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New Wanda Parks in China.

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yes assuming the stats the park give are correct (Not always a given in China) the ride is 60m tall. Which is around 197ft.

Which easily takes Gatekeepers record for tallest wing coaster but also takes Flash's record for tallest inversion (52m/171ft)


Here's a few more shots from inside the park.


If only they made that bridge a diving keyhole element that would greatest wing coaster inversion imaginable.


It would be great to have a wing coaster built similar to Montu (with a focus more on near miss elements and theming, rather focusing on the soaring effect (see Wild Eagle and Gatekeeper). It seems the B&M inverted coasters that made that shift really got it right (e.g. Nemesis and Montu). I doubt the layout would extend that far.

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Want to see something really quite strange? Intamin's new launched racing invert/sitdown coaster for Wanda Guangzhou in China has shown up at the Stakotra plant in Slovakia.

During the launch and first inversion the track shares a kind of double spine track before splitting off for 2 separate duelling layouts.

A big shout out to Mario M. at coasterfriends who dug this up.

Sources: Stakotra via Coaster-Friends









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I don't see any "pain" happening considering that the track only appears to be stacked for the end brake, station, launch, and loop. That one bit in the photos where the stacked track looks wonky is likely where the tracks split after the loop. Honestly, they really just look like regular old Intamin launched coasters after that. Not a bad thing, mind you.

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I really need to see more of that freaky Intamin.


Happy to oblige. I mean its Hideous but wow it is sure going to be mad.

Oh and the top half is apparently going to be a stand-up.... not sure i 100% believe that isnt just a translation error somewhere but if it is its going to be even more mental.



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Some more photos of the dueling coasters have been making the rounds on the internet recently - here's one from Roller Coaster Dream that nearly shows the entire layout. Also, apparently the rumor about the orange coaster being a stand-up has been debunked and it's really just a sit-down.




More HERE and HERE.

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