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La Ronde Discussion Thread

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When Six Flags bought La Ronde, they agreed to keep a theme that would please the Quebecers, keeping Expo67 spirit in the park. I think it's a good thing that the park will not be "flagged", the park has it's own personnality.


And there's rumors that Looney tones, Marvel comics can't be used by Six Flags in Canada...

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I'd really rather see the name stay as Goliath than see a Superhero themed ride.


My #1 coaster, SROS at SFNE is themed to Superman (theming = 2 cutouts of superman andof course the colors) and I just really can't stand the colors/name. Hell, I'd rather see it painted orange and teal with Goliath slapped over it.


And WHY is "Batman the Dark Knight" not in the DC section...


I'm just gonna stop now... but congrats Canada, looks like you've got another great B&M layout on the way.

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This makes me jealous because the drop looks better than the one in Georgia!


yea, cause it's soooo different :<img src=:'>


I may jet up there this summer to visit TGE and La Ronde (well, I have another thing on my itinerary that is really drawing me up there), I haven't decided for sure yet.

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