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New Wanda Parks in China.

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^^Those layouts don't actually look bad. Hopefully they won't ride badly either.

As to the intamin, how is the launch going to work? Will it go backwards into the spike and then forwards towards the loop or forwards first, then backwards and finally forwards again?

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The Intamin looks strange. The non-inverting loop looks good, as does the funky dive loop and speed hill after it, but the rest of the layout looks void of any airtime. I see some net transitions and some turns, but it doesn't look insane like most other new Intamins (Havoc in Heaven Palace, Flying Aces, Nefeskesen).

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Sorry, slight tangent, but...are those buildings under construction ALL high-rise apartments?


Probably, when the apartments go for sale here in Asia they open a model house and people reserve them then each company builds around 20 identical apartment towers with about 60 apartments in them each and there's usually quite a lot of companies who will build in the same area at the same time. My wife and I just brought one here before our first child comes along and it cost more than a house with a nice yard and it's not even brand new. Downside of living in a country with not much land but a high population means everything is apartments even in smaller towns.




Here's an old map of what was a new town where I lived when I first came to Korea and maybe 40 mins - an hour away roughly from Universal's proposed location, the red circle is the current city, where you can also see what I mean by identical apartments, and the blue circle is where all the new apartments now are that went up at almost the same time. Some are just finishing but but a lot have been open for over a year.The apartments come first and then everything else comes after. (Big supermarket closer than the one in the red circle and cinema in 2017, subway line in 2020) Funnily enough there are 2 big new cities going up in my area and both of them have the permanent name of (town name) 2 instead of getting their own new name.


Side Note: I hope these apartment people cause less hassle than the ones next to Lotte World. The gyro-swing and gyro-drop now have scream shields on them which really can take away from the experience. Gyro Swing has slightly more open shields at the top and bottom now but originally they had to install foam covered helmet style shields that blocked half your view and where quite hot.

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Sorry, slight tangent, but...are those buildings under construction ALL high-rise apartments?


I just watched a documentary yesterday about this. China has this odd problem of overbuilding, since most of it's government officials think it helps the economy. In reality, when housing goes up like this, it tends to become abandoned. It's crazy. There are cities like this scattered around the country. Check it out below. At about 4:14, they're trying to turn one such abandoned city into a tourist attraction, with some rides.



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Intamin makes some of the most gorgeous coasters!!!


Anyone know if this coaster will feature the wingrider trains like Flying Aces?


The Vekoma Tilts look great seems like they should've been enclosed tho, the lift/turn/tilt section looks like scaffolding to me maybe that's why. I also guessing the drops aren't vertical so riders can be sort of face to face as they are tilting and dropping instead of face down?

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Are those tilt coasters really Vekoma made? The loopings seem kind of boxy and I'm not used to those Vekoma loopings.


Nope. Chinese knock off.

I'll just casually retract what I said earlier about wanting a US Park to get in on that.

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