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  1. I'm so confused now they do such a good job at this park!! I wonder flats or a coaster
  2. With all the clues it feels like a coaster but I think it's a flat ride
  3. I say a giant new flat ride here in North America of its kind still coming to Fiesta Texas.#SFFT2020
  4. The clues could point to anything but I say a big Flat ride and major retheme for kids area
  5. I wonder what it could be at #sfft2020 I think it's gonna be a giant flat ride
  6. I wonder if fiesta will get a Sky warp .? I hope not . I hope we get something big .
  7. Could be the layout of how long the track is plus has to with water maybe a water coaster, hmmmm time will tell .
  8. Lets not forget we have our 25th annv. Next year could we get a coaster we could but i think it will be a celbration of 25 seasons of Past rides shows new firework show wgo know but i think its gonns be great hopefully we get more clues this week come on #SFFT2017
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