Carousel


1. Spinning Dragons


1. Steelhawk

2. Timber Wolf

3. Detonator

4. Mustang Runner (this should be a given since Mustang Runner is Worlds of Fun 2017's new ride.)

5. Worlds of Fun Railroad

Any rides from Planet Snoopy so that kids don’t have to feel bored and miserable during Winterfest.


1. Autobahn

2. Falcon's Flight (this should be a given since Falcon's Flight is Worlds of Fun 2017's new ride.)

3. Flying Dutchman

4. Le Taxi Tour (Worlds of Fun should make a Christmas themed version of this ride during Winterfest. probably rename and re-theme this ride to "Candy Cane Lane" so people will be drawn attention to the ride's name and themeing.)


1. Zulu

2. Prowler (Can’t wait to ride Prowler on a cold night! It would be so cool to ride Prowler at night so I suggest Worlds of Fun should close their park at 11pm or midnight at the earliest or latest. Later park closings like 1am, 2am, the better!)

3. Boomerang

If Worlds of Fun read this comment, I hope Worlds of Fun will listen and take action from my concern (and many or your guests' concern(s) that is/are similar to my concern) from this comment. As many amusement park enthusiasts like me know already, it’s hard to get a corporate-owned park like Worlds of Fun to listen to its guests’ concerns and/or suggestions, since those types of parks are constantly busy dealing with the business and management of that particular park. My and many people's concern(s) for ride availability during Worlds of Fun Winterfest and the success of Worlds of Fun Winterfest is one of the most important things that comes to people's minds when it comes to Worlds of Fun planning for next season. The reason many people haven’t been willing to voice this concern in particular yet is because people aren’t willing to speak up to corporate-owned parks like Worlds of Fun and voice their concerns to the park with issues the park might face in the future and/or currently. Though in this post, I am the first person willing to comment and share this issue in particular with everyone. Like I said, no one hasn’t been willing to boldly speak about this issue so I’m glad I finally got this concern out of my head and voiced concerns from other people that were similar to mine. Hopefully I will receive word from Worlds of Fun on this concern, but I can’t guarantee its going to happen. They have plenty of time to plan for next year so Worlds of Fun, take your time to plan for Worlds of Fun Winterfest next year. Let me and all of your fans know if you’ve officially compiled the ride list for Worlds of Fun Winterfest via your website, Facebook, Twitter, etc. As always, from a loyal and loving fan of the park, I wish Worlds of Fun the best for 2017, and to have a great and successful operating season. We all want Worlds of Fun to thrive with success for generations to come!!!

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A friend of mine was talking about a trip to Cedar Point she went on (I forgot how the conversion got to that). As she listed the rides she went on, she got almost all the names wrong. I obviously didn't say anything because, welp, that would be a d**k move to call a FRIEND out on something like that. However, I ceartainly laughed a bit on my way back home afterwards. The one in particular that stands out in my memory of the conversation is "The Praying Mantis"

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