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  1. Fantastic news for SFA. It's about time that we start rebuilding our flat ride collection, and a Star Flier can never go wrong. It's honestly even better to see it named Wonder Woman, as that means Gotham City will be getting much deserved attention.
  2. At least they're keeping their top tier flat collection. Interesting that Cedar Fair only bought one coaster this year, though.
  3. Actually, the Vekoma Family Suspended rides are still true suspended coasters. Each seat, while connected, can swing individually. Look at image 29 on this page. Is it suspended the same way that the Arrow suspended were? Of course not. However, while larger rides have become less common, the ever growing lineup of Vekoma's suspended coasters have been taking off and show that there is still interest in the suspended coaster market...
  4. Arrow: Anaconda - Kings Dominion B&M: Talon - Dorney Park Intamin: Superman: RoS - SFA Vekoma: Barnstormer - Magic Kingdom Mauer Sohne: Wild Mouse - Dorney Park Mack: Journey to Atlantis - SeaWorld Orlando Taft: Grizzly - Kings Dominion International Coasters: Hurler - Kings Dominion Togo: Shockwave - Kings Dominion Zierer: Flitzer - Castaway Cove PTC: Thunderhawk - Dorney Park Premier: Backlot Stunt Coaster - Canada's Wonderland Morgan: Steel Force - Dorney Park Schwarzkopf: Scorpion - BGT Gerstlauer: Dare Devil Dive - SFOG Dinn & Summers: Wild One - SFA GCII: Gwazi - BGT Caprio: Roller Soaker - Hersheypark Zamperla: Pony Express - KBF RMC: Goliath - SFGAM Giovanola: Goliath - SFMM
  5. I have seen so many hats and phones go flying on El Toro's first drop and RT hill. More than any other coaster, I think.
  6. I really am enjoying this collection of rides, it looks very nice! I do agree about the paths and footers, however. I use Briantjuh94's path sets, currently. Very flexible set, with a nice collection of fences. I'm glad you're using custom layouts, a lot of people can't do those as well as you are!
  7. ^Do you feel more bumps in a road driving at 25 MPH or 5? I think the increased speed would actually increase wear and tear on the track, and that's the only reason the trims are there. If it wasn't running PTC trains, they could remove the trims. The track condition seems to be what is wrong with Mean Streak to me.
  8. ^The footage in the video is from Dare Devil Dive at Six Flags Over Georgia. The only thing I could get from that is that they're Gerstlauer trains, but that's almost a given in my mind.
  9. Wow... Tall about getting the short end of the stick. Incredibly dissatisfied, but unfortunately expected. I hope there's a refurb of Superman somewhere soon.
  10. [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=coasterninjaAlpengeistHDFrontRowPOVBuschGardensWilliamsburg_qixk[/coastertube] Recorded in 2013, with permission of course
  11. Sort of upsetting that the better ROAR is getting this upgrade. Still excited to see what RMC will do with this layout, though!
  12. I got a survey email from the park earlier today. It was about two things I found interesting: The possibility of including Marvel villains, like Dr. Doom and Loki, as well as the possibility of a "Season Flash Pass." It looks like the pass would just work at your home park, however.
  13. Not sure how anyone else feels about this, but Georgia Cyclone has given me the roughest rides of any coaster I've been on.
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