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The Knott's Berry Farm (KBF) Discussion Thread

P. 651: Montezooma's Revenge project terminated?

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HangTime’s ride structure itself will come to life and illuminate the Boardwalk area with colorful nighttime track chase lighting that will accompany the coaster train’s travels across the smooth steel track.


I'm a huge sucker for great lighting packages and love that Monster and Hydrus have these chaser/running lights, they look amazing, so I think its very cool that this one will as well.


Do we know if this has lapbars? Sorry if I missed that.


Oh man, I don't know how I missed that! I'm the same, makes this announcement even better!


The new picture Robb uploaded is of a close-up of the train. It's depicted with lap bars.

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Looks cool.


Any idea on the capacity of this ride? Is it like Xcelerator where the next train can't go until it finishes?


I imagine the cars can be dispatched as soon as the other train clears the drop. By the time a car reaches the top of the lift and hits the holding brake, the train in front of it will have cleared the brake run. I'm pretty confident this will have a better throughput than most other rides in the park, minus Silver Bullet and Montezooma.


I am very curious if Cedar Fair will add seat belts under those Gerstlauer lap bars. If not, capacity could be quite good actually. But slow operations and seat belts would make it no better than GhostRider or Xcelerator. We'll have to see! It looks amazing.

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This is an amazing addition to the park.This was my home park when I was growing up and I went there every year from 1989 to 1997 when I was younger. I've seen this park go through insane transition periods with rides and themed areas and I really love what direction Knott's is headed in and I think this ride offers a great experience for people on the West Coast that have no idea what the hell a Dive Coaster is.


Even though the picture rendering may not be the high quality like the other announcements today, I still think it's great to see the elements this ride will offer and the great color scheme. Plus, being a former surfer when I lived in Cali, I 100% approve of this ride's theming and name. I also love that they placed a thrill seeker ride next to some other family rides so if someone from the Family wants to go on a thrilling ride, the rest of the family can enjoy some of the other not as thrilling rides.


The unfortunate thing is that we will be visiting both Knott's and Sea World San Diego in a couple months and these rides won't come till next year. Oh well, just means we shall have to come back to Cali.


Jimmy "This was my favorite announcement of the day...minus my son telling me that he farted in is Kindergarten class and everyone laughed" Bo

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Now THAT will get me back to Knott's when I'm visiting my brother in LA in the future!!!


Great addition for Knott's, and to echo pretty much everybody's sentiments, Cedar Fair just KILLED IT with their 2018 additions overall! I even think the Superloop for Valleyfair was a solid move. Now, just waiting for the announcement about the new massaging park bench for MiA next year!

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