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  1. I had a great time at the farm yesterday. For a Saturday, it was surprising not as crowded as I imagined. It’s seems that the park is more busy the days following Christmas than before. Anyways, I still purchased fast lane and it was worth it. The cold weather made for some amazing night rides on Ghostrider, Xcelerator, and Hangtime. Ghostrider is breaking in and becoming aggressive! They’ve started assigning seats on Ghostrider which is pretty great actually as the queue looked to move more quicker as well as dispatch times. Overall, I loved the improved atmosphere this year. Knott’s continue
  2. You mean they are removing the magnetic brake run and reinstalling the block brake? You're joking right? They were reinstalling the block brake yesterday, I don't know if they're actually going to turn it on or not. I'm hoping it is to improve the pace at which they send out trains because operations are pretty slow. Or maybe it's for 3 train operations. That would be extremely useful during Merry Farm when the park is super packed.
  3. It would be great to see Big Foot Rapids get a Garner Holt type renovation. I know the ride is not as special as Log Ride or Mine ride but I think a nice revamp would make it more exciting.
  4. Xcelerator has been closed for the past three days for what I hope is a minor issue or rehab. Realistically speaking, how many years left do you all see in Xcelerator future?
  5. The park becomes a ghost town on weekdays usually around the last week of August through Veterans day. It gets real quiet right after Labor Day.
  6. Aside from Riptide what other flat ride has been removed from the park? Screamin Swing, Windseeker
  7. Wipeout is back open. I’m glad it returned since the park lost so many flats within the past five years.
  8. I was able to ride Hangtime 7 times yesterday and it blew my expectations. It's such a fun and well rounded ride with great airtime moments. Knott's did a great job!
  9. Lol I’m watching the Boardwalk webcam as they’re moving it to different angles. It seems they moved it closer to the scrambler.
  10. Sky Cabin is getting ready to reopen soon with new windows, a new ladder, catwalk, and queue.
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