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Your 5 year plan and predictions for any park

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Since no one has done this park: GRAND TEXAS


2015: Show Progress, inform us what the supposed 5 rides are. Wish List: Premier Launch like Mr. Freeze, Arrow Dynamics mine train, B&M Floorless, RMC/Intiman Woodie, kiddie coaster.


2016: BUILD THE DAMN THING AND OPEN....It's already been pushed back a year. Just open please


2017: Just stay open, make money, make people happy


2018: Expand the water park/add flat ride


2019: Texas sized Hyper that breaks all records!!! Everything's bigger in Texas right?


What i'd like to just occur.


2015: Build

2016: Stay Open

2017: Stay Open

2018: Stay Open

2019: Stay Open.... Shall I continue?

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Since I can't really think of a realistic one, i'll just go with a ridiculous one.


2015: whatever new ride they're adding for 2015 is installed, I win the largest lottery in the history of the lottery somehow

2016: I buy SFOG

2017: I save teh big dipper and relocate it to SFOG

2018: I add a dark ride/roller coaster about going on an adventure with PRINCE DESMOND to save teh big dipper

2019: ???

2020: Profit

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SeaWold Orlando:


2015- New Sea Lion Show, Clyde and Seamore: Sea Lion High

2016- Refurbish Journey to Atlantis, theme Kraken better by putting in artificial rocks, some mist effects and replace the fake ugly Kraken outside with a new one, possibly add a cave with some project fog effects, falcons fury paint job treatment to some areas of the track(the loop, areas near the entrance)

2017- Refurbish Wild Arctic into a Falcons Treehouse Suspended theater (would be hella awesome!)


2018- Redo park entrance into something similar to this and mix it with Explorer's Reef elements like touch pools ect.

2019- New Shamu Show, Blue World Project opens at Orlando

2020- New Turtle Trek animation, modernization of Shark Encounter

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SF Discovery Kingdom:

2015: re-open 3d action theater.

2016: remove Kong, launched family coaster. Maybe something like pony express from Knotts.

2017: Kola's... Kola's EVERYWHERE.

2018: close down 3d action theater because it was stupid and costly. Dark ride this park up, some generic thing about sharks maybe.

2019: Fuck it, we've tried kola's, they didn't do shit replace kola's with brown bears.


Cedar Fair's CGA:

2015: take flight deck and gold rusher out. Demo rest of park, pave it. sell to levi stadium/49ers.

2016: vist SFDK

2017: vist SFDK

2018: vist SFDK

2019: vist SFDK


(isn't this what we're all kinda expecting or am I just being retarded again?)

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2015: Clean the trashcans and handrails in queue lines.

2016: Very late opening for the RMC redone Colossus; start thinking about the 40th anniversary of Revolution, but not actually do anything about it.

2017: Remove Tidal wave and Viper

2018: Put in a real Giga in Viper's place

2019: Paint Scream

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For SFMM - beyond the infrastucture improvements.


2015 - the year of Sally Corp. Justice League Dark Ride, from Australia. A dark ride make-over on Whistlestop park. Small 4D theater for kids movies. After watching people avoid Bug's Life and Muppets 3D over in DCA, don't think they need a massive theater, but a small scale one for the kids & parents would be a good fit. Also, a "Spinning Coaster" (ex. Silverwood), would be a nice fit. For slightly older demo, Zamperal Disk-O coaster. I do think they need alternative attractions, but if they can do coasters that deliver a similar experience to a flat, I think that is the way for SFMM to go. Yolo plaza is still barren wasteland. Time to complete that area for 2015. Riddlers Revenge, with backwards trains.


2016 - the year of RMC. Also, would extend the "main street" facades up to the security gates, to create a more welcoming entry to the park. Water coaster for Hurricane Harbor.


2017 - the year of the Justice League. With the DC movie universe really moving forward post 2016, SFMM should make the attempt to tie the park into the movie franchise. Tidal Wave = Aquaman, replaced by Mack model, multiple drops, part dark ride. Scrambler, painted red, Red Tornado theme. Bumper cars relocated, replaced by different flat based on JL character. A venue to have "meet & greets" with the characters.


2018 - Big new coaster year.

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For Silver Dollar City:


2016: Eurofighter or El Loco in the back of the Grand Expo. Employees forced to park further away.

2017: Move White Water to the land across Indian Point Road. Advertised as the largest area waterpark, with more than 5 slides.

2018: HFEC just pays to build the rest of the highroad, since Branson obviously can't be bothered to do it.

2019: Re-open Celebration City. Ozark Wildcat is the only ride in the park. No one misses any of the others.

2020: You-Be-The-Craftsman program debuts after last skilled craftsman passes away.

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2015 - Remove Spaceship Earth and replace it with a great big ball of cheese. Have a ride going through it and call it "The Great Big Ball of Cheese."

2016 - Demolish the entire World Showcase area and dedicate the entire land to a show featuring the most unicyclists in the world. Would need more than 2,000 performing at one time.

2017 - Add 8 more theaters for Soarin' and show 16 minutes of insane Japanese TV commercials in each theater.

2018 - Melt the Great Big Ball of Cheese attraction. Open fondue restaurant.

2019 - Put a stack of elephants 300 feet high in the middle of the unicycle show.

2020 - Re-build Horizons, but have it be a ride about bees instead of the future.

Magic Kingdom:

2015 - Anna & Elsa Dueling Premier Launched Coasters (Mr. Freeze layout, duh!)

2016 - AquaTrax in the Rivers of America

2017 - Castle Projection show that fires basketballs out into the crowd

2018 - B&M Hyper Coaster themed to Brave Little Toaster

2019 - 480 foot drop tower themed to Little Mermaid

2020 - Parachute Tower themed to Mary Poppins



--Robb "This is no more ridiculous than any other responses we will get in this thread." Alvey


Ok. I have some questions about how realistic these are Robb. Let's start with Epcot.


Is this supposed to be an actual ball of cheese and which kind (cheddar, mozzarella, a nice Brie?) or is it a cheeseball like my grandma used to make which is more like a spread? Would Disney also have a special ball for the lactose intolerant? The unicyclists would work but you would have to keep Canada. They'd obviously need a high protein diet to keep up the performances and Le Celier would fill that need. Soarin' would be great but we need new locations like New York City, Chicago, and Springfield. Now on to the Magic Kingdom. Dueling Frozen coaster = awesomeness. However a Little Mermaid drop tower would be overkill. I say you should theme it to Tangled and put it over the prettiest bathrooms in the park. You can drop right onto your favorite toilet or better yet, make the stalls part of the ride.


I'm curious to hear your ideas for Hollywood Studios!

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2015: Dark Ride retime, close Boss

2016: Rmc boss

2017: upgrade kiddie area, close Ninja

2018: Flyer/Wing Coaster in place of Ninja

2019: nothing, just a show or cleaning up the park

2020: very wishful thinking; a B&M Hyper Coaster


I rode Boss once this year. I could have rode it several times, but after being beaten down by it I promised never to get on it again. Not until something is done, if possible, to make the ride less of a beating (I'm not even asking for smoothe at this point.) Is this ride so rough because of it's design or because of a lack of TLC by SFSTL?

Sorry it took so long for me to respond. According to RMC's website, they appeared to have done some retracking on it. I don't know how much, but I still dread going on it because it beats you down more than Ninja, especially that last helix. So I think it is a lost cause as a wooden coaster if RMC can't save it.

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2015 - TC and Screampunk district [already announced]

2016 - nothing major, maybe a small flat ride, but mostly cleaning up park experience, Revolution 40 year anniversary marketing

2017 - Winged B&M Coaster

2018 - announce removal of Viper, another flat ride, continue with park experience improvements

2019 - Intamin Giga <3

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Six Flags Great America

2015: Hometown Square renovation/Improve customer service


2016: Build dark ride in old MagicQuest location. Continue to improve customer service and landscaping. Refurbish Whizzer and Demon for 40th anniversary. Remove Pictorium.


2017: Add Star Flyer in Raging Cajun's old spot. Add water coaster to old Pictorium location, and continue to improve landscaping and customer service.(I was just at Dollywood, Great America needs a lot of work) Remove go-karts at end of season.


2018: Build Super Loop and Air Race on old go-kart location. Remove Dark Knight at end of season.


2019: Build S&S free fly on old Dark Knight location

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2015: Fix the inside of Garfield's Nightmare, rebuild the Whip pavilion, and repave the parking lot. Close Noah's Ark midway through the season for renovations.

2016: Reopen Noah's Ark to celebrate its 80th anniversary. Begin preparing the newly acquired land for expansion.

2017: Add nothing; begin construction on new expansion.

2018: Open new expansion. Featuring new dark ride, new wooden coaster, and a variety of flats.

2019: General park improvements.

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Six Flags America:


2015: Super Loop (meh)

2016: Finally a Star Flyer, please?

2017: Refurb Wild One for 100th (retracking, fresh paint, etc.)

2018: Sally Dark Ride or HH expansion (likely the latter)

2019: General improvements, maybe a flat

2020: Connect Gotham City to Coyote Creek, RMC wooden coaster or S&S Free Fly


2020 is definitely a stretch, but the park has been improved leaps and bounds over where it was in the late 2000's. Who knows what SFA could look like in 10 years.

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Great Adventure:


2015- Travel back in time and give Rolling Thunder an RMC conversion similar to Twisted Colossus. Work on cleaning up the park. Power wash all the gum on the ground away, plant more flowers and trees, fix up messy areas (like the line for Ka), restore or create new pathways. Also finish installing Looping Dragon before the season starts since Twisted Thunder isn't actually gonna happen.

2016- Keep cleaning up park. Revamp Movie Town to fit theme of the DC Comics Cinematic Universe (since Batman v. Superman will come out this year), re-theme restaurants to fit Gotham City or Metropolis, run a Batman The Ride train backwards, and revitalize the old Stunt Arena with a live show starring The Justice League. Re-open the simulator on the boardwalk or convert the vacant building into a dark ride similar to the upcoming Battle For Metropolis in St. Louis. Basically take advantage of the IP's Six Flags owns and make the park feel like an actual theme park.

2017- Build a new wooden coaster, either something from GCI or Gravity Group that kids can ride. Keep park clean.

2018- Build a new water ride similar to MovieTown Water Effects, in Adventure Seaport area.

2019- Maintain park.

2020- Build a new Intamin coaster, either a giga or something like Maverick.


Dorney Park:


2015- Hire more employees! Remove Stinger at the end of the season.

2016- Build a Snoopy/Peanuts themed dark ride in Stinger's old spot (because hype from the upcoming Peanuts Movie coming out in 2015)

2017- Build a water coaster in Wildwater Kingdom.

2018- Build a GCI woodie (possibly in Dinosaurs Alive Area, dino themed coaster!)

2019- Add flat rides (Pretty much anything)

2020- Somehow stay in business despite the park always feeling empty and having no lines.

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Time to do this again with my 2 major home parks (that exclude Disneyland):


Knott's Berry Farm

2016: Build 2 new shops. One being a wig shop called Silver Mullet and the other selling copies of Jeff Tucker's jacket.

2017: Have a Killer Catawampus maze for Haunt.

2018: Finally paint Xcelerator. This time with a re-paint like Eejanaika with all black.

2019: Build Charlie Brown: Drop of Good Grief on GhostRider as the first ever wooden drop tower and prepare for the park's 100th anniversary.

2020: For the park's 100th anniversary, Knott's fans want a giga coaster so they can have a giga coaster. Their asking has ended and a giga coaster has finally came to the park by Togo after Knott's revived them and only made the speed 55 miles per hour due to heavy trimming on the first drop making Knott's the 55 miles per hour capital of the world with 5 rides going at that speed.


Six Flags Magic Mountain

2016: Put in water cannons for Jet Stream which includes some water cannons spraying the people in line.

2017: Remove Viper for the park to have a Fireball "coaster" as the parks proposed 19th coaster and the park changes its name to Six Flags YOLOland Los Angeles.

2018: Take Viper's seats and put them on Green Lantern: First Flight and trim the ride enough to purposely be called the worst coaster in the world.

2019: Replace Orient Express with a very confusing pathway and Sky Tower with a small pot of flowers.

2020: Prepare for the park's 50th anniversary with a 300 day countdown with hints in fooling them that a giga coaster will come to the park as the 20th coaster but they actually get a 5th kiddie coaster in the middle of the parking lot simply called Roller Coaster.

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2015: Fury 325, New Front Gate, Slingshot

2016: Paint Thunder Road white and expand the water park on the other side

2017: Remove Dinosaurs Alive and Expand Planet Snoopy

2018: Remove Action Theater and replace it with a dark ride

2019: Build a launch coaster somewhere

2020: Light a Match while riding Hurler

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2015: Refurbishments around the park

2016: Ferrari Land

2017: Retrofit Hurakan Condor with a Falcon's Fury style system

2018: RMC Stampida (Iron Stampede?)

2019: Refurb


The last 2 could be switched around.



Refurb What?

The 2015 Refurb is something that's been confirmed by the park. They're fixing up/painting Stampida and Diablo for the 2015 season. The 2019 Refurb is mostly something I put as I can see that as when the paint will start to look faded on some of the coasters and scenery from the sun, so it would just be a general refurb of the park/repainting more faded ones..

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In this thread I thought it would be fun to predict what Cedar Fair will give all their parks for their next coaster and when. It will be interesting to see other peoples predictions all together and easier than going into individual threads and reading fan boy's unrealistic fantasy predictions. With no bias to most/all parks I think it would be more exciting to see the predictions from all participants. Enjoy!

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