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  1. The Six Flags app says Kingda Ka AND Jersey Devil are temporarily closed. Does anyone know how long is temporary? Is it closed for weeks or days? Hoping to go NEXT Thursday for the first time.
  2. Anyone on the forum happen to be at the park today? Curious what rides are closed due to wind :/
  3. Any guesses as to how long the lines are this evening (Saturday) or tomorrow (Sunday)? I assume horrendous but....
  4. Anyone want to take a stab at how crowded this Saturday might be? (12/17/16) Thinking about going for the first time in 15 years!!!!!!
  5. Anyone have a guess on what will be the lightest day to go? Sunday, 12/27 OR Wednesday, 12/30 Even though most people are off that last week of December, my guess would still be Weds being the lighter day between the two. Thoughts? Help?
  6. It's $15 for season pass holders, there's a spot right across from guest relations where you can purchase a wristband. Thanks!! Hoping for dead (sorry for the pun) crowds tonight!
  7. Does anyone know how much the maze passes are if you buy it at the park? And speaking of, where do you even buy it at the park? Thanks
  8. Apparently the dining pass is still only until 7:30pm, even though the park hours run later than usual. Boo!
  9. What they should've done was not tried doing something like this without properly thinking it through (e.g. locker_s should be used for this ride). The concern from the beginning was always SFMM being able to duel, and here we are, months later, and other than the commercial filming, I' still haven't dueled both sides on the same ride.
  10. Did you get this deal by calling them, or talking to someone at the park?
  11. Pick Up Your Membership Cards The vouchers you received when you placed your order will get you into the park the first time, but you will want to stop by Season Pass Processing and pick up your cards on your first visit so that you can enjoy all of the benefits of being a Member. I received this in my email, I just signed up for the membership. I thought you were suppose to bring your voucher (paper print out) to the turnstile, they do your finger scan, and then you get your ID and that's that? Is it mandatory to go to the Processing Center?
  12. You can def have it for free... I don't like drinking flavored water, but beyond everything... I don't want to carry around a water bottle everywhere I go in the park Once I figure out how to redeem it, we'll figure out how to get it to you
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