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  1. Right, but all those local schools are filling up, now they are opening up spots as far as woodland hills and malibu..i feel like MM could if not provide indoor shelter at least use their huge parking lot as a place to go as well as provide water/supplies...why should these displaced people have to drive to anotger city with all they have and animals when tgey could potentially stay local
  2. HEY SIX FLAGS!!!. Why arent you using your massive property to help with the fire?...evacuation spot, seeing as how all the others are getting full or chased out by the fire...do something right for once...god forbid you have to close for a day or two, people shouldnt be out at amusement parks in this horrible air anyway....im sure the residents of santa clarita are at least a notable portion of MM's income, how about giving back?......no? ...didnt think so
  3. You're basically asking to add an entire shift to the day. They can barely staff the place as is. Then open later too
  4. Why does six flags close so early...i mean kiddie land at santa monica is open til 12:30.. i swear they would make a killing staying open late, i for one would much rather not go when its 100° out and wait til the sun goes down...could even do afternoon admission like Knott's . ..everyone knows rollercoasters are better at night...most night the park is closed before the sun goes down
  5. I doubt MM is getting the dark ride and i hope they dont, seems like a waste of real estate impo
  6. The popularity has definately gone up but i bet by not as much as it looks, the line just backs up because of the half full trains, re-rides and painfully slow disbatches....i bet it would still hold an improved ridership from the removal of the otsr's alone....went one day, it was raining so no VR and although the line wasnt to the midway it was still across the bridge, also didnt hear anyone saying i wish the VR was working....
  7. Went sunday at 7 basically for a walk around the park...walked on ninja and was surprised with e r.t on tatsu, yolo, and viper...left hanging on Tatsu stacked for 5 mintues and this was consistent i watched the 3 trains ahead of us, yes, that's how long the line was all experience the same 5 minute plus disbatch times..pathetic! We were over it after that...in the giga construction zone didnt see much more than piles of dirt and conduit or irrigation or drains that were sitting in trenches
  8. Im going to ride sfdk's Joker in 2 weeks and im still more excited about Ghostrider
  9. Not sure if you're joking, but I haven't been yet. Judging by the videos it's just too short. Too short and weak tophat, (if you even want to call it that, i dont) airtime ....ejector for 1/100 of a second straight into brakes that slam you into the lapbar...hardly even worth a walk on i.m.p.o ...the hangtime as it barely makes it around the loop was kind of cool til TC's top gun stall.....its pretty lame
  10. V2 sucks since they had to redesign it for the stupid height restrictions
  11. Rode jet stream for the first time in a long time yesterday...what a piece of crap! 1st our boat was flooded, like 6 inches of water in it when we got in...2nd the stupid boat drug and banged and the flume the entire ride, i think apocolypse might be smoother..3rd after all that i think i got all of about 3 drops of water on me, hardly a cool-off....shoulda kept log jammer...yep, i rather have the jammer than that half a rollercoaster they built in its spot...or maybe at least replace the boats with the logs and refurb the flume instead of a dark ride that wont work after the 1st 2 seasons anyway...ya know, since MM is so well known for their upkeep on rides..the VR on revolution sucks...hey, cover your eyes on the ride with the best natural scenery after you wait in a 2 hour line and tgen the vR didn't even work anyway...burn down apocalypse and build a record "holding" giga spanning the area from the construction site to apocalypses' ash pile...and stay open late everyday like every other themepark in this general region...end rant.
  12. So, going to sfdk next month with my MM pass, does anyone know if i go straight to the gate like the home park or are theresime hoops i have to jump thru 1st...everyone see the "real" joker pov yet? Looks pretty damn good if you ask me, maybe even better than TC
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