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  1. In March several of the big slides were roped off (not the 10 story one though) and the reason I got from workers that the old owners were kind of operating out of state compliance on having operators for the big slides because of grandfathering. When the new operator came in they wanted to comply with the state's standards that these slides needed more oversight to operate safely and the reason they didn't have every slide up was due to lower staff levels off-season. That all said, still the greatest tourist attraction I've ever been to, and no less amazing than my prior visits. There's nothing like it.
  2. I had already sold myself on attending Holiwood Nights next year but you just double sold me on it. The Voyage is the best coaster I have ever been on and it is so much better and more terrifying than any other coaster I've done that I have no idea why anyone would think otherwise. More airtime, more laterals, more 90 degrees, more tunnels, more woods, super long, well maintained (just don't make your visit to the park near the end of the operating season); it just blows everything else away.
  3. I think the only coaster in this park where I could see having a second train would be Ride of Steel. The lines they get don't really justify an expense for Predator, Viper, or Motocoaster in all honesty, even on a busy day I can't see those lines ever over 45 minutes. Except...they would probably have to upgrade to a newer restraint system and buy two trains if they did upgrade for Ride of Steel, for consistency. So I am all for this park not having two trains for anything and spending that money on new attractions instead.
  4. That Drop gives me Drachen Fire 3.0 vibes and I love it so much.
  5. Based on my experience last week that itinerary is like barely almost doable but most likely just outside of reach without FLP. Wait times on June 11th were about 25 for Leviathan, 35 for Yukon, 20ish for Behemoth and 15 for Vortex before the park started clearing out around 5 PM (and the B&Ms still had some wait until close). All of those flats had a multi-cycle wait to ride. Single rider for Yukon was still like 15 minutes. So just the coasters you want to do could take up to like 4 hours. But it's also hard to justify buying FLP as mostly it's just switching rides and walking between attractions that make it not doable. Can you stay like 1 more hour because that would make it possible, the later you can stay the less lines there will be.
  6. Hello All! It looks like my trip will fall before Maxx Force's opening day (great job as usual Six Flags), on July 8th so I have a few Flashpass questions (I'm going to reserve 2 Gold Flashpass online unless that's not the best way to get one): Does this park use the shittybands or the Classic Q bot? Which rides are not worth ever using Flashpass for? I am planning on going straight to the back of the park and Goliath once I pick up from reservation counter, anything that has a higher priority than that? I am travelling with 3 people total, one is a Six Flags over Georgia Gold Passholder, how much would it cost him and what is the best way to gain admission to the Waterpark? Thank you all for the help!
  7. I have to laugh a little at the "can't be done" comments coming in after my visit. My final Ride Count from Canada's Wonderland on Tuesday, with Fastlane Plus. I had ridden the 16 adults-allowed coasters by 3PM. Still could have done all without Fastlane just fewer laps on the big three. Backlot Stunt Coaster: 1x Behemoth: 6x Dragon Fyre: 1x Flight Deck: 1x Ghoster Coaster: 1x Leviathan: 6x Mighty Canadian Minebuster: 2x Silver Streak: 1x The Bat 1x The Fly: 1x Thunder Run: 1x Time Warp: 1x Vortex: 3x Wilde Beast: 1x Wonder Mountain's Guardian: 1x Yukon Striker: 5x Drop Tower: 2x Lumberjack: 1x Psyclone: 1x Riptide: 1x Shockwave: 1x Skyhawk: 1x Sledge Hammer: 2x Wilde Knight Mares: 1x White Water Canyon: 1x Boo Blasters on Boo Hill: 2x Total Ride Laps (10 hours): 45 Did not get on Taxi Jam. Soaring Timbers broke down both times I was in the area, so I had to pass on it. Overall impressions: Very nice, large park that benefits majorly from the additions of the last 10 years of actual good coasters. Really, the park has 4 great coasters (Vortex is a winner too!) and 13 mediocre to downright awful ones. The best strategy far and away is to purchase Fastlane + and then concentrate on hitting all the non-Fastlane coasters immediately when the park opens. I was able to ride Wonder Mountain Guardian (first rider of the day), Thunder Run, The Fly, The Bat, Wilde Beast, Boo Blasters, Ghoster Coaster, and Silver Streak in the first 70 minutes of park operation. I really really appreciated all the fresh paint and maintenance that is done in this park. Every coaster was running max trains on a Tuesday in June, the only place ops ever slowed was on flat rides with odd loading patterns. Wonder Mountain looked amazing, hosts and clientele were very friendly and international, and policies were clearly posted and followed throughout the park. I can say that All-Day Dining is kind of a fail at this park, as most of the time I would have rather just bought food from restaurants that were not on the deal, the side choice was pretty much just fries and chips, and the 90 minute redemption/drinks not included are both a downgrade from Seaworld parks. I saw two places that had a nice "line skip" lane for ADD, but I would not purchase this again from any Cedar Fair park after my experience overall. It did save me money as I used it 4x. The next big addition I would make to this park if I ran it would no doubt be a big, multi-looping Mack Launching coaster like Carowinds received. The only launch coaster on the menu here is Backlot, something more powerful and larger would bring a new dynamic. I would also consider a straight-up removal of Flight Deck, Time Warp, and Wilde Beast. All three are horrible. I also personally believe that Wonder Mountain's Guardian needs some work. The interior and station just looks like a big black box, there is no real explanation of the story before you ride and on the ride you just start shooting without notice or Audio cue. I would spend some dollars plus-sing up the experience on this ride, especially since it's one of the longest waits in the park and should be there for a while. Overall it is a different type of ride for the park and the drop element is effective. Thanks for reading!
  8. They don't post the EPA schedule in advance except for like 2 months out at best. I would say it's a likely thing that IOA will start having EPA due to this ride. My best advice would be: 1. Book both Universal and Points rewards hotels but make sure both are fully refundable. 2. Non-Private VIP tour will have front of the line access on this ride. or 3. You could do a Timeshare tour which all give 7 Day PTP tickets that include EPA if you wanted to, and end up costing about the same as a 1 day PTP at regular price. There's really no reason to buy Universal in advance anyway. I'm excited for this ride as a Harry Potter fan and a fan of great, themed attractions. Especially since the theming and experience is not fully reliant on screens. I will never forgive Universal for removing Dragons because that was a bunch of corporate nonsense, but I am fully onboard with all the locals and mega-fans (there are millions and millions of mega-fans of the Harry Potter franchise, Universal Resort's attendance has doubled since this landmark themed area debuted in 2010) who are out there today waiting however long the coaster's wait actually is, they've really been waiting for 2 years or more for this ride so six hours or so is nothing relatively.
  9. Haha this would have made perfect reading last night before my trip to the park today. This park must have been hell before the B&M trio showed up. They have 4 great coasters and 13 that are either mediocre or the worst of the worst. I could really see this place benefitting from a launch coaster whenever they get their next major design!
  10. Your review of Waldameer made me seriously consider adding 5 hours of driving to my trip the next two days to squeeze in 3 hours at the park (while also doing Fantasy Island/Seabreeze and Darien Lake). I absolutely adore the Voyage and Ravine Flyer 2 is calling my name. But alas I think I'll fit it in with Cedar Point and Kennywood one day soon. Seabreeze makes more sense for this trip.
  11. At least they have Six Flags beat if they can open all their rides on opening day! I hope this little park survives forever, but I won't be sticking my neck out for it. Probably combo with Waldameer at some point like every other enthusiast lol.
  12. That's awesome! Can't wait for the report as you always highlight the best of everything. A Couple of questions: 1. I am going here solo next week, Groupon has theme park admission for $29.99, the park website sells Fastlane + for 79.44 after their processing fee, making $109.43. Is that a better bet to pre-book than just buying Fastlane+ on arriving to the park? Can you also go in before opening if opening is at 10 and get that purchased? The park also sells the combo online of admission+Fastlane Plus for 129. Looked at all inclusive ticket too but it's 165, I don't think the extras would be worth it for me. 2. What is the best ride to head to first if holding Fastpass+?. I really have no clue, goal is to ride all 16 coasters and 4 or 5 of the unique flats, probably 2-3 rides on Yukon, Leviathan and Behemoth , I saw a couple of kid's coasters are not included on Fastlane.
  13. Haha unfortunately my SO who cannot attend has promised me he'll kill me if I do all of the Niagara falls tourist stuff without him. So I'm pretty much just planning to get a quick view of it (from Canada side, Thank you!!!) and see Marineland so in the future we don't have to go back there :lol:
  14. ^I do have one. Plan is Arrive at Buffalo airport Sunday 845, Martin's Fantasy Island/Seabreeze(open until 9PM) on Sunday, followed by Darien Lake/drive to Toronto Monday (and probably take the time to at least see Niagara Falls from the public park on the river), Canada's Wonderland all day Tuesday, then Marineland until like 2pm on Wednesday (pretty much just NEED to ride Dragon Mountain and the crazy S&S tower), fly home to Orlando from Buffalo 545pm. I don't like having to be on the Canada side at all on Wednesday but that's how the park hours work out for it. Frontier was $83 dollars round-trip and I just HAD to say yes lol. Bought the flight Friday night. Never been to any of these before!
  15. Hey all! I decided to go to Buffalo next week because Frontier had a ridiculously cheap flight there. I had two questions in regards to Darien Lake: 1. The Park is listed as being open from 10-5 on Monday and Waterpark from 12-5PM. Then they are closed for 3 days followed by daily operation through the summer. Does anyone have insight on why they are even open on Monday, and should I be suspicious or wary of giant school groups or something? 2. I have an active Six Flags over Georgia Gold Season pass. I cannot find any definitive information on the SF website...so does that pass get me into this park with free parking or not? Thank you in advance!
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