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Your 5 year plan and predictions for any park

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Tokyo Disneyland Resort (Both parks......or either one.)


2017 - 2021+


Lots of amazing, awesome stuff, that will kick most every other theme park's butt, in the world.*



*It's my prediction, and their "plan."

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Adventure Island Southend:


2017: Remove a kid's ride, replace it with another kid's ride.

2018: Remove a kid's ride, replace it with another kid's ride.

2019: Remove a kid's ride, replace it with another kid's ride.

2020: Remove a kid's ride, replace it with another kid's ride.

2021: Remove a kid's ride, replace it with another kid's ride.


That's pretty much what they've been doing for the last three years.

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Holiday World Future Plans


This is a combination of what I would like to see happen (on a realistic level) combined with what I honestly think will happen with the park over the next 10 years. So I have a list of things that the park needs to get done over the next 10 years (2017-2026) as well as some luxuries and fun stuff. So it doesn’t matter too much to me as far as the order goes, but I’m just going to lay out the things in the order that I would like to see them done. This doesn’t include routine park maintenance. Only somewhat major park maintenance projects will be included. But I’d like to stress, I view this as a completely realistic outlook. Yes there are some bold predictions, but that’s part of the game. Enjoy!


2017 – Re-tracking Voyage and Splashin’ Safari updates

So it’s well known at this point that the Voyage needs to be re-tracked on some level. It’s been known for being notoriously rough from July onwards every year over the past 3-4 years. So giving it the “Legend Treatment” that they did to smooth out Legend in 2016, for Voyage in 2017, would do wonders in restoring the ride to its former glory. Voyage is usually decent from opening day through May and June, but after that it gets rougher. So re-tracking the Voyage sooner rather than later should be high on Holiday World’s to-do list. This will either be performed by GCI or Gravity Group depending on a few variables.

Splashin Safari updates include a lot of things. They have expanded a lot over the past few years but 2017 should be a time for a refresh on things. This includes new paint on a lot of the slides, new woodwork and railings on slide stairs, and just refreshing the scenery with new coats of paint or exterior shield and things of that nature. Just to get it looking as good and clean as it can for 2017.


2018 – Splashin Safari Expansion

This is an expansion that should happen over by the newest added section of Splashin Safari; The Hyena Falls and Hyena Springs complex. Currently there is the Hyena Falls slide complex, the Hyena Springs splash pad, a Pepsi Oasis, and a restrooms building. But that’s it, and it’s all out there by itself. For 2018, here’s what I’d like to see happen over here. Firstly, a new slide complex. Probably won’t be a capsule slide complex since Holiday World already said they aren’t into those as much. But it could easily be one of two things. Either another single/double rider slide complex similar to Hyena Falls. Or one large family slide. Something like Watubee or maybe even Zinga. But if it’s a slide complex, a couple names for it come to mind. Rhino Blaster, which was originally what the Hyena Falls complex was to be named. Or possibly Amazoom and Bamboo Chute to pay homage to the first two waterslides in Splashin’ Safari that were removed after the 2012 season. (I still love those names). Aside from the new slide or slide complex, a new restaurant should be put up in the area to further draw crowds up there. Nothing like an indoor sit-down restaurant like Wildebeestro but something like Jungle Jakes with an outdoor eating area to go up there would be perfect. And finally for that area would be another locker bay. Splashin’ Safari offers cheap lockers with wristbands, but all of these lockers are located by the main entrance to the water park. So having more lockers out here, would provide an alternative if some people feel like they’d be closer to this location during most of their waterpark day.


2019 – Re-tracking Raven and new flat ride

So at this point in time after spending some decent money in Splashin’ Safari, it will be Raven’s turn for a re-tracking. It will have to be done by GCI (same as Legend) and should definitely smooth Raven out and get it back in the top 20 wooden coasters in the US; where it should be. It’s not terribly rough because it’s just not as long or fast as Legend and Voyage, but the coaster will have operated for 24 seasons coming into the 2019 season, and hasn’t been re-tracked other than routine offseason maintenance since it opened. So now will be the time to do that.

2019 will also mark the 5 year anniversary since Holiday World got its last flat ride in the dry park. Mayflower opened in the Thanksgiving section in 2014, but since then, nothing has happened as far as flats go (outside the kiddie sections of course). The spot across the path from Liberty Launch in the Fourth of July section will have been dormant for 4 years now since Sparkler was moved from that spot and became Crow’s Nest over by Thunderbird to start the 2015 season. I want to see a Zamperla or Larson/ARM drop tower of around 150 feet in that spot, but I don’t see the park doing that with Liberty Launch right across the path. Currently Holiday World doesn’t have a flat that goes upside down, so this would be a good place to put something like that. The Fourth of July section is the only section (aside from Christmas) without a coaster, so pairing Liberty Launch with another thrilling flat back there could definitely allow the area to hold its own in terms of thrills. I was looking around and thinking and I could see something like a Zamperla Super Spin or Hawk going in that spot. It would be a nice addition especially since that spot sits on a little hill along with Liberty Launch and could be from a distance. Would offer a ride experience the park doesn’t have right now, and provides their first inverted flat.


2020 – Amphitheater and what to do with former Pilgrims Plunge spot?

So an Amphitheatre is imminent and this seems like a good time to add it since I see it going close to the former Pilgrims Plunge/Giraffica spot anyway. There is a lot of land and space out there so I can see a somewhat large amphitheater going out there. While nothing massive, it would still be larger than any of their three current outdoor theatres. It would allow them to expand their show selection to larger and more exciting or diverse shows.

The Pilgrims Plunge location features a massive and, to be honest, amazing station that was formerly used for Pilgrims Plunge. It’s too nice to tear down, which begs the question, what kind of ride would need a huge, well themed station like this. Well the obvious question to beg is roller coaster. But I don’t see that happening. Not in 2020, and not in this spot. Obviously they won’t be working with Intamin for this, but I see a revival of Pilgrims Plunge. Obviously very different, but a Hopkins Rides Super Flume or Shoot the Chute type of ride. You could surround this will excellent theming and if you remember, Pilgrims Plunge was a very popular attraction when it was running, so this could definitely fill that hole. It would include a wraparound element at the top, possibly even under a roof, before plunging down a drop I’m hoping at around 100 feet.


2021 – Family Coaster and flat ride

The first part of this is the next long anticipated coaster at Holiday World. And here’s what I see it being. For 2021, the park gets a Mack family spinning coaster. Now I may disappoint some people with this prediction, but think about it logically. Holiday World is a family park and they don’t have a family coaster. Their gap is between Howler and Raven. This fills that void. If you don’t know what kind of coaster I’m thinking of, look up Twist at Le Pal in France. Around 70 feet tall, 1500-1700 feet in length, with a 65 foot drop hitting 40 mph. As far as location, it has to go in the Thanksgiving section at this time period as the park will not have opened a new section yet. I see it going between Thunderbird and the amphitheater and super flume the park opened the year before. It would be their first coaster of any significance that doesn’t race through the woods, but there is just too much room here to pass up. As far as name/color scheme, well, I can tell you I’d like to see burgundy track with yellow supports. Name, I’ll leave that challenge to Holiday World.

Then another flat ride will be coming to this area. In fact, it will probably be up in the Thunderbird complex, toward the back/station of Thunderbird. I see a Huss airboat (aka troika) going up here. While nothing too thrilling or too mild, it would be another solid family ride to pair with Crow’s nest in that area, and the park doesn’t have anything like it especially since they removed Paul Revere’s Midnight ride (an octopus) in 2011.


2022 – Adding to Splashin’ Safari

It will be time to address the waterpark again and this time we’ll still be in the Hyena Falls section. It will be a kid area. The only other strictly kiddie area in the park is the huge Safari Sam’s Splashland, but that would be now located in literally the opposite corner of the waterpark. So adding something of a slightly smaller scale, for kids aged 2-7, up here that outdoes Hyena Springs would be awesome, including small slides and fountains. Then the next part of this mini expansion would be a lazy river up in this area, something that goes around and under the now two slide complexes up here. As we know, Holiday World removed their first lazy River following the 2012 season, leaving them with just the Bahari River, which is good, but it’s only one and can get crowded on weekends. Adding another lazy river (maybe reviving the name Congo River?) in this area would further make this a must do area of the waterpark for people and would tie everything in this area together.


2023 – New dry park section!

This is my first truly bold prediction but it’s still realistic. Holiday World has expanded, in a word, massively, from the 2005-2016 era. So expanding at this rate, they will have to open another park section at some point. That point comes in 2023. And that park section is, St. Patrick’s Day. It was a tossup between St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. Honorable mention would be New Years. But at the end of the day, St. Patrick’s Day edges out Easter because of theming. There is a lot you can do here. Stone buildings would be built that resemble an older Irish town while a possible Leprechaun type character could be introduced to their costume lineup. But the old Irish town theme with the cast iron and stone buildings would be really cool. And, of course, how would a new park section open up without a new coaster to dominate the area. That’s been the theme with new sections at Holiday World in the past, new section = new coaster. So let’s look at our options here. Let me just say, no I don’t see a B&M, yet, at least not in this situation. What I can see and what my prediction is: a Zierer tower speed coaster (similar to Impulse) or a Gerstlauer infinity coaster (similar to Monster). Guessing stats I’d say somewhere between 110-130 feet in height (with a 90-99 degree first drop), 58-65 mph and perhaps breaking 2500 feet in length. 4-5 inversions should also be expected on a ride like this. As far as color, that’s a little easier to predict. Green has to be thrown in there. My ideal color scheme would be light green track and deep green supports using footers shaped like rock. This ride would most likely be situated somewhere between Mammoth and Thunderbird. As far as the name, Celtic is all I can think of right now. There are some pretty terrifying demon type creatures in Irish mythology, but I doubt Holiday World will go down that road. Other things that will happen in this section would include a new Irish themed restaurant, a gift shop outside of the new coaster, another Pepsi Oasis of course, and two flat rides. I see a Zamperla Disk’O themed to a leprechaun’s pot of gold fitting back there nicely. Also a Zamperla sky chaser possibly themed to chasing after a leprechaun could also be a nice addition. So that’s all I have at least for the opening year of St. Patrick’s Day!


2024 – Large new slide to Splashin’ Safari

As far as breaking records go, this slide may or may not do it. But it will be tall and long. No this is not a slide complex, but rather a single large slide. Think Zoombabawe. However this slide would be partially enclosed and partially open top as its 4 person rafts would descend from a large height down a twisted and exciting landscape. I see it going next to Mammoth. It would obviously be well in front of the new coaster back there, and would be rather close to Bakuli and Kima Bay as well.


2025 – Finally a drop tower

Despite their decision to stick with only Liberty Launch for a while, more and more parks will be getting drop towers by this time. And Holiday World will be one of them. I can see it going in two places. Either the newly opened St. Patrick’s Day section, or in the Halloween section next to the DIVE! outdoor theatre. This would probably be made by Zamperla considering Holiday World’s recent usage of them in flat rides, but a Larson/ARM drop tower wouldn’t exactly be the end of the world either. Once again, I’m thinking around 150 feet in height, and would be visible from almost anywhere in the park.


2026 – New B&M Flying Coaster

This is another possible stretch, but no more so than the new park section prediction. It would be the closest time frame Holiday World has opened 2 major coasters together, BUT, it would be only their third major coaster in 18 years and if these predictions were real, Holiday World won’t have spent much money over the past two years. And before you say it took them 9 years between Voyage and Thunderbird, they almost opened a B&M invert for 2009, which would have been just 3 years after Voyage, they had the money. They decided to go with Pilgrims Plunge, Wildebeest, and Mammoth instead at the time for a combined cost of $19 million. So they have the funds to feasibly pull this off. Expect it to be a large coaster, situated behind and to the slight right of Thunderbird. It would obviously be in the new St. Patrick’s day section, and I’m thinking Manta sized, pushing 3300-3500 feet in length. Towering up at around 145 feet with a 115-120 foot drop. Speeds hitting 60 mph max. Expect 4 inversions on this flying coaster. But this would definitely be big time. If Holiday World could open a major Zierer or Gerstlauer coaster followed by another B&M just 3 years later, that would call for some serious attendance increases. This would obviously be unlike any coaster the would currently have and would make Holiday World a major coaster enthusiasts destination now with 2 bigtime B&M rides to pair with the Zierer/Gerstlauer, their Mack family coaster, and their amazing Wooden lineup. Their next major coaster would probably take quite some time to come after this one, but I think Holiday World’s park goers would be more than happy to sit on this current lineup for 7-8 years.


So yeah these are my 10 year Holiday World predictions. Obviously Holiday World will be announcing their 2017 plans soon so that will be interesting to see how close or far off I was. I know there are some bold predictions but you have to predict boldly occasionally when going this far in the future. I've heard debate as to whether their next major coaster will by a hyper coaster or not, but it's all speculation of course. Hope you guys enjoyed reading, and please leave your opinions!

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2018: relocated or cloned ride

2019: relocated or cloned ride

2020: relocated or cloned ride

2021: 50 years of SFSTL. Refurbish Ninja and advertise it as a brand new coaster

2022: relocated or cloned ride



Clone of Riddlers at SFOT

Clone of Full Throttle at SFMM

Clone of DC Super Friends Land at SFOG


Clone of Mammoth at Holiday World

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Mount Olympus


2017- Proslide Hydro Magnetic Mammoth/Tornado 60, 2nd Train added to Hades 360, 5 More Bathrooms added

2018- Zamperla Giant Discovery, SHADE

2019- Indoor Flat Ride to Replace Opa, Waterslide for Waterpark

2020- Gerstlauer 5 Looping Euro Fighter

2021- General Infrastructure and Improvements




Mount Olympus aka The American Fuji-Q (I'm guessing based on TR's)

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Disney World

2017- Toy Story Land for Hollywood Studios, Avatarland for Animal Kingdom

2018- Guardians Of the Galaxy Makeover for Epcot, Cars Land Phase 1 for Hollywood Studios

2019- Timon & Pumbaa Dark Ride for Animal Kingdom, Star Wars Land for Hollywood Studios

2020- Stitch Replacement, Iron Man retheme for Mission Space

2021- Western River Expedition for Magic Kingdom, Cars Land Phase 2 for Hollywood Studios

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King's Island 5 Year Plan (MY PREDICTIONS)

2017 : Mystic Timbers (Great Coasters International)(Already Under Construction)

2018 : Action Zone Expansion, Something Exciting is Announced For 2019, Chaos is announced in 2019

2019 : Chaos / Return Of The Illusion Coaster since 30 years ago (1989) (Vekoma Illusion), Sets world record for longest coaster train in the world/40 cars, New effects, updated films of the clock and pendulum, updated Fire,Breaking Glass, Time Portal, Gear outer projections

2020 : Waterpark Expansion, Oktoberfest Expansion

2021 : 340 ft Giga Coaster from B&M, Largest Investment in King's Island's history, Set new world record for tallest and fastest giga coaster in the world

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2017 : Mystic Timbers (Great Coasters International)(Already Under Construction)

2018 : Action Zone Expansion, Something Exciting is Announced For 2019, Chaos is announced in 2019



2019 : Chaos / Return Of The Illusion Coaster since 30 years ago (1989) (Vekoma Illusion), Sets world record for longest coaster train in the world/40 cars, New effects, updated films of the clock and pendulum, updated Fire,Breaking Glass, Time Portal, Gear outer projections










2020 : Waterpark Expansion, Oktoberfest Expansion



2021 : Zeus - 340 ft Giga Coaster from B&M, Largest Investment in King's Island's history



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^I really want the Vekoma Illusion to return. It looks so awesome and I always wanted to ride one.



2017: Spinsanity (Disk'O 40)

2018: Clone of Thunder Rapids from SFFT (SFSTL REALLY needs this)

2019: BBNP becomes DC superfriends and BB Boomtown

2020: New Ninja

2021: park turns 50. Leaving this one blank

2022: Bizzaro from SFGADV

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^^Vekoma should bring back the "illusion" coaster!


2017: Darien Lake replaces Hook's Lagoon with a new family water playground.

2018: Darien Lake revamps their kiddie land and expands it to the old mini golf under Viper.

2019: Vekoma resurrects their illusion coaster model with a remake of Opryland's Chaos at Darien Lake inside the former Galaxy Theater.

2020: Darien Lake moves Motocoaster and brings back the old campground swimming pools.

2021: Darien Lake adds more lockers in the park.

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Dorney Park


2017 Flats (already announced)

2018 General park improvements, new shows

2019 Announce removal of stinger

2020 New GCI wooden roller coaster

2021 Wild Water Kingdom Expansion




2017 Justice League (already announced)

2018 General park improvements (FOR THE LOVE OF GOD REMOVE VR)


2020 More waterpark expansion

2021 General park improvements (IF VR IS STILL AROUND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD REMOVE IT)


Cedar Point


2017 Cedar Point Shores (already announced)

2018 General park improvements

2019 RMC Mean Streak (or just a coaster in mean streaks spot, though I still think this will be cedar fairs first RMC)

2020 New thrill ride (hopefully a top scan)

2021 Kids area expansion




2017 New Flats (already announced)

2018 General park improvements

2019 Expand kids area

2020 Announce closing of Hurler

2021 GCI coaster or Euro Fighter in Hurlers Spot

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Parks that will be getting Illusion Coasters in 2019 (MY PREDICTION) :

Chaos at Kings Island : Opens 06/17/2019


Time Warp at Six Flags America : Opens 05/22/2019


Cosmic Chaos at Holiday World : Opens 06/19/2019


You forgot one, Nightmare: Return to Phantom Cave at Darien Lake : Opens 05/04/2019 (this is kind of my prediction)

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Six Flags Great America

2017- S&S 4D Free Spin. East River Crawler relocates to Orbits spot and is renamed The Lobster, it's original name(confirmed). King Chaos, Revolution and Buccaneer Battle all removed at the end of the season.

2018- Flat Ride Package: Larson SuperLoop in King Chaos spot, Zamperla Giant Discovery in Revolutions spot and HUSS Enterprise G2 in Buccaneer Battles spot. Go Karts relocated to another spot in the park or removed completely at the end of the season. Park operating schedule expanded- Holiday In The Park announced.

2019- 300 foot Funtime SkyScreamer and Zamperla Disk'O or Endeavor in Go Karts spot. Pictorium removed at the end of the season

2020- Hurricane Hurbor expansion in Pictorium's spot. V2 removed at the end of the season.

2021- Premier Rider Sky Rocket II in V2's spot

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Wishes for Disneyland Resort (Fresh Off My Visit)



- Remove Peoplemover

- Incredible's Attraction in Old Innoventions Building (Will be pointless when Star Wars Land opens)

- Star Tours 2 removed and replaced with Iron Man Experience (Or an English dub of Storm Rider)

- Peter Pan Flight Improvements to improve Capacity (Add a Fastpass too)

- Jungle Cruise Modified and Timon & Pumbaa Dark Ride added to Adventureland

- Wall added after the rickety bridge in Indiana Jones

- Frozen Themed Dark Ride added Where Chip & Dale Treehouse, Mickey House, Minnie House are (Maybe retheme Gadget to Olaf as well)

- Retheme Roger Rabbit Into a Goofy Themed Attraction

- Modify Autopia to run on electricity

- Fastpass/Single Rider Line added to Nemo Subs


California Adventure

- Repaint California Screamin and smoothen out the loop

- More Water Effects added to Grizzly Run (Maybe a Winnie The Pooh retheme?)

- Add single rider lines/fast pass to Midway Mania

- Seven Dwarfs Mine Train replacing Redwood Creek Climbing Trail

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Universal Orlando- Just doing the 2 parks


2017- Race Through New York--- Shrek, Terminator Closed/Removed

2018- How To Train Your Dragon replaces Shrek, Madagascar Wonder Circus replaces Terminator----- ET Removed, Dudley Removed

2019- Toon Lagoon refurbishment into SpongeBob Land, Blondies becomes Krusty Krab, SpongeBob Boating School where Dudley was, Fast & Furious added where Disaster/Beetlejuice was---- Kidzone Closed

2020- Gyrosphere Coaster added to Jurassic Park, KidZone turned into Nintendo Land with ET Retheme, Lost Continent Closed down

2021- Potter Phase 3 replacing the rest of Lost Continent with Dementor's Revenge & a Ministry of Magic replacing Sinbad

2022- New Seuss Themed Dark Ride, Cat In the Hat Improvements



Ride Types/Renames I'm Thinking Of

- Race Through New York (Soarin Simulator)

- How To Train Your Dragon (New Simulator film)

- Madagascar Wonder Circus (Arthur Like Indoor Suspended Coaster) themed to the Circus scene in the 3rd Film

- Jellyfish Fields Rapids (Was Popeye & Bluto) themed to Jellyfish Fields

- SpongeBob Boating School (Tame Spiderman Ride) themed to SpongeBob trying to get his Boating License

- Fast & Furious Supercharged (Radiator Springs like ride except more intense)

- Gryosphere (B&M Either Flying Or Wing Coaster)

- No idea about the ET Retheme, I don't play video games

- Dementor's Revenge (Next Generation Dark Ride) themed to Dementor's

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Knott's Berry Farm


2017- Soak City Expansion (Announced)

2018- Fiesta Village Renovation w/ New Ride in Windseeker's Spot (I'm Thinking a Star Flyer) Boomerang Removed

2019- Compact Thrill Coaster in Boomerang & Riptide's Old Area (I'm Thinking an RMC Wooden or T-Rex Coaster)

2020- Knott's 100th Anniversary Celebration

2021- Celebration Continues

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