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  1. Why would they build a ride that there are more than enough of in this general region? Where's the closest Giga? Seems they would want to be unique, not copycats
  2. Single rider line should include people that don't want to wear the stupid headset...sending out empty trains or even half full trains is unexcusable when there is a long line...i hope this VR crap is gone next year. I till think its hilarious that the picked the ride with the best natural scenery, except maybe ninja and want you to cover your eyes with googles that dint even have that good of graphics....love MM but the people who make the decisions there are idiots and we dont even have to mention the ride ops, we all know
  3. Says someone who's obviously never seen a Super Nintendo... im 41 so I've definitely seen a super Nintendo but the graphics on TNR are sub-par....ok super Nintendo was a bit of a stretch
  4. nice super nintendo graphics on TNR VR.. hope it fades out, cause its dumb
  5. Whaaaaaaa! You couldnt enjoy the rest of the park...probavly shouldn't have booked a trip you cant afford...think DW cares about your irresponsible CC use, bet they don't...Coasters, especially new ones always have issues. Shoulda waited a few months, goung to ride a coaster on a probected opening day is a gamble
  6. Been on TC twice...i only go to park maybe 3-4 times a year,and i live 10 minutes away, idk how you guys go so much, i would get burnt out on the same rides so fast, oh well thats not the point...1st time raced on the blue side 2nd time dueled both laps
  7. Must be something big for them to start so early....really hoping its not that stupid dark ride...i dont even understand them, they are all pretty lame
  8. Double duel on TC saturday night at 7:30ish....just wanted to brag, it was pretty awesome
  9. Dang! I would have been a bit angry had I spent 70 dollars on top of my pass and not get all the event promised...hope they did partial refunds or something
  10. Yeah...went at 830, found parking in the first lot, crowded but not too bad...lines were not too long...I've seen and been there in far worse crowds.. didn't ride TC..but Tatsu was a 45 minute wait, Riddlers maybe 20...It certainty was not off the hook way over crowded as stated above
  11. Magic Mountains film shoot for tomorrow is cancelled...what's wrong with TC this time...they say due to technical difficulties.
  12. I think you just had bad luck on Scream...my girl is the biggest critic of roughness...anyway we rode it last week and it was one of her favorite rides. .I agree that it was very smooth...maybe different train, or where you sat or maybe I just got lucky.
  13. All they had to do was leave the station intact and have dual loading...would have dueled 9 times outta ten...could be loading two trains at once..maybe even one waiting on the pre-game launch block..the lap is two short, or a 540° twisted helix before the green lift, would bought em 10-15 valuable seconds
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