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Skyplex Orlando Discussion Thread

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And they keep adding more and more things to this complex. Here's the newest addition, a 450 ft drop tower!


From the press release (www.wesh.com/orlandomyway/on-the-town-orlando/worlds-tallest-drop-tower-coming-to-skyplex-attraction-at-idrive/31233684

The world's tallest drop tower is coming to International Drive as part of the new SkyPlex attraction.


The 570-foot-tall SkyPlex attraction will open in 2016 and will contain both the world's tallest roller coaster, Skyscraper, and world's tallest drop tower, Skyfall. Skyfall will drop riders from 450 feet in the air.


SkyPlex will also be complete with a 55-story glass elevator meant to take guests to an observation deck.


The current record holder for tallest drop tower is "Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom" at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson Township, N.J., which stands at 415 feet tall.


SkyPlex will be part of the changing skyline on I-Drive. The 400-foot Orlando Eye observation wheel is set to open this spring, and the world's tallest swing ride, Star Flyer, is set to open in 2016


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Robb just got home and is filling me in.


Most important...INTAMIN!!!! Second most important Ride Centerline (Alan, Joe, etc.) are still designing the ride!!!


The tower itself is still being designed by US Thrill Rides.


S&S is no longer involved with the coaster.


More coming soon!

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Robb just got home and is filling me in.


Most important...INTAMIN!!!! Second most important Ride Centerline (Alan, Joe, etc.) are still designing the ride!!!


The tower itself is still being designed by US Thrill Rides.


S&S is no longer involved with the coaster.


More coming soon!



Can't wait to hear more details.

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S&S is no longer involved with the coaster.


Whoa. Wouldn't have seen that one coming... I thought they were already contracted for the coaster's construction and the track was already in production. That being said, an Intamin Space Diver wrapped around a giant observation tower sounds even more exciting!


All this complex needs now is an Intamin pre-fab woodie and I'll live there for good!

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Drop tower and roller coaster to be supplied by Intamin, one of the world's leading roller coaster manufacturers!

Ok, so let's just let that information sink in a little bit for a second....





WOW! "This project," as Joshua Wallack of Mango's said today at the International Drive Chamber of Commerce Luncheon "started as a parking garage for Mango's and has turned into something unbelievable!" And I agree! Every time I hear more about this project, it keeps getting more and more impressive! We'll get to Mango's in a little bit, but let me tell you what we know about the "Skyplex Orlando Tower" project from my conversations with Joshua and his father David today...


- The actual tower comes from US Thrill Rides and is their design and patent.

- The roller coaster, Skyscraper is being designed by Ride Centerline (Alan Schilke/Joe Draves) but built by Intamin

- S&S is not involved with the coaster

- The drop tower, SkyFall will be built by Intamin

- The drop ride will be 450 feet tall and will be flush against the inside of the tower facing outwards looking at the Skyscraper track.

- There are hints of yet-to-be-announced attractions and possibly even some improvements to the coaster than what we've seen already!

- New renderings should be coming soon

- Opening planned for 2017 with construction to start later this year


Mango's Tropical Cafe will be located on the opposite corner from Skyplex and is going to be the party capital of Orlando! Multiple bars, "dinner and a show" with their famous dancers and Michael Jackson impersonators all in a very high-end party settings is going to attract a LOT of convention crowd traffic and tourists looking for some Vegas-style night life in Orlando.


With these projects, the Orlando Eye, etc, the entire I-Drive skyline is being radically changed.


Let's take a look at some photos and video from today's announcements...


Just announced! A 450 foot Intamin Drop Tower to be added to the Skyplex Orlando tower!


Joshua Wallack, COO of Mango's Tropical Cafe and Skyplex Orlando talked about how I-Drive will be changing over the next two years starting with Mango's opening this July.


Intamin will be supplying both the roller coaster and the drop tower at Skyplex.


Ride Centerline is designing the coaster and with rides like Outlaw Run, Texas Giant, Lightning Run, Iron Rattler, El Loco, and even going as far back as X2 under their belt, you know this coaster is going to be spectacular!


And with Intamin on board, you know it's going to be amazing! Intamin makes some of the world's best roller coasters and drop towers such as Maverick, Expedition GeForce, El Toro, Millennium Force, Top Thrill Dragster, Zumanjaro, Lex Luthor, and most recently in Central Florida they have been responsible for Falcon's Fury, Gringott's, and Cheetah Hunt! They even built the Orlando Eye!


Joshua wanted to give us a little taste of what Mango's will be like!


The room exploded in music and dancing and instantly turned into a party!



I personally LOVE what Mango's is selling!


I can see Mango's instantly becoming the new hot spot for all of Orlando!


"Mango's will bring a little bit of South Beach to Orlando!"


Here are some pictures of what the place is like in Miami.


It's high-end Las Vegas style fun.


The energy behind the shows is incredible!


Everyone comes out of Mango's feeling like a rock star!


And let's not forget the food!


The food at Mango's is outstanding!


Several different themed bars, cigar lounges, rooftop partying, it's all part of Mango's in South Beach which is coming to Orlando.


This will give you an idea all in one photo!


We even got a sneak peek of the Michael Jackson impersonators!



These guys were good! The room LOVED it!


Next up, Joshua talked about "Skyfall" which will be the world's tallest drop tower at 450 feet.


Basically, just imagine a ride like Zumanjaro being built on the inner-part of the Skyplex Tower with the roller coaster going around it. It's gonna be insane!


The I-Drive Chamber of Commerce gave a plaque to Joshua welcoming Mango's and the Skyplex Tower to the family of I-Drive attractions!


It was also Joshua's birthday! I want a birthday party like this! Oh, wait, I can HAVE one at Mango's!


Next up, we got a construction tour of Mango's, which is being built in the old Friday's Front Row Sports Grill locations.


The building has been completely gutted and you can see that Mango's is well under construction.


This will be one of the many themed bars when the location opens in July 2015.


This area here will be an indoor waterfall with a bar set up next to the stage.


The stage area where the popular "dinner and show" will take place - Samba Dancers, Michael Jackson Impersonators, Conga Show, Belly Dancers, etc, will all bring the crazy high energy to Mango's.


Another look at the stage area. There's still a lot of work to be done, but they are moving FAST!


I like how the family and construction workers have left their mark in the foundation!


The rooftop is getting prepped for an "above I-Drive experience" that will be part of the 2nd phase to open at Mango's.


The entire restaurant/bar/night club looks to be THROUGH THE ROOF (literally!) There are some great party spots in Orlando (Rocco's, Senor Frogs, House of Blues, etc) but this looks like it's going to top them all! It's just CRAZY!!!


The old Walgreens on the corner of Sand Lake and I-Drive will become the new parking garage and will even include an all-glassed in restaurant at the top! Everything these guys are doing is just so high-end and fun. I love it!


Mango's opens July 2015 and Skyplex Orlando Tower in 2017. I'm told that even more will be announced soon! Of all the projects in Orlando, this is really going to be the one to watch!

Calico System.nltrack

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