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Skyplex Orlando Discussion Thread

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Sadly I can't watch the video but that's an interesting twist. I swear i remember S&S guys specifically talking about this ride specifically. But maybe I'm just getting confused/going mad (It happens).


Sounds like a good change though. Especially with the drop tower included. The proximity of the ride supports to the drop tower should give a great sense of speed.

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Just when I thought this project couldn't get any better, it does. Seriously, I'm looking more and more forward to Skyplex with each announcement that's made.


Surprised to see that S&S has nothing to do with the project, but have nothing against Intamin building the coaster. I wonder what the future announcements will reveal...

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Really interesting. The ride was essentially a huge El Loco it seemed, now Intamin will be building an entirely new (or oooooooold-school refreshed) design for them I guess? I hope we know what happened someday.


The whole thing is completely ridiculous now with the drop tower and I've heard a strong rumor an old favorite is coming along in the main building area. I'm very excited. And it's walking distance from my apartment. What a world.

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