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  1. Honestly after reading a lot of these reviews from this site, if Robb gave it an amazing review every person on here would be loving it. Since he didn’t almost everyone is hating on it. He is one opinion!!!! We love his reviews but doesn’t mean you have to agree with him!!! For god sakes have an opinion! You don’t have to agree with him 100% of the time, its ok I promise you will be ok if you don’t agree every time
  2. Expedition Everest was reportedly $100 million in 2006, or approximately $127 million adjusted for 2018 inflation. Universal's $300 million number might also include necessary demolition work for Dragon Challenge. Radiator Springs Racers cost $200 million and the theming on that is incredible.
  3. If this theming is disappointing then I must be missing something???? It is 100% disappointing theming wise. That was my biggest issue with it. Did you read my review? The animatronic figures are so brief that you see them about as long as you see Everest's Yeti. And other than drop track part of the ride, which I also thought lacked a "wow" moment in theming, you're mostly just meandering the outside portion through some trees. Like, honestly the theming isn't that much more than when Ninja at Six Flags Magic Mountain had lots of trees around it! I'd say it's a *little* mor
  4. If this theming is disappointing then I must be missing something???? I rode dueling dragons when it actually used to duel and it was an amazing experience. Seeing another train coming at you full speed going into the flip was incredible. I think after the GP ruined the dueling aspect, the ride became expendable. It’s a damn shame. This new ride really looks like a fun experience! I hope to get to Orlando in the next couple years to try this and Guardians.
  5. Honestly I was thinking the exact same thing but didn’t say anything. If they’re “starring” in this ride I feel like this whole thing is going to be screen oriented to drive the story. Darn shame if it’s true
  6. Rode Calico River Rapids today and it was pretty good. I will give a lot of props to the queue as they did a real nice job building the new “show” house and incorporating the ride experience into it. Some fans are criticizing this but literally the way it’s laid out there was no choice. As for the ride, the theming is great but you’re on a rapids ride, no one is looking at anything except the next possible rapid that may soak them. It really takes away from the amazing job Knotts and Garner Holt did. I paid close attention on the three rides I took to see if anyone looked at the theming, and n
  7. Let me preface this post by saying I am a HUGE Knott’s fan. I am a frequent attendee and will be for life. But I have never been to Soak City..... until today. So after 20 years how did it go???? I have to say it sucked!!! This has to be the worst big chain water park in the world. Absolutely terrible. It’s nothing but a concrete jungle with no charm, no rides, and no fun. Somebody please defend this place because me and my girl thought it was garbage!!! The only reason I’m not giving it an F is because of the most recent addition of Shore Break, which was fun. But replacing a proslide tornado
  8. I’m really surprised no one is talking about the new commercial for Jurassic World. I thought the negativity would be through the roof considering it’s pretty much confirmed they replaced the lagoon scene with a screen scene.
  9. Disney's primary mission isn't to make sure you can leisurely stroll through an empty Star Wars land. It's to maximize the wealth of their shareholders. That's accomplished by building this sort of thing, thereby sending the value of the brand as well as ticket sales, merch sales, hotel occupancy and more through the roof. The rest is little more than adhering to various building and safety codes, demands of scary lawyers, and the terms of very expensive insurance policies. Yeah I understand how a public company operates, thanks. My point isn't that I want to be able to have Star Wars
  10. I was at California Adventure today and I have to say Hollywood backlot is horrendous. I can’t name a single attraction there. A lot of people flock the area because they just spent $135 to get in the park yet there is not one attraction worth being there. Yes, I understand that guardians is back there and previously TOT but seriously this may be the worst Disney “land” of all time. The muppets building is unused and so is the millionaire building. It’s always a topic of how valuable the Anaheim space is yet I see a lot of unused land. And now throw in the AMC theater, rainforest and espn zone
  11. Huge surprise!!! This is great news!! Another news channel in San Diego, KUSI, is reporting it will have an Immelmann loop, barrel roll, hammerhead turn, and a flat spin. Sounds like an impressive little layout. Also of note is the 2,500 feet of track that seems to be the longest of the smaller dive coasters!
  12. It's taking over that space plus some of Flik's. It's not just throwing a new show in the theater. Will be an all new ride. They haven’t bulldozed it’s tough to be a bug and it closed a lot earlier than fliks fun fair. What makes you think this will be a whole new ride?
  13. Looks great!!! From what we know this is taking over the old It’s tough to be a bug theater right? Spider-Man 4D show, I’m good with it.
  14. Has anyone seen the most recent pictures for the Jurassic World update? It appears the entire section after the initial lift hill and into the first lagoon scene will be entirely enclosed!! Very exciting but at the same time kind of upsetting. I was expecting an update with some new scenes added but it appears this will be an ENTIRELY different ride once it reopens.
  15. Knotts announced the 2019 addition. I won’t say what it is until the announcement is posted. Looks pretty Awesome!!!!
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