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  1. I'm headed to the park next weekend. We have three day passes and will be in Williamsburg Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night (August 12th, 13th, 14th). We probably plan on going to the park on Friday and Saturday, and maybe Sunday morning before we leave. Quick Queue (it's $100 per person for unlimited right now which is hefty)? Like VF15 above, any other tips and tricks?
  2. The final number has been revealed - 4000! "The full card has been revealed! The next phase of Project 412 will begin on Independence Day 2018 - check back here for details. "
  3. Kennywood surprise dropped another number today, 9! Here's what they had to say: "You may have noticed we've kicked the Project 412 reveals into overdrive...plans are always subject to change in the fast-paced amusement industry! So, we keep on scratchin' - and look forward to hearing theories from you, gumshoe!"
  4. So, ACE Western PA just posted this to twitter: @ACEWesternPA I think it has to be related to Kennywood. Here is the wording used on the initial facebook post announcing Project 412: "Something big is coming to Kennywood in 2019!"
  5. The train is currently closed during Thomas Town construction.
  6. Two respected contributors on TPR giving me two different bits of advice. Help!! What do I do! We'll probably do that weird thing of giving them try and forming an opinion based off that. Oh well. Thanks for the rest of the advice, we are very much looking forward to our trip. One more thing. It says "Sky Rocket" is closed TFA on the Kennywood website. Is this just a short maintenance thing, or is there something else going on that anyone knows of? I believe the building that houses the Sky Rocket launch tech caught fire - Kennywood let me know on facebook they needed to send parts to Germany for emergency repair. It has been down for about a month now. Not sure when it will be back up. With the new clue released yesterday, I hope it's something like Soaring with Dragon ( ) - that ride is 197 feet tall and has 3 launches....
  7. Looks like the 2019 project has an official codename: Project 412! From the Kennywood Park Facebook Page: Link Here
  8. Wondering what the line is going to look like on the weekend now that Fast Lane will be back in action. Glad I got my non-trimmed runs in during May!
  9. Apparently one of the trains launched without the restraint locked, causing them to e-stop and evacuate Steel Vengeance. (per Reddit) Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  10. As of yesterday it was only running one train. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  11. Accueather only shows storms in the middle of the day. I'm hoping that'll scare people off for the evening.
  12. Looks like we'll both be getting rained on. Cross your fingers. I know I am. Emily and I are going to Coaster Campout, so I hope we don't have a soggy night. Sunday seems to be looking a little better now, at least.
  13. I can't stop watching the live video feed #3 either. I'm bursting with excitement over here. Have a half day at work tomorrow, driving up to the point from Pittsburgh, staying at Lighthouse Point Friday and Saturday night, heading to the park on Saturday and Sunday!! I believe my last trip was in 2009, so almost 10 years ago!
  14. Here's an update from the same source in regards to what the footers in the lagoon are going to be used for: "Top hat over the midway and lap around the Sky Coaster."
  15. I may or may not ( ) have been doing the ol' "tip toe to hold the bar up a bit higher when they check the restraint" method... Apparently these are up in the park now!
  16. Oh, no doubt. I agree that it's the right decision. Just saying that the engineering and build quality of Steel Phantom wasn't the best. Toss in the traditional Arrow restraints and it's a recipe for a headbanging mess. Imagine Steel Phantom redone using Intamin style track with restraints similar to Intimidator 305. I think it would be a winner. I agree that probably would have been a great ride. But honestly I'd miss the Phantom's quirky restraints. Those things give way more room than I ever expected to see on a hyper coaster. Yeah. As a pretty skinny guy, I can normally get about 6 or so inches between my lap and the restraint. The ejector air at the end of the ride is AWESOME.
  17. It happened. I saw a picture someone took of the slide during the presentation. I don't have it now, though.
  18. Kennywood said this on Facebook: "Kiddieland and the Auto Race are unaffected. Raging Rapids' queue line will be relocated to near Ghostwood Estate and Thunderbolt. The floral clock will be relocated elsewhere in the park, as will Laffin' Sal. The fountain will go into storage for now." Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  19. This video was uploaded to youtube yesterday, figured it was good timing for this thread: I rode Kenny's Parkway in 2017, I think it was in July - the lower 2 lots were about completely full and they had just opened the top. We had the option to shuttle or ride the parkway - of course we choose the parkway!
  20. Kennywood is removing the Log Jammer at the end of this season. https://www.kennywood.com/kennywood-log-jammer-retires
  21. Sky Rocket is the only ride I've experienced ejector airtime while upside-down, and that only happens in the back of the train. Amazing. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  22. I'll be heading out to kennywood for a few hours this evening! Hoping to check out the 4D Theater!
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