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  1. Magic mountain has said "viper isnt going anywhere"....theres never gonna be a giga, they will never expand the park , just keep getting half rollercoaters, carnival rides and flats for a while
  2. Do we are all correct. A beyond vertical giga indoor dark dive water coaster. Oh? I see you have seen them too...shhhh, dont tell anyone its actually a strata
  3. Its a Giga, i have seen the plans...i could tell you all about it but its classified and id have to kill you after then you would never get to ride it, thats no fun...this message will self destruct in 3....2....
  4. Yeah, massive! First west coast Giga....knotts already had plans for one some years ago...they should have built it....Seems like they are getting an early start to whatever it is, gonna be something Great
  5. Good point on the capacity issue.. does 6 Flags and Cedar Fair communicate about things like this...6 flags said they are watching the success of Valraven closely which leads to the rumors of MM getting a dive next year, even tho they should get a damn Giga already but thats a whole other topic for a different thread..would be funny if MM and KBF both got dives seeing how they're all pretty similar anyway, borderline clones
  6. And RMC posts new Raptor track the day after boomerang closes...thats whats going there
  7. ...or just leave VR to universal since thats what they do and leave it out of "THRILL parks" ..what do you need VR for on a real rollercoaster, thats just dumb...not to mention Revolution is one of the most scenic rides at the park, going thru the woods is half the fun..how about disbatch times on non VR rides like sayyyy, Tatsu....5-6 minute disbatches because the ops stand around talking before doing their job leaving the other train stacked on the brakes. For this reason i rarely ride Tatsu which is arguably the best ride in the park...
  8. Went yesterday, kines were mostly short...walked on x2 at 4 o clock, must have caught it just opening or something...was not impressed with HITP
  9. Basically a frontage street that parallels the 5 through Santa Clarita/Castaic...the last light you go thru on Magic Mountain Parkway into the park
  10. Wow! A bunch of adults arguing over what is and isn't a thrill ride..if he is indeed a troll he did his job because he got you all worked up..guess what? I think the s&s free spins, larson loops, green lantern,VR on rollercoaters and Justice League dark rides suck too! Gonna attack me now? Probably...i guess if an opinion doesnt match yours, its wrong...WHO CARES! Get over it...
  11. I woukd if i had 'em.....disclaimer: my previous comment was made from something i read somewhere else, have yet to see anything with my own eyes,...yet
  12. Anyone else see the vekoma trains hanging out at magic mountain..i havent but i heard about it...is viper gonna get the blue hawk treatment?
  13. Id say X basically wiping Aarow out is the reason CP and SF dont work with them anymore but i sense you were being sarcastic so ...
  14. Went at 8...hit a u-turn at the end of the cones, parked 3 row back 2nd spot in, there were a ton of empty spaces in the 1st lot...it took til 1 to do all the mazes and a 10 minute wait for ninja...tatsu was maybe a half hour at midnight ish...was just the 1st row of the queue full...full throttle was about 45. Viper was probably 10-15 minutes....do the mazes 1st. Save rides for the last 2 hours, seems to thin out pretty well then. Definately could have got more rides in we were just walking around taking our time...didnt really feel much like rides, just a fun night out. Aftermath 2 and toys were the best 2 mazes, we thought. I felt like the park was overall themed better last year, more fog, lazers, just thought the scare zones were better last year, anyone else agree?....didnt make it to territory twisted tho, had to save something for next time...
  15. That only applies to the footers, not the ride structure itself. It's lasted because sections of track have been replaced numerous times (in addition to trains being rebuilt). which track sections have been replaced numerous times? did they do that with vortex too? I think ive read some where in the past, the first few of the first drop. Immediately after the chain
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