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  1. I think you're all just jealous this guy noticed the dent faster than those of you that feel it necessary to post an update about every bolt tightened on the ride..nice to know Gerslager or however you spell their name use only the finest of materials for their multi million dollar rides seeing as how someone pointed out they painted over this dent in the manufacturing process. If I were on the receiving end of those parts I'll tell them to stuff it...you all are pathetic and sound like a bunch of 10 year olds. Get a life coaster nerds, you all act so elite about your vast knowledge of how.many inversions and feet of track there are on the ride yet none of you have built a coaster either so SHUT UP already...
  2. i honestly wouldn't mind either. would also be nice if they had the indicator lights on the cars like they do on other RMCs so the attendants can see right away which lap bars aren't in position. hearing them call out seat numbers when the attendant is half way back to their post is another reason they don't get trains out fast enough. Would be even better if it were like Santa Cruz ...put in your credit card, the 10ck3r is free for the 1st 45 minutes or something, after that it's starts charging, not sure of the rate
  3. Actually it says 150' Verticle Lift. Are we done now!!!! But the first 20' is transition to vertical and the top 20' is transition to horizontal so technically it's 110' of vertical.. Before I get attacked I was poking fun at the original STUPID comment (s)
  4. Yeah, x2 sucks...they should tear down x2 and viper for a giga that well never get or just an epic rmc woodie
  5. Feel like magic mountain will get the 1st T-rex....it'll be lame, leave you feeling like "where's the rest of it", and as usual be based on inversions not air....i can see it now...T-rex viper clone or same general layout as ninja with,...you guessed it, inversions
  6. I'm glad RMC didn't convert Ghostrider. Don't get me wrong RMC makes the best coasters for sure but I love wood coasters...Ghostrider is actually the only ride I will wait in a long line for, otherwise no ride is worth waiting an hour+ for...i even think Mean Streak should have been left as a woodie, with some (alot) of reprofiling...a coaster doesn't need to go upside down to be good, in fact I think inversions are overrated. Probably because SFMM is my home park and they have an excess of inversions...
  7. Knotts didn't even make top 10? Please, this list is worthless, lance and Arthur are wrong, experts? Lol
  8. For the last 3 years I've bought flash sale passes and activated them, that one time you're kind of screwed on the meal plan but just go back to using my old pass til the end of the year.. Me and my girl alternate which pass has the meal plan so from Sept thru the end of the year we have 2 meal cards...then just one January til september when the park either closes early or too crowded anyway...really, we visit the most this time of year anyway.
  9. You can still use your "old pass" even if your new one is activated but you can only use the meal pass with the card you scanned to get in the park
  10. I disagree...sorry Knotts, Fright fest is better...more scare zones, better overall ambiance, music live and pumped thru speakers, projections, fire (I don't remember ,maybe knotts had fire)...ton of actors in aftermath last night when I went thru and apocalypse in the fog...NICE! Mazes are corny everywhere so I never have much expectation for them but I though MM's were better, last and certainly least "the hanging" was dumb, I was ready to walk away from it after the 1st few minutes, entertaining but way too drawn out...plus overacting is just a petpeeve and breaking into song? Gag me with pitchfork
  11. Except MM doesnt have Fright fest tonight and I find it hilarious that knotts is open 8 hours longer
  12. Thinking about scary farm tonight....whats the status on rides closed...just monte, and xcelerator?
  13. One guy on you tube kept claiming it was a Gerstlauer Infinity. Claimed he had a friend on the project, or something like that. A couple of days before the announcement he actually went to city hall, pulled the permits and saw the blueprints. City hall wasn't posting their July permits online, but anyone can go down and ask to see them. Anyway, that one guy ended up being completely spot on from the very beginning. As a side note, he was at the ceremony and actually did a better job of streaming the entire event than Knott's did. He was the one they were probably talking about when they said someone actually got it completely right. I give the dude credit. He deserves it. Same guy that spied on his parents wrapping Christmas presents
  14. Unless you live right up the street from the park, the evening traffic just isn't worth it in the LA area. that's what i figure too. traffic is a bitch going north during rush hour. Valid point. Fine, 2-10
  15. Unless you live right up the street from the park, the evening traffic just isn't worth it in the LA area. that's what i figure too. traffic is a bitch going north during rush hour. Valid point
  16. I just saw a Facebook post from discovery kingdom that said they were open from 4~10 today (Friday) ...ive been saying this for years, why doesn't the mountain have these hours in the off season or midweek...seems like more people would choose to go after work or school in the cooler hours of the day, if they had more than an hour at the park by the time they got there, I mean how much business do they get from 1030-6 midweek when school is in since they obviously base their operating schedule around the school year, with some exceptions Side note: good thing you spent however much extra.money on that fancy light package for Crazanity (dumbest name, I swear, how does this person even have a job still) seeing as how the park closes at dusk every day..oh except Frightfest where the lights are off and holiday in the park I swear, with the simplist adjustments this park could double their income, maybe I'm wrong but it sure seems to work elsewhere
  17. Anyone else notice superman is once again barely making it into the red...
  18. Yep, I wasn't complaining so much just pointing out the "dumpiness" to those wearing rose colored glasses and someone back there asked for examples, I am also aware that under Bonnies control the park has been improving a LOT from MM of the 90's, keep it up it's slot of land and we understand you cant fix the whole park all at once..i too go to the park, often, know it is what it is and have a great time riding some kick @$$ rollercoasters....Crazanity will ve an awesome addition and probably one of the best rides at the park, can't wait for Frightfest or midweek school days next year, hope it works out financially for them
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