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Your 5 year plan and predictions for any park

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Six Flags Great America

2019- Funtime 200ft Star Flyer where Revolution is

2020- Proslide Water Coaster added to Hurricane Harbor. Hurricane Harbor Separate admission

2021- Zamperla Giant Discovery replaces Go Karts or Dare Devil Dive

2022- Camp Cartoon revamp into DC Superfriends Land, Expansion causes removal of Wilderness Theater

2023- TBD Major Coaster that will probably have bad capacity

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Canada's Wonderland


2018- Soaring Timbers, Flying Canoes and splash works (already announced) and the removal of dino's at seasons end

2019- large B&M Dive/Wing (already strong evidence)

2020- planet snoopy expansion into the old dino's spot

2021- Hotel completed and RMC Minebuster to coinside with the park's 40th anniversary

2022- new Euro-style flat ride, refurbished Wonder Mountain

2023- new waterslides and a twist n' splash


As much as I would like to see Flight Deck and Time Warp leave I don't see another large coaster replacing it in the coming year after Skyrider's replacement.... so they stay mostly out of a nessesity to have something in it's spot as well as it is still an invert and flying credit...

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(How do I delete a post)


You can't. It's there. Forever in your lifetime.



I have no five year plan or predictions for any park.

Tokyo Disney Resort and Hong Kong Disneyland have already done it, for me.


2026 here we come! And Tokyo Disney, too. (o:

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Alright, well let's try this again on the proper thread... This time instead of predictions, I am posting what I'd do in the 5 year time


General set-up:


Use the park that's closest to you, not necessarily your favourite.

The additions have to be realistic to a degree (eg. Darien Lake wouldn't be getting a giga)

You must choose one from each of the the following categories-

Rollercoaster, Flat Ride, Waterpark Expansion, Kid's Area Expansion and General Park Improvements.

Also include the area that the expansion would go into properly.


For example, my park is CW


Rollercoaster- Mighty Canadian Minebuster gets RMC'd

Flat Ride- Mondial Shake R5 inside the mountain (there's still a lot of space)

Waterpark Expansion- a Pro Slide HydroMagnetic Mammoth water coaster going East of the wavepool by the dirt mount, interacting with Behemoth and Minebuster

Kid's Area- Take out Dino's Alive and replace it with a Preston and Barberi Crazy Cups and a Zamperla Kite Flyer (more than enough space for future additions as well)

General Park Improvements- Finally create Frontier Canada and incorporate WWC, TF and Vortex into the mix with a Canadiana themed restaurant and shops, potentially an upcharge 2-3 story climbing wall and general area improvements.

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My two cents:


Cedar Point: I can see a B&M Dive Machine. Would LOVE to see Mean Streak get the RMC treatment in some capacity, whether it be the Topper track or I-Box. (UPDATE 11/24/2016: It happened on BOTH fronts! We got Valravn as the B&M Dive Machine and also it looks like Mean Streak is getting the RMC treatment as it closed this year and I-Box track has been spotted near it!)

Kings Island: I'm also gonna say B&M Giga. Or even an Intamin Giga as well.

Kings Dominion: B&M Wing Coaster would fit fine here.

Carowinds: Also a B&M Wing Rider.

California's Great America: I'm not gonna go the Hyper route for this park and instead go for a B&M floorless conversion of Vortex. (UPDATE 11/24/2016: Another prediction coming true! Vortex IS getting that conversion to a floorless and renamed Patriot!)

Canada's Wonderland: I see an Intamin Maverick-type coaster for here, especially after losing Skyrider. Also a B&M Wing Rider.

Valleyfair: One thing comes to mind for this one, although I don't think it'll happen: B&M Inverted!

Dorney Park: I see a GCI wooden coaster being put here as well.

Knott's Berry Farm: Would like to see a B&M Hyper, though it would be a tight squeeze. Also, RMC should slap some Topper track on GhostRider. (UPDATE 11/24/2016: Well GhostRider did get refurbished, but not by RMC. GCI did the refurbishment and switched out the original PTC trains to Millennium Flyers.)

Worlds of Fun: A B&M Floorless would work here.

Gilroy Gardens: A family wooden twister from The Gravity Group/Martin & Vleminckx.

And last but by no means least, my home park;

Michigan's Adventure: Where do I start? I mentioned this on another thread, but would like to see an Eurofighter come here, or an S&S El Loco. I can also see a Chance Hyper GTX in the future as well.


Gonna update this one:


Cedar Point: Because both of my previous predictions came true (Valravn and Steel Vengeance, respectively) this time I predict down the road some ride refurbishments and midway refurbs as well.

Kings Island: I'm sticking with giga coasters from either B&M or Intamin. Someone even mentioned a return of Son of Beast being built by RMC.

Kings Dominion: Sticking with B&M Wing Coaster here.

Carowinds: Also a B&M Wing Coaster, as well as a GCI wooden coaster.

California's Great America: Again, since my previous prediction for a B&M floorless conversion of Vortex to Patriot came true, I will now change my stance and include a B&M hyper as a prediction.

Canada's Wonderland: I previously predicted a B&M Wing Coaster, but since a B&M Dive Coaster seems to be coming here, I'll just say that wing coaster later down the road.

Valleyfair: Sticking with the B&M Invert here!

Dorney Park: Also sticking with the GCI woodie!

Knott's Berry Farm: Well since one of my predictions came true (GhostRider getting re-tracked), and with the new coaster coming in where Boomerang used to be, I will switch it up and say some refurbishments to some of the rides.

Worlds of Fun: Sticking with B&M Floorless here.

Gilroy Gardens: Again, a family wooden twister from The Gravity Group/Martin & Vleminckx.

And last but by no means least, my home park;

Michigan's Adventure: Still would like to see an Eurofighter come here, or an S&S El Loco. I can also see a Chance Hyper GTX in the future as well.

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Indiana Beach Top 6 Wishlist:

- Vekoma Junior Boomerang

- Den Of Lost Thieves retheme (Maybe Meow Wolf?)

- Chance Freestyle

- Tea Cups with Water

- Flying Theater

- Lap Bar Only Trains on Steel Hawg


I want them to get back to adding unique stuff you can't get at Great America or Holiday World.

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