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  1. I'm hearing that since the owner died his wife took over and is looking to put a lot more investment into the park. Apparently the previous owner was very money conscious and never wanted to put money towards something that wasn't guaranteed to come back to him. I would love to see a Skyline ride come in the next couple of seasons, or even a RMC Raptor. Build a couple more flats and increase the kids section. The park has a decent skeleton, it just requires some major renovations and a couple standout rides from CW & Darien Lake.
  2. They have room on that new hill by Minebuster plus that empty patch by Black hole. Also I would take out a couple of the smaller capacity slides that take up a lot of real estate for more compact and unique attractions.
  3. Haha sorry, thought you were posting as an after post opposed to doing it the day before. Glad you had a great time and thanks for the detail!
  4. Care to elaborate.... How was not having a small drop after the first immelmen? Did the vest restraints affect your ride? How do you compare it to other dives (if you rode any) What was the best/worst moment? Enjoy the theming ?
  5. There are no other parks other than those two for an above 14 year old expectation of roller coasters. I would go an enjoy the music scenes, food, breweries and beaches along the way. Of course depending on the month you plan on going.
  6. Vortex's lift hill is built on a mountain, how is that topography not appropriate? It's helix is also around a island in the middle of the pond. Looking at the KI version on Google maps just looks like they plopped it on a piece of flat land with a lot of tree's.... ho hum.
  7. That pic of the Orbiter site is actually a lot larger than what I was guessing from the satellite map. It looks like it can either hold another flat, but I'd also be down for a full sit down restaraunt.
  8. Rock work looks great, seems to consistently haul u til the break run... love the station and the buildings coming together nicely. Lots of great angles for a plethora of vids/pics. Clearly there's a lot of work left to be done, but based on the on ride POV's I'd say I'm very happy with this investment.
  9. What is everyone's opinion on Rmcing Minebuster, but instead of making it a hybrid, they give it the Lightning Rod treatment. 1) RMC has learned a lot from their prototype 2) Minebuster is around the same length, so just make it a double launch and obviously taller 3)It would be unique to the area and a first out and back double launched woodie 4)It would make a great top 5 coaster 5)Call it Northern Lights
  10. I was hoping there would be better food options other than the same ol' chicken tenders, burgers and funnel cakes along with the generic "International Plates". If KD, Carrowinds,Knott's and CP can up their food game it strikes me a bit odd that CW is stuck in the early 2000's.
  11. What else is there to say without the park actually being opened that hasn't already been said? On top of that the only news we are getting in regards to Yukon Stryker has had a falling out with this forum. From what I can tell You, the wooden structure for a station is looking great and there seems to be 2-3 New food stands/shops being erected and the water tower looks beautiful. As far as people gushing over it I think will have to wait until opening day.
  12. I'm hoping that it's an active water tower with some sort of water feature coming out of it. Maybe we can also get a large stone fireplace like Carrowinds, it stills fits the theme and would help in colder nights/October.
  13. According to Grace Peacock Orbiter has bitten the dust. No immediate plan on what the replacement is. The last of its kind in North America I believe.
  14. The only thing I would change from above is that you can take the subway to the Vaughn Metropolitan City Centre subway station From the downtown core and take a 10 minute ride which will bring you directly to wonderland.
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