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There are Intamin fanboys out there, and there are B&M fanboys out there. This tread isnt to lash out at each other and isnt here to use as a comparison. Its actually very simple. What is your favorite intamin coaster, and what is your favorite B&M coaster.

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Well.... being an Intamin fanboy, and having an Intamin fangirl girlfriend, we've gone on a lot of trips to ride a lot of the big/good Intamins. We haven't done trips based around B&M's yet so I have a more limited selection for those (although 2015 we're doing a big B&M summer). SO, after stating that I would say:

-Favorite Intamin is a tie between Skyrush, and El Toro. Both perfect in their own way.

-Favorite B&M is either Afterburn, Great Bear, or Leviathan. Probably Leviathan though, as I feel its a B&M Millennium Force, meaning its just fast, pure fun, without being too crazy. Just a all-around pleasant experience

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