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  1. I went there to Kentucky Kingdom today and it’s more like Covid Kingdom. Masks and social distancing definitely was not enforced at all. I spoke with management about it and she blamed me for not reporting it (except that’s why I was talking to her.) I was there a whopping thirty minutes and left after being denied a refund. I was really looking forward to riding Storm Chaser but it’s not worth it after that level of poor customer service.
  2. As long as those masks come with a washable filter and they’re actually checked each work day to make sure they’re clean it should be fine.
  3. GMR was ok in my opinion. I’m so happy they changed it to the first Mickey ride. I can’t wait to go back and ride it!
  4. So I’m curious...did you like what you saw of Iron Ahwaz I? I’m sensing you might have liked it a bit. That maneuver looked insane. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a quick steep drop like that.
  5. Mary Poppins definitely sounded like a ride to me. I’m going to love the new coaster and space restaurant for sure. I guess there was a little surprise no new country was announced and I’m fine with that.
  6. The CEO was pretty funny during the video. I liked the campiness of it. Great Adventure is getting a pretty great looking coaster, Great America a really sweet water coaster, Over Texas and the Aquaman coaster looks fun but that was slightly underwhelming overall.
  7. Definitely looks like a Dive coaster to me. I want it to have penguin shaped cars though.
  8. I haven’t seen this yet (obviously) but point 3 is right on. The live action versions are getting out of hand and never as good as the original.
  9. It’s is going to be absolutely amazing. After seeing the Galaxy’s Edge panel at Celebration I don’t think I can spend less than two days just in this section. I literally teared up watching the panel. I’m so glad you got to go in and confirm how awesome it is. Now all I’m waiting for is the “We are on Batuu” song (sung to the melody of “We are on a Log Flume.”
  10. Can I just live there? The rides sound like nothing we’ve ever experienced. The food is going to be delicious. I love how interactive the environment will be. This is next gen Disney at it’s best.
  11. It all looks so amazing! I would definitely get that Oswald shirt!!!
  12. The Star Wars hotel looks like it will be amazing! I'm also looking forward to Mickey & Minnie's Runaway RailwY.
  13. That's an amazing report TPR. I'm glad you guys got a sneak preview. I was always confused as to why they would base an entire area on a theming from one movie (yes four sequels are in the works) but now we know why. It also helps like you said Robb because you don't really need to know the story to enjoy it. Harry Potter had seven books then eight movies based on those books which puts people at a disadvantage. I love that you took time to detail the food offerings as well. It looks like they've got some amazing new choices that I can actually get a Coke Zero to wash it down with. One question for you. Did they mention if they could add a ride or attraction once the sequels come out? Oh and from now on I'll only be able to see the monkey instead of the mountains! If you have a 4K UHD TV I highly recommend watching their 4K video on YouTube. It's amazing!
  14. It's easily worth the extra $10 a day. Robb you are exactly right on the different clientele between WDW and Disneyland. My daughter had a season pass for Disneyland and went all the time bringing food instead of buying it. This makes perfect sense.
  15. Thanks Robb for the review! Epcot is becoming one of my favorite parks in general so seeing things like this add to the experience is amazing.
  16. People aren't happy unless they're complaining. I didn't even think of the advantages of less people riding the regular buses. Usually I do not hop parks in Florida (I did 12 times in one day in California though!) but this package would make a whole lot of sense!
  17. Number one is Hyperspace Mountain with Star Wars music. 2. Rip Ride Rockit with the Beastie Boys Sabotage 3. Rock'n Roller Coaster.
  18. So is anyone complaining yet about the mistreatment of cartoon reindeer?
  19. So is anyone complaining yet about the mistreatment of cartoon reindeer?
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