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  1. Y'all should probably wait until opening day. There's a lot of assumptions going around and it's safe to assume Six Flags doesn't want moneypit rides. Don't forget Giant Wheel had that "little" incident a few years back. It's not like a 180+ foot ferris wheel from the 80s is gonna run like peaches and cream, especially with the potential cost to refurb ancient motors.
  2. Someone sent it in a Discord server as a joke and it spread like Son of Beast after that crane lightly pulled it.
  3. ^Twister ran on very busy days but it never had a line and was a nightmare to keep up. As far as I know we got a brand new Ballon ride and we're just replacing it like Timmy's dead goldfish.
  4. FYI I was at the park during a storm and watched Redhawk get struck, a ride op told me it is down because of that.
  5. Totally, 2 trains would be a vast improvement, and I think they ran 3 under PARC, my assumption is that they'll do Disney style train swaps during the night. Because most of the breakdowns on Viper are restraint issues.
  6. I don't think it's *that* much more like, they already have the trains, they just stopped 2 train operation in 2018. So 3 is possible. Also I don't think crews could handle 1982 crowds, on opening years for the ride the line was to the sign.
  7. The final break run counts as two I think, there's the main break run and then there's the pre station break run. It should be able to stack, and the lift could be slowed down. So far I think two is resonable, but don't count all three out.
  8. They could very easily pull off two trains, but if it came down the three I'm sure they could pull it off.
  9. Damn can I say anything without Bill b*tching? A lot of Vipers crew has worked with Tantrum getting use to multiple train ops, and Viper like I said has its OWN crew this year, and their dispatches are the fastest in the park next to Tantrum. Keep in mind I work at SFDL. So I know whats going on.
  10. Defenetly, what theyre doing with the park is amazing. The new wheels on Boomerang make the back nice and smooth. Also on a slightly busy day Viper gets at least a 30 minute line, so trains will help. A ride op from Vipers 3 train operational phase says that only a few teams of ops cpuld handle 3 trains. But now Viper has a permanent crew so they might be able to do it.
  11. On the Brown concert day I ran a personal record of people through Slingshot (Almost 30 per hour) it was pretty insane. So far Predator is running decent but Silver Comet (Hey look who got a 20th anniversary sign) is running way better. The reprofiling of the last turn made the ending way more fun but the same can't be said for the rest of the ride. Also worth noting Six Flags is treating Viper like the flagship
  12. FTFY Funny, there's already another park in New York that's more family style, so we're supposedly gonna do everything we can to her attendance up. AKA a fairly large ride every year.
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