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La Ronde Discussion Thread

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^damnit, another Hyper that will only run 2 trains!!! I hate MCBR's but hey if thats the difference between 2 and 3 trains Id be willing to do it


I'm willing to guess that LaRonde doesn't get major foot traffic and they will do fine with 2 trains.


Heck, at just over 4000 feet, they would stack three undoubtedly.


Joe says: "Yay for SFOG not having the shortest B&M hyper anymore!"

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It's partially working for me. About half of it is coming up but that is probably just because I have dial-up.


I really like the whole concept of hypers without mid-course brakes. I must say I am a little disappointed that there aren't really any true turns other than the simple turn-around, but this will be good for the park. Plus I try not to bitch too much.

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I dont know but it just may be me but im kinda not excited about this coaster. I mean its cool that they are getting a SPEED coaster but its like, meh. I know you cant do too much w/ speed coasters but think I think about what intamin as done with them and im like...wow! But in this case...


However im glad to see B&M expand on their speed coaster line up!

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What is with B&M and making both new Goliaths have 9 airtime hills?


It's basically an Apollo's Charriot with an extra airtime hill and no helix.


Not that I'm complainin, as Apollo is an awesome ride, and definitely my favorite at BGW.

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Glad to see both lack the mid course brakes, nothing to kill the pace of the ride.


The 2 Goliath coasters are about 1000' shorter than let's say... Nitro or Silver Star which run three trains often.


2 trains is all it could really run without stacking.


By the way, does anyone know what the actual color scheme will be?

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I know alot of people are saying this is a pretty but you have to take into consideration that La Ronde doesn't have alot of room left for twisty sections or an elaborate layout.



In no way do I think this will be a coaster that gets into peoples top 5 list but I think it will just be one of those genuine, fun rides that everyone will like, no matter where it is on their list.


The only thing I am a little dissapointed about is that it isn't Canada's first true 'hyper' coaster. But oh well, looks like a great fun ride anyways!

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