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  1. The park should be empty this coming Tuesday right? Walk ons except for the usual X, Tatsu and probably West Coast/Crazanity? Or are 1 train operations making lines like 15-30 minutes?
  2. How were the lines today and heat? I am thinking of going tomorrow (Friday). Heard it is a typical dead week.
  3. Wasn't the ride working just fine in the early stages of the ride opening when it was able to spin freely? Besides the train sometimes returning upside down which is why they changed it in the first place?
  4. I shouldn't expect school buses tomorrow right as school should be over for everyone?
  5. Can they please choose a coaster design that actually allows it to race more than 10% of the time.
  6. Based on this last survey with the racing names and the previous survey about an extension of Superman maybe they are linked as Superman has the 2 tracks already to race. Are they allowed to dispatch both trains at the same exact time?
  7. How should the lines be on Monday June 18th? Weekday, but school's out. Right after Father's day.
  8. Cool video of all rides that no longer exist at the park. Just came across it randomly on YouTube.
  9. Just thinking about having the headset on while climbing i'm already getting nauseous. What is there to view and shoot the ride is 3 seconds long. Going to double the wait time to have VR on the shortest ride at the park lol. I can see at other parks to make it something better to look at than trees or at a small park but there is so much to view at MM since it is so big. The best part is the climb going up and thinking we are still going up? and the view on the top. Oh well they got to make money. Why not put it on Gold Rusher or maybe Ninja.
  10. Interesting that they are showing it already...and in the rain! Testing how it runs in the rain? Might as well now as we don't have many rain days left in the year lol.
  11. Went to the park Sunday...was busier than I thought (2 3/4 parking lot full) but despite that lines were not more than 15-20 minutes. Was fun to get a few night rides in. I rode X a couple times to end the night and the lights on the ride were off besides just the the lift hill. That isn't normal is it. I'm assuming they are trying to cut costs now that they are open every day? Also noticed rides on others off like Tatsu. The 2 rides I had on X were the smoothest i've had in years to where I enjoyed it compared to trying not to get hurt. Sat in the front both times inside seat. I usually sit in the back outside seat so maybe that is why it was a big difference!
  12. Why are they keeping it a secret on the webcams when everyone driving by the park can see it?
  13. How were the lines on Sunday just curious as I almost went and might go this coming Sunday. I know it was a BAFF for 9.99 right and next Sunday is a normal BAFF. And where is the Single Rider line for JL?
  14. This is fixable...when they order the ride they just have to let them know(which i'm sure they do already) that our dispatch times are slow so they can design it to fix SF MM dispatch standards. 2nd loading area or after the train is loaded there is a spot where it can wait to guarantee a race or make things more efficient. And not to design it thinking they will ship out a train every minute 20 and design it knowing they won't until 2 minutes+. TC right now can be easily fixed to race just make the lift timed right like it did when it opened. Or before the train goes for the second time let the train wait for the other train and have a speaker with some sound or sound effects like yolo's tunnel saying waiting for other train. An extra few pieces of track or minor tweaks can make it so much more efficient if they just design for that.
  15. Yeah for example even Apocalypse's first short drop is better than Goliath's long drop to me now.
  16. Is it the same style for woodies? The last time I rode apocalypse( in early June) towards the end it felt like the wheels were getting serious airtime and felt like we were going to de-rail.
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