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  1. Hey, Goliath is now open! Here are some awesome photos from the first load of riders! http://laronde.com/en/virtuel/album.asp?album=11 And the press release: http://laronde.com/en/info/communiqu...Communique=126 Can't wait for the first review of the ride!
  2. New update at http://laronde.com/fr/virtuel/album.asp?album=7 Used name, but new theme Look how different is La Ronde's Goliath.
  3. Can you say airtime??!! look great, can't wait to ride it!
  4. The station design of La Ronde's Goliath seem very different from all others Goliath in the world....! see:
  5. New update on www.laronde.com/ The S-turn is now complete and trains have arrived!! Can't wait to ride it Look so fun, doen't it?
  6. One good and bad news Good: Goliath's turn around is now complete Bad: trims on the first camelback Some pics from http://laronde.ca.cx Can you see the trims
  7. In every update, La Ronde's Goliath seem better....can wait to ride it!
  8. (sorry for the double post) someone take some pics of La Ronde Goliath Credit: www.thrillzone.ca.cx Can you spot Goliath
  9. new pics For more: http://laronde.com/fr/virtuel/album.asp?album=7 The station is starting to take shape wwweeee! looking good!
  10. From what I see, with all the footers being ready, my guess is that they will assemble Goliath very fast. And looking at the sharp apex of the first hill (after lift), we will probably get some airtime. all the footers are ready
  11. La Ronde's as already post new pictures of Goliath construction. Check it out http://laronde.com/en/virtuel/album.asp?album=7
  12. New pics on LR's website!! Well, I think that Goliath will be awesome! want to see more? http://www.laronde.com/en/virtuel/album.asp?album=7
  13. It's very hard to judge a coaster by a video...especially when the video is bad and cheap like this one. Anyway, the coaster is probably going to be much more better than that video....Lets see how the construction goes.
  14. all I have to say is: WTF is that turnaround?! Very unusual.... and the layout look more original and fun that I thought it would be...
  15. New photos that show Super(man)Goliath from a different angle... http://thrillzone.ca.cx/ (click on photos / Photos de la construction de Goliath)
  16. 70* first drop is now 100% done! Want to see some pics? http://laronde.com/en/virtuel/album.asp?album=7 weeeee
  17. New pics added on La Ronde's web site! ( www.laronde.com) The 70.0° drop is almost done! Almost done....
  18. New construction pics on La Ronde's web site http://www.laronde.com/fr/virtuel/album.asp?album=7 the lift hill is taking shape...
  19. New pics added on La Ronde's web site. Want to see more? http://www.laronde.com/en/virtuel/album.asp?album=7 Goliath.....superman?
  20. ^La Ronde is built in an artificial island (in the middle of the St-Laurent river) and it's already cool here. Plus, the ground at La Ronde is not very solid so they have to do special footers (deeper than normal)...So yes, there is more ground work to be done.
  21. Hello, I'm new here, I just want to say that I really like theme park review....you guys are very cool! Well, you can find some great pictures of La Ronde's Goliath http://www.laronde.com/fr/virtuel/album.asp?album=7 ....Superman???
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