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Your 5 year plan and predictions for any park

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Well, seeing as SFA is my home park, the one thing that would be a focus for me would be getting rid of dead ends. For instance, I'd open up a path connecting Gotham to Mardi Gras (in the area Voodoo Drop (Formerly Tower of Doom)). I believe one technically exists there already, but it's not for public use (except maybe during Firght Fest). After that, if it wouldn't be too costly, I'd create a new path that would begin at Coyote Creek that would go around the rapids ride, behind Roar, and connect Gotham/Whistletop Park. Along the path would be new rides, maybe a new roller coaster (maybe a Wing Coaster) and a collection of new flat rides. If it wasn't too cost prohibitive, I'd remove Shipwreck Falls and replace it with a bigger, better version in Hurricane Harbor. It just makes sense for me to have such a major water ride like that in the actual water park (Penguin's Blizzard River would stay put, as you remain fairly dry). In Shipwreck Falls' place, there could be some new flat rides, perhaps the return of Iron Eagle or the old enterprise ride (can't recall its name) they used to have there. I'd also re-track Roar (although in the SFA thread, some speculated a Facebook from SFA post signified Roar might be closing).

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OK let's see here:



2015: Mega-lite(I don't care who makes it, just have it replace kong)

2016: A big Arrow 4D coaster(Yes, I said Arrow)

2017: A crazy safari themed log flume

2018: A launched Intamin prefab woody

2019: A crazy 150ft ARM/Larson drop tower!

2020: An Aqua trax that dives through the shark tank



2015: BIG over haul (Referb all the old attractions and bring them back to there former glory)

2016: Intamin Hyper

2017: Intamin Blitz that has multiple launches and goes all around the park

2018: RMC Treatment for Grizzly

2019: Mega-lite(Why not?)

2020: A Schwarzkopf style looping coaster from Gerstlauer


That would be perfect.

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Legoland California:


2015: Intamin Giga Coaster

2016: Intamin Blitz Coaster

2017: Intamin Wooden Coaster

2018: Intamin Mega-Lite

2019: Intamin Accelerator Coaster

2020: Intamin takes over the world


Oh noes, it's a 6-year plan. Everyone run!

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^If you thought that was a good plan...


Legoland California:

2015: Build a floored Intamin ZacSpin with a restraint system like Revolution.

2016: Replace every restaurant with YOLO Sports Bars and every food stall with YOLOwings stalls.

2017: Make a true Lego Movie experience where you get attacked by Kragle glue.

2018: For the 20th anniversary, Six Flags buys the park and turns everything into YOLO and rename the park to Six Flags YOLOland San Diego (since they already renamed Magic Mountain to Six Flags YOLOland Los Angeles).

2019: Replace each ride with Wacky Worms to make it the Wacky Worm capital of the world.


To add on...


SeaWorld San Diego:

2015: Add 5 more waterfalls to Shipwreck Rapids.

2016: Build an Aquatrax that goes all the way to Mission Bay Park.

2017: Shrink the Sky Tower by half.

2018: Buy Jaguar from Knott's Berry Farm and rename the ride Shamu Express.

2019: Turn the Sky Tower into a Gyro Drop ride with brakes right after you drop.

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5-year plan for Cedar Point:


2015: Tear down the tracks on Mean Streak and make it into a hybrid coaster.


2016: Dismantle Power Tower and introduce a Zumanjaro-style drop tower into Top Thrill Dragster that goes 100 mph.


2017: Build a poler-coaster in the space Power Tower used to be. Make it at least 575 feet high and start building it way earlier than a normal coaster.


2018: Mild upgrades. Raptor gets the same kind of restraints as Banshee and Mantis gets floorless trains.


2019: Destroy Iron Dragon and put in a large flying coaster.

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Wait, what kind of trains is wildcat getting?


I'm really not sure. The problem is that most modern cars (except PTC's and Gerstlauers) have only one or two benches, and Wildcat's station is very short. The fewer benches you have per car, the longer the train would be with the same amount of benches. Now, some of the newer trains (like Millennium Flyers and RMC's) have cars that are closer together than PTC's, so this might be circumvented to some extent. But I'm still not sure if a 9-car Millennium Flyer or a 5-car RMC would fit in the station.


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Six Flags America


2015: 200 ft. Sky Screamer in place of Rodeo in Coyote Creek

2016: A ROLLER COASTER!!! (Anything, as long as it's thrilling and original.... Maybe a Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter or Zac-Spin)

2017: New Waterslide (Mat Racers would be cool)

2018: 2 New Stunt Shows, One for each Arena

2019: Make a path from Coyote Creek to Gotham City and a path from Mardi Gras to Gotham City

2020: Put Something, Anything! In between that dang walk from Superman to Batwing! Along with re-designing Gotham City


Six Flags New England


Before 2014 Is Up: Remove Flashback

2015: Iron Cyclone (That's gonna be awesome!! Hopefully they actually do get rid of the Flashback and extend the ride to where Flashback used to be)


2017: Waterpark Expansion

2018: Stunt Shows (and a complete overhaul of Fright Fest, because last time I went it was terrible!)

2019: Launched Winged Rider!!

2020: Kiddie Park Expansion



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Holiday World


I'll skip 2015 since Thunderbird has already been announced.


2016: Switch from free Pepsi products to free Coca-Cola products.


2017: Announce new microsite, "132daysatsea.com" to build speculation for next years new ride.


2018: B&M family inverted coaster! Billed as the worlds best family coaster! The park sits back and laughs at all the hilarious overreactions from all the coaster enthusiasts after their disappointment in the new coaster, especially after hyping the ride for 132 days.


2019: The Voyage 360! The Gravity Group finally gets Timberliners on The Voyage! The park and TGG celebrate nearly 10 years of waiting and testing by re-profiling a portion of a ride to add an inversion!


2020: Proslide and Holiday World team together to bring you the worlds first hydromagnetic looping water coaster!


Just so you know, I'm serious about 2016. Like seriously, they wouldn't have to build any new attraction to get me to buy a ticket if that ever happens. Oh and the rest of this is all sarcasm

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(1) Expansion of Soak City Water Park future ideas: 2016.

Relocate the Mad Mouse up to the front of the park were the enterprise currently sits and move the enterprise over were the old tilt a whirl use to sit by Wild Thing plenty of space and a perfect spot for the enterprise by Wild Thing is and relocate Looping Star Ship could put it in the old space were scrambler use to be. Once Mad Mouse is relocated tare down the Subway and the seating area were the old log flume use to be and tare down the games because hardly no one ever plays those games and tare down the restroom by Mad Mouse is you could put a Tornado water slide flatten out and level that whole land space for the water park and were the hydro blaster use to be make that the new entrance for the soak city water park add more tanning areas and maybe a Bubbles Swim-Up Bar like at Cedar Point and more Cabanas rentals. Once Mad Mouse is relocated make a new giant walk way around to the right of the water park from the High Roller turn around to Renegade towards the back of the park. New slides, new paint for the current water park.


(2) Were the scrambler use to sit add a Lake Erie Eagles ride like at Cedar Point perfect spot for one. (2016).

(3) Tare down the ampitheatre maybe put a giant 150 foot Max air like the one at Cedar Point. (2016).


(4) 2017. Build a new B&M either a flyer, wing coaster or inverted coaster build it starting from the old pinic cove make it go over the main entrance of the park and expand it over to were Route 76 is.


(5) 2018. Add a sling shot like at Cedar Point put it under the Wild Thing turn around.


(6) 2019. Relocate the front entrance. Move the front entrance and the toll lanes towards the Valleyfair housing area. To the right of the highway gates are now move the main entrance down by Valleyfair housing area use the frontage road for the main entrance and the grass area make it into a new parking area and use the back parking area is were the old pinic cove. Use the extra grass area down by the river by the pinic cove for extra parking. Once that's done raise the current parking lot to the Steel Venom height to prevent flooding make room for more rides, shops, a future roller coaster, new resturants.

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5 Year Plan for Great Adventure:


2015 - Melt S:UF into a fine paste, with that same paste create a launch B&M Wing-Rider in its place.


2016 - Re-Theme Nitro to a junk yard since it is already halfway there. Worlds first launched ferris wheel drop tower is installed in Old Country by Skyline Attractions (Hope they see this). Old country is re-themed to WaWa World.


2017 - All restaurants outside of WaWa World are replaced with Chipotles. Kingda Ka has new backwards stand-up trains installed.


2018 - World's First Vekoma Giga is built in the WaWa World area of the park. Named "Hoagie Coaster."


2019 - Park Declares Bankruptcy


2020 - WaWa buys out Great Adventure.


2021 - World's first WaWa themed amusement park.



5 Year Plan for Luna Park/Coney Island


2015 - World's Largest Wacky Worm installed, winds through Coney Island Projects.


2016 - Dark Ride Themed to Area's Mafia Past: "How to make it in America your Own Way"


2017- Zamperla sells Luna Park


2018 - Park bought by Nathan's. Backward's Intamin Pre Fab built on top of the Cyclone.


2019 - Log Flume is given Hot Dog trains.


2020 - Free Parking

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2015: Boss gets Iron Horse treatment, complete with 11 inversions and 37 airtime hills. It is named New Iron Boss: Steel Coaster.


2016: New B&M giga coaster. It is named "Goliath" (because SFSTL doesn't have a ride named Goliath yet).


2017: Add seatbelts to Goliath because it is unsafe without seatbelts.


2018: Backwards Bonanza! Pandemonium, Boomerang, and the Log Flume all go backwards!


2019: Boomerang 2.0! Screamin' Eagle is removed so that an additional Boomerang ride can be added. The coasters duel for one season, before they close one side for good since neither are that popular.


2020: The Revenge of the Log Flume! The floors of the logs are removed for ultimate wetness, plus the logs are reversed so that you never know when your feet will be banged up next!


2021: Six Flags St Louis becomes the next SFAW.

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^ Trust me I know why it is free. I've done multiple price comparisons at work. I've dealt with both Pepsi and Coke reps and I'm still trying to convince my general manager (we serve Pepsi ) that the expensive prices are worth the better customer service Coke offers. Not to mention the overall better quality of the product.

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Guangzhou Chimelong Resort:

2015: Launch Euro Fighter for Chimelong Paradise, Aqualoop for Chimelong Water Park

2016: Intamin Gyro Tower for Chimelong paradise, safari expand for Chimelong Zoo

2017: Triotech dark ride or dark ride coaster for Chimelong Paradise, LSM water coaster for Chimelong Water Park, new attraction for Crocodile Park, Hotel expansion.

2018: RMC woodie Get rid of all the Golden Horse rides

2019: whole new flat ride package from Intamin, Gerstlauer, Moser and Zamperla for Chimelong Paradise.


Ocean Kingdom Resort:

2015: New hotel

2016: World's longest woodie and world's tallest ferris wheel for Ocean Kingdom.

2017: New water park

2018: Intamin family coaster with free fall

2019: shooting dark ride or powered invert coaster from Mack.


I know some of these were already planned.

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Technically Universal Studios Hollywood is my home park since I live 5 mins away but I don't like it there so I'm adopting SFMM.


2015-Iron Colossus

2016-Kiddie Coaster #5 "Jr. Full Throttle"

2017-A Premier mega-lite

2018-Water park expansion

2019-Apocalypse re-track

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I know some of these were already planned.

Could you tell which ones? All I know is something about a woodie for ocean kingdom.

The new hotel, the woodie, the ferris wheel and the water park. They are just rumor but might 80% be happening. The hotel is definitely happening as the structural construction is almost already done last time I was there.

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Okay, I think this is at least semi-realistic.


Knott's Berry Farm:


2015: New interactive dark ride in the space formerly occupied by Kingdom of the Dinosaurs (not Wonder Mountain's Guardian style)


2016: B&M Hyper starting in the Boardwalk and running along the south side of the park (Riptide and possibly Boomerang removed to make room)


2017: Knott's Soak City expansion with two new slide towers (a Snake Pit style tower and a family raft ride), new kids area, new food service location, and park-wide landscape improvements


2018: General improvements...no new rides this year


2019: GhostRider overhaul: complete retrack with either Topper Track (no layout changes) or new wood track plus new trains


2020: Fiesta Village refresh with 2-3 new flats


Six Flags Magic Mountain:


2015: Iron Colossus


2016: Revolution Restored: complete repaint and new lap-bar only trains


2017: World's tallest SkyScreamer in former Deja Vu location and Tsunami Soaker in former Freefall location


2018: ProSlide HydroMagnetic water coaster replacing picnic grove, new picnic grove in Flashback's spot


2019: New trains for Ninja, turn one side of Superman forward, and begin cleaning up the park in preparation for the 50th anniversary in 2021


2020: Continued park clean-up project and begin construction on SFMM's 20th coaster for 2021: the world's largest lift driven coaster (350 feet tall with speeds of 100 mph).

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2015: Dark Ride retime, close Boss

2016: Rmc boss

2017: upgrade kiddie area, close Ninja

2018: Flyer/Wing Coaster in place of Ninja

2019: nothing, just a show or cleaning up the park

2020: very wishful thinking; a B&M Hyper Coaster


I rode Boss once this year. I could have rode it several times, but after being beaten down by it I promised never to get on it again. Not until something is done, if possible, to make the ride less of a beating (I'm not even asking for smoothe at this point.) Is this ride so rough because of it's design or because of a lack of TLC by SFSTL?

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Only have one home park


Six Flags Great America


2015: 329 ft. (Because of our height limit) Skyscreamer

2016: General Park improvements, Old kids ride brought back, and new shows

2017: Hurricane Harbor addition - Demon removed at the end of the season

2018: Intamin or B&M Giga Coaster

2019: New flat ride - Go-Karts removed at the end of the season


Demon removed after 2017? Watchutalkin'bout Willis?

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