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  1. Why would they remive a coaster. That would leave them stuck at 19, unless they added another kiddie coaster that would open at the same time or 1st for the big giga dive coaster to be #20
  2. I agree 100% but they dont care about that...they took Deja Vu and set it up right next to a boomerang
  3. Definately down with the retheme from the abandoned theme park theme the area has going on right now and the attention taken away from the other rides with the JL addition...i personally couldnt care less about the JL although im sure ill ride it at some point, when the wait is very short. At least its not a waste of money, alot of people seem excited for it, ...also excited for the frisbee at sfdk, i guess that warrants another trip up there hopefully i can get in 45° velocity next time as well...
  4. Hopin for the flat ride package myself, the only benefit for me with a clone in a box is if they are as popular as people say alot of people will be stuck in the line for hours taking away from the lines on other rides, i personally have no interest in riding one...im pretty much convinced its not a coaster as i feel there'd be more evidence...i.e. track, footer work,...something. If it is a clone in a box so be it, seems alot of people are excited for one, not sure why but.... If it is a flat ride clone combo, leave the carnival super loop out, as if the mountain needs more inversions and its just half a$$ and dumb
  5. Nah, it'll definitely be a Vekoma Launched Giga 4D Wing Coaster with 15 inversions that circles the entire park. i heard that rumor too! Well, you got that mostly right.. .all that but in a mobius circuit with two identical halves with a station at each end of the park so it doubles as a people mover
  6. ^even if they did put it a larson loop i dont think its counts as a "coaster"
  7. I dont think its gonna be a giga..i just hope its not a dark ride. Not only does it not really go with what the mountain offers and yes some more variety would be nice but when was the last time they installed a clone...batman?ohhh, that parking lot coaster, scream and every other park in so cal has one already. I feel like the mountain prides itself on thinking outside tge box...lol, pun wasnt intended but im gonna have to claim that one and seems like a nice piece of land for that inevitable #20...
  8. You dont know...we could all be way off and maybe its gonna be a new log ride of ferris wheel...your guess is no better than tge next guy...a rumor is just a rumor...no solids clues for anything so far...unless of course, you work in upper six flags management
  9. What kind of name is Sally Coorperation for an amusement park ride manufacturer. That alone makes it sound, mmmm, how do i say....... Lame!...thinking Sally should sit this one out.
  10. Yeah, i agree that superman and batman will hold value but im not so sure the ride will.
  11. Dark ride is a waste of a nice size chunk of real estate at the mountain...what happens in a few years when JL is irrelevant.....if were not getting a new coaster, a few flats would be better than a clone in a box, plus every other park down here has one.
  12. Maybe im reading too much into it but they keep using the word "huge"...JL just doesnt seem to fit.
  13. Hey moderators....you should make justice league auto correct to "clone in a box" like lockers and full throttle...haha, love it
  14. This implies nothing about a justice league and the permits for them went public a while back.
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