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  1. This x100000 This is one of the best marketing campaigns, I also particularly love this one as well. Both of these commercials really capture the wonder of SeaWorld.
  2. I second this, Infinity Falls actually looks like the best attractions in terms of ride experience opening up in the area over Toy Story Land and Fast and Furious, and they've hardly done ANY promotion aside for it aside from the initial reveal and the raft vehicle reveal at IAAPA. Back to a previous post, I agree SW does need to go back to reminding people how awesome their attractions are and how they are a theme park. SW has a really strong lineup of attractions between Kraken, Manta, Mako, Journey to Atlantis, TurtleTrek, soon to be Infinity Falls, Antarctica and Wild Arctic (Last 2 are arguable but have awesome animal habitats!) Their park to planet messaging is nice, but the aforementioned issue is that it makes them appear more as a conservation group than a theme park. The messaging that SW is a good place for animals should be IN the park leaving people feeling like their visit made a difference, not in convincing people to come to the park. Also I'm still not sure why SW is not capitalizing off of one of their own IPS, SeaRescue is a pretty well known TV show and it's apart of their rescue division! Some kind of simulator where you're on a boat going to save a dolphin would be epic!
  3. What makes me most upset about this is that BGW has an impressive ride line up filled with variety! This attraction was a cornerstone in that variety and it's also a very high quality darkride! Understandable that its very expensive and might not be the draw it used to, especially since it's not tied with any IP. However, I'm very upset to see this one go! SeaWorld is just not about the dark rides are they?
  4. So is this the first(well I guess two) B&Ms to get scrapped and not replaced? I'm quite sad to see them go, I went on the red side this past October and it ran very well, I was also pretty impressed by the level of intricacy in the queue. I do understand why they are getting rid of the ride though, it's one of the few rides level bridging the gap between the old and new Universal.
  5. Make that three, SeaWorld San Diego's Journey to Atlantis. That's not in Florida... Oops missed that part
  6. If this does turn out to be a Skyrocket II, I think it's sort of funny how was barely announced by SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment, meanwhile they are announcing this ride over a year in advance.
  7. On some video on Youtube of all of the SeaWorld ride people, they were teasing at a very big attraction for 2018 in San Diego so this wouldn't surprise me. The audience was also primarily consistent of coaster enthusiasts so it would make sense that they said they would excited. What interests me the most is the "aquarium building." It's good to see that SeaWorld is still somewhat focused on animals in light of the news we've received this year.
  8. On the topic of turning the sky tower into a drop tower, there are much other things needed before adding a drop tower. I don't think SeaWorld even needs a drop tower to be honest. I think if anything, they should be working on updating Journey to Atlantis and Wild Arctic. In terms of new attractions, a Sea Rescue dark ride/simulator ride would be awesome.
  9. BGT really outdid themselves on this one, this coaster looks immaculate. The themeing looks amazing and in my opinion, better then even Makos. I hope this is really the future for the SeaWorld parks because if so, then I think it's in good hands because this coaster looks great. It's nice to see that they put in all this work for a family coaster.
  10. Everything about this ride looks really great, the one thing I'm not crazy about it the entrance/flyover/shipwreck area. It doesn't look as good as the concept art, but everything else like the music, queue and area as a whole look amazing!
  11. My god! That full POTC video is to die for. I can't believe that, this is hopefully the future of theme park attractions. I think this ride might do what Spiderman did so many years ago. I honestly don't even like POTC and that ride looks amazing! Hopefully Avatar's boat ride will be similar. I think its the perfect balance between physical sets and screens. I know some people hate to see screens but this is just proof that you can only accomplish so much with animatronics.
  12. Holy! I can't wait to see a more high quality version. That is impressive!!!
  13. I don't think the concept for Antarctica was bad nor the creative team, it probably came down to budget and unfortunately they just didn't have the funds to flesh out the concept fully. I think this project at BGW should be fine, SW does a great job at themeing their coaster, I expect this to not an exception.
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