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La Ronde Discussion Thread

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  • 2 weeks later...

Finally i get to see what this ride really does. Im not jealous of it like some people are. But its diiferent from everything we've come to expect from a B&M hyper. Too bad it stole Georgia Goliaths second drop. I hope it moves alot faster than that animation makes it out to be. Im not passing judgement yet. I dont remember the ride looking like that in the rendering. What the hell was that turnaround.


The more i watch it the more i make fun of it. Why the heck is the rails white. Are canadians color blind. B&M lost credibility for that one. Intamin Rules.


P.S. why did you upload the movie to rapid share. wouldnt been easier to just upload it to TPR database. By the way its downloading at 200+ for me.

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Too bad the animated video didn't use the real terrain and real colors, very amateurish !


My two cents :


First drop looks awesome with that little turn, I bet we will feel great positives g-forces there. The train seems to have a hard time climbing the first hills.

Personally, I don't like B&M coasters, I prefer the arrow ones...fast and full of G's. The turnaround seems very slow and unoriginal.


The best is after the turnaround, speeds seems more constant and that S-turn with that over-bank ? Looks really fun ! The best will probably be the very end, there's a little drop just before the brakes, I bet there will be great ejector airtime there.


Can't wait to ride it ! It's a new coaster after all !


Daily : I did not use TPR database because I don't think a copyrighted video belongs there.

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The beginning looks like it will suck. The turnaround is very wierd for sure and the whole ride seems to lack speed from what the animation looks like. The S-turn into the overbank looks like an amasing combo full of lateral Gs. The ending looks very fun with those pops of airtime.

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Wow my impressions of the ride just dropped 10-fold. That was a weak-looking turnaround, and nothing stood out as exciting to me... I'm not getting my hopes up at all now...


Yes, wel, that wasn't the greatest video, so I think it's a safe bet to assume that the actual ride will be better...

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What was wrong with the video? It's no VIP creation, but its not bad either! I think it's easy to look at some animations and compare them to others, and the animations for every other hypercoaster I have ever seen looked better than that. Sorry, I was pretty excited for my tip there in late June, but now I'm just not hoping for much


- Joe, who will RIDE IT and JUDGE IT then, but for now... it looks lame to me.

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